Adam Sandler is a great father, and his little girls have now grown up.

The teenagers – 17-year-old Sadie and 15-year-old Sunny posed with the 57-year-old actor and their mother, the 49-year-old Jackie Sandler – posed at the premiere of Sandler’s new animated film, Leo.

Sadie sported a floor-length dress in green with sneakers, smiling widely at the camera. She is as tall as her mom, while her sister towers over their father.

The Big Daddy star told PEOPLE that he is not really sure if his children will follow him into a career in comedy since they are fans of serious work. At the same time, he also added, “But they’re fun in this movie. They’re light, goofy kids.”

About Leo:

As per Netflix, Leo – a musical comedy that was released on Tuesday – features the tale of elementary school’s last year through the eyes of Leo, the class lizard. While Adam Sandler plays the role of Leo, Sadie, and Sunny has voiced two other characters. Jayda and Summer, respectively, while Jackie has lent her voice to Jayda’s mom.

In 2019, The Murder Mystery star spoke at length to Ellen DeGeneres about his daughters growing up, mentioning how difficult it must have been to hear his girls discuss boys. He joked at the time, “You know, I drive around with [her and] her friends, and I hear them talking about boys now … it’s amazing, the feelings I had about the same boys five years ago. When they would mention the kid’s name, I’d be like, ‘I love that kid.’ Now, I get very jumpy.

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