Every stage of your pregnancy brings a new challenge in front of you, and along with a glow in your face comes side effects. Around 8 weeks, your baby is starting to grow from a tiny seed to a humanoid form. 

By the end of week 8 of your pregnancy, your baby has grown about an inch and weighed about half an ounce. But his internal organs like the heart, lungs and central nervous system are nearly full grown. 

The baby’s heart will be beating by now at a good rate of 160 beats per minute and has four chambers already. That is the heart rate that an adult has after one hell of a workout. 

What Is An Ultrasound?

What Is An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound or diagnostic sonography is a type of digital imaging method that utilizes sound waves to create images of the structure inside the body. Through these images diagnosing the internal organs is done easily. 

When you are in the 8 week pregnancy, it is recommended to take at least one 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound. And it is very important to have a prenatal ultrasound, as it show’s the fetus position and shape inside the uterus. And ultrasounds are also painless. 

Through an ultrasound, your doctor can check whether the fetus has any problems or difficulties. Before labor, these assessments are very important. 

Based on what your doctor wants to look for, there are two types of ultrasound: transabdominal and transvaginal. 

Through a transabdominal ultrasound, your doctor basically takes an image of your fetus. First, your doctor will apply gel to a wand-like instrument called s transducer. Then the device will be moved across your belly to take images. 

With a transvaginal ultrasound, your doctor does the same as before, but this time the transducer goes inside your vagina to take the images. 

Purpose And Importance For An Ultrasound

Purpose And Importance For An Ultrasound

The main purpose of an ultrasound is to determine and check on the fetus’s position and shape. Although if you are going to take early 8 week ultrasound pictures, then it will be too early to define the legs and arms of the fetus. Even too early to determine the sex of the baby.  

An ultrasound, as early as 8 weeks, helps to determine other important factors such as the fetal heart rate. Also, other factors like fetal development and the gestational age of the fetus are also determined. Maybe an 8 week twin ultrasound can also be determined if you are having twins. 

During your 8 week pregnancy, the ultrasound can help you determine certain pregnancy-related factors are checked. Like the location of the fetus, age, heartbeat, and also if you have more than one baby. If you are experiencing some unusual symptoms, then the doctor can even check for ectopic pregnancy as well. 

If you want to have an 8 week ultrasound 3D, it will give a more detailed and 3-dimensional image of your baby. But it is recommended more after the second or third trimester, as it provides a memorable memento for the parents. 

The 6 Week Ultrasound

The 6 Week Ultrasound

It is always recommended that you visit your doctor for a 6-week ultrasound appointment if you have certain health risks. Here are a few reasons why doctors recommend a 6 week ultrasound to expecting mothers. 

  • Age (if the mother is over 35, pregnancies are considered high-risk)
  • History of pregnancy complications (such as miscarriage or blood loss during pregnancy)
  • Medical history (such as diabetes, high blood pressure)

The 8 Week Ultrasound

The 8 Week Ultrasound

During week 8, the ultrasound you recommended is a transabdominal one instead of a transvaginal ultrasound

During an 8 week ultrasound, there is not much to determine other than the heartbeat, position, and size of the fetus. In the eighth week, the fetus is more developed; the yolk sacs, fetal pole, the embryo, and heartbeat are defined. 

If you don’t know what a yolk sac is, it is a protective sac that holds the amniotic fluid. It provides nutrients for the fetus. 

At this stage, don’t expect your baby to look like a human. It will be in the shape and size of a kidney bean. You may see forms of arms and legs, but nothing prominent. It is also possible that you can see more than one embryo or multiple. 

Your doctor will recommend you to take a 6 to 8 week ultrasound, even though it’s your first trimenter, to check for signs of a healthy pregnancy. 

Fetal Development: Ultrasound At 8 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal Development

Towards the end of week 8, your uterus has grown to the size of a lemon, and not a small one. Your little fetus is also growing by getting all the nourishment from the yolk sac inside the amniotic sac. 

Slowly the placenta will develop, which sticks to the uterine wall and provides nutrients to the growing baby. At this stage, your fetus is about half an inch in size. The heart is already developing, and you can even see the forms of arms and legs.

Other organs like the eyes, ears, liver, and lips are all starting to form and take shape. At this stage, you are able to hear a strong, healthy heartbeat

The umbilical cord is already formed that connects the placenta with the fetus. Even though the fetus is only taking a human shape, the head is bigger than the body, so don’t find this weird during your 8 week ultrasound.

How Do You Feel During The 8th Week Of Pregnancy?

The emotional and physical whirlwind you feel when you are pregnant is new. You are excited, curious, cautious, and have different symptoms. The symptoms kick in during the 8th week. You can get an Ultrasound at 8 weeks pregnant and check out how the baby is doing in there. However, you can face these common symptoms –

  • Fatigue 
  • Morning sickness
  • Tender or sore breasts
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nausea lasting all day long
  • Frequent urination 

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Being an expecting mother, you are definitely bound to have more questions; here is what other mothers like you asked.

1. Can 8 Week Ultrasound Show Abnormalities?

Ans: It is highly possible that some abnormalities in the fetus or the embryo can be detected as early as 7 to 8 weeks. 

2. Why Do Doctors Wait Until 8 Weeks?

Ans: 8 weeks is considered a milestone as this is when you can see and hear the heartbeat of the fetus. This is the main reason why the doctors wait until week 8 for an ultrasound. 

3. What Does An 8 Week Old Fetus Look Like? 

Ans: An 8-week old developing fetus would look like a kidney bean and only half an inch taller. The fingers and limbs are definitely growing and are visible. Eyes, ears, and other organs are also forming. 

Wrapping Up!

It is very important to get an ultrasound during the early stages of pregnancy, as it helps the doctor and you as parents to check up on the fetus. An 8 week ultrasound is able to see the process of the growing fetus and look for signs of any abnormalities. 

For any expectant mother, it is important to have monthly checkups from the doctor and take extra care of themselves. 

Hope this article is proven helpful for you and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask, I will surely get back to you.

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