Children growing up without a complete father figure can face various problems throughout their lives. The presence of a father or a father figure is important for the development of a child. There are tremendous disadvantages for children who grow up without a father figure. 

Fathers and infants can share a close bond similar to that of the motherly bond. Your child will learn from you. It is important that you maintain an engaging persona in the presence of your child, even though you have tons of work to finish. 

Father’s involvement is necessary to create an impactful and positive life. Whether you are a single father or a working father, there are certain steps you should always maintain for the betterment of your children. An absent father can greatly impact a child’s development. 

Father’s Engagement And Child’s Development 

Father’s Engagement And Child’s Development

Father’s engagement plays a huge role in the overall development of your children. If you are a father, you should prioritize your children first. Here are the reasons why a father’s engagement is important. 

Positive Health Outcomes 

Positive Health Outcomes

If you have a good connection with your children. You’ll help them gain weight by eating properly. Most times, children will be fussy eaters. They will not have everything you have given them on a plate. 

If you are angry at your child as they are unable to understand the importance of eating, you will be responsible for your children’s poor health. 

If you play the role of an authoritative father with clear boundaries and expectations, then your kids will turn out to excel in life academically and behaviorally. 

Mental Stability Of Your Children 

Positive Health Outcomes

When you are engaged with your children and give them proper guidance, then chances are your children will grow up to have mental stability. 

According to studies, children who were under proper parental care are 75% less likely to have teen birth and 80% less likely to conduct improper activities. They will also have a good ability to fight off depression. 

Impacting Early Infancy Due To Absent Father

Positive Health Outcomes

If you are an absent father, then you should be aware of your responsibilities. You should know that your absence can hinder the developmental process of an infant. It can impact tremendously throughout the course of their lives.

Your child will grow up to be more confident and sociable and will have more self-control if they have been brought up in a healthy life setting. If you were there to guide them from their teenage years to young adulthood. 


Positive Health Outcomes

Children having a good relationship with their fathers will be more likely to excel academically. They will earn 43% more A’s in school. 33% of them will not repeat grad school. 

Fathers’ engagement will reduce behavioral and psychological problems. So, if your children come from a well-maintained family, they will have a hold on themselves. They will perform better. 

According to the reports by UNICEF, children belonging to the US, Canada, and the UK, where they grew up with a disengaged father in a household, were observed to perform less in academic activities. The studies have also stated that even before the birth of an infant father’s engagement is needed. 

If fathers had a negative attitude toward their pregnant wives during the prenatal period. If the relationship between father and mother is not strong enough, they engage in frequent fights. Then, children tend to suffer greatly psychologically. 

School-going children who have a good relationship with their fathers are less likely to have depression, anxiety, disruptive behaviors, and antisocial personality traits. 

How An Absent Father Can Ruin Their Child?  

Positive Health Outcomes

If you are able to give enough attention to your children. If you struggle to maintain a work-life balance. In case you are invested in work so much that you leave your children to their mothers. Then, you should read this section thoroughly to know why you should change your ways. 

They Will Be Aggressive

According to several studies, children without any father figure will have anger issues. They will become passive-aggressive or will display anger at little changes.  

Anger is never a good thing. Suppose your child is expected to finish a job at school, but instead, they are showing a copious amount of anger. It means they won’t be able to adapt to the situation.

This can impact their lifestyle deeply and can lead to suspension. In this case, both you and your child need to seek help from a therapist so that you’ll know what steps to take. 

Anger is never a good thing. It can make you less adjustable. Anger is a way to vent out the frustration that they are having from the homely situations. Even if you teach your children to contain their anger, this can lead to further psychological damage. 

Onset Of Depression 

Teens growing up in a family condition where the father is absent will be more likely to have emotional distress. Your child will think that they are alone in the world and no one can understand their thoughts or emotions. This can give rise to a depressive phase in your child’s life. 

Your child might have difficulty asking for help when in need. They will be afraid and will lean on clothes more. 

Low Self Esteem 

Positive Health Outcomes

Your kids would have self-esteem issues if you were not there to support them. If your kids can not have a conversation with you properly. If they feel left out while you are busy with work. Then, they might develop low self-esteem issues. 

They will feel that they are damaged or unwanted and won’t be able to have a healthy relationship with anyone. 

Suicidal Thoughts Due To Absent Father

absent father

Children without the presence of a father or father figure in their lives will develop deep psychological issues. They will be more prone to having suicidal thoughts. Moreover, boys will be more indulged in criminal activities. 

Also, they will be aggressive and unable to show their emotions properly. Introverted children will bottle up their emotions and will harbor suicidal thoughts

Studies have shown that children develop suicidal thoughts more in a broken family home structure. 

Substance Abuse 

absent father

Your child will be dependent on drugs and rely on them to ward off emotional distress rather than talking it out with someone. 

Your children will be most likely to learn from the wrong people. If you are an absent father, then your child will unconsciously follow other people who are close to the father figure. If the people are crooked, your child will likely develop such characteristics as well. 

This is also why people coming from broken households will develop a strong aversion towards society and turn to substance use. 

Be The Guide Your Children Needs 

absent father

You’ll need to be the guide that your children need in the developmental years. You have to be there for them. Also, you should maintain a good relationship with their mothers and create a livable household. So, an absent father can have a detrimental effect on a child’s maturity. 

You should maintain a work-life balance. When you are at home, ask your children how they have spent their days. Also, don’t be occupied with your work all the time. You should maintain an open space at your home so that they can reach out to you whenever they need it. 

Be by their side when they are facing difficulties at school or college. Moreover, you should support them no matter what. Also, don’t make them feel lonely or crave companionship. Be the companion that they need.

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