The law of Florida states that parents can actually chest/breastfeed whenever and wherever they have to. Several armchair experts on the web seem to have entirely missed the memo and have come forward with some strong words for a mom exercising her natural right to feed her kid on some Disney ride.

The Absolute Horror

The mother in question, Meredith Barnyak, had traveled to Orlando from Pittsburgh with her family. Meredith is a mother of two and is currently nursing her youngest, 1-year-old Poppy, just like every other major health organization, including the World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics, suggests doing for toddlers.

It was Frozen Ever After, a pretty slow-moving boat ride on which Poppy nursed her kid.

At the time, Barnyak told TODAY, “She would just pull on my shirt, and I thought, ‘OK, it’s dark out. We’re all humans. We’re all honestly going to enjoy the ride a lot better, and you’ll be happier being fed.”

Of course, Barnyak obliged. After all, nursing is much more than just feeding. It is a fantastic way to actually comfort your newborn when they are overwhelmed, which is common at a place like Disney Park. According to Barnyak, Poppy was feeling content and stayed quiet. That way, everyone else could easily enjoy the ride in peace.

When this ride was going on, a picture was taken. It was pretty epic, TBH! In the photo, you will be able to spot a fairly happy Barnyak doing her own thing – being a mom and nursing her little one. Not a single rider in the photo actually noticed or even cared – everyone in the picture is literally minding their own business.

In fact, Barnyak’s cousin, Jo Goddard, loved the photo so much that she ended up posting the same on her Instagram for her website with a lifestyle theme, Cup of Jo. And that is precisely how we ended up here!

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