I wonder if they say it or not. But, Forbidden fruits are always sweeter. But, ADULT BREASTFEEDING! Isn’t it going a little overboard? Well, is it?

It might seem ‘Gross’ or like a taboo to some people. But, if both you and your partner are comfortable with the idea, you can at least say yes to a new way to boost intimacy in a relationship. Many husbands feel turned on by the idea of their wives breastfeeding them.

Even women also feel sexually stimulated while breastfeeding their partner, and most of them enjoy doing it. Although it is quite common to many of us, some are doubtful to try. So, I think a little bit of help wouldn’t hurt. Here is your guide to adult breastfeeding; or erotic lactation 101.

Adult Breastfeeding, Myths, Whispers & Reality 

Pliny, in his Book Seven of Natural History, describes the story of breastfeeding parents in Ancient Rome. According to Pliny’s writing, a Plebeian woman was smuggling sustenance to her incarcerated mother, who was imprisoned for a capital offense.

The mother was denied to have food, and her postpartum daughter was able to visit the mother after a thorough body search. When the daughter reached her imprisoned mother, she used to feed her mother with her own breast milk.

But, this is quite different from adult breastfeeding among couples. Many of us worry if it is ‘Right or Wrong’ because erotic lactation is not a widely accepted thing and is not seen as something couples would normally do.

Also, some societal norms and communities see adult breastfeeding as a taboo or fetish. To SIMPLIFY – adult breastfeeding is not TYPICAL and not part of mainstream culture. So, even if one of the partners might be dying to try it out, the other one would be downright unsure.

Also, no scientific evidence suggests adult breastfeeding to be offering any magical health benefits (it’s not any healing potion). Honestly, there are also no medical documents supporting the physical benefits of adult breastfeeding. There is also no medical document in the mainstream medical organization.

Erotic Lactation: Should You Try Adult Breastfeeding?

I know you are not here to turn pages from medical journals, But you are anxious to know about the fetish. Just as I said, forbidden fruits are sweeter; this might also be a sweet experience for you if you are willing to try out breastfeeding with your husband.

If you are stuck between ‘should I or should I not?’ then know this – this naughty act depends only on Consent and Comfort. If you and your partner are willing to tryout erotic lactation, then no one’s stopping you (at least while you are in the bedroom).

A desire that does not hurt is not a wrong desire to have. If you feel like asking your partner to try your breast milk, then it has different benefits for you.

1. Balance Out Uneven Lactation

Balance Out Uneven Lactation

When you have a baby with breast preference, then a daddy can come to the rescue. Sometimes one of the breasts does not produce the same amount of milk as the other one. Adult breastfeeding can help even out the breasts by feeding on the breast neglected by the baby.

2. Boosting Milk Production

Adult breastfeeding stimulates your body, helping your breasts to produce more milk.

3. Draining The Breasts

Your partner will easily drain the breasts faster than the baby can. This has different health benefits, such as – preventing plugged milk ducts and relieving mild breast engorgement and nipple breast.

4. Encouraging, & Supporting

adult breastfeeding relationship can be quite encouraging. If you have your partner to suck on your breasts, it can be encouraging to make the process normal for you, not to mention that the relationship feels much warmer and intimate than before.

5. Great Arousal

Most women are very sensitive to nipple or breast arousal, making adult breastfeeding one of the best ways to turn them on. Erotic lactation can be quite the turn-on if you are trying to spice up your sexual relationship with your partner.

Why Does My Husband Want To Taste My Breast Milk?

Whether the ulterior motive is to try the taste of their partner’s breast milk or feel turned on by lactating breast, it is completely normal. Some are interested in trying out their partner/wife’s breast milk for different reasons. Perhaps we should ponder upon what excites people to try adult breastfeeding.

7. Better Health!

Call it a myth or a widespread belief; many take breast milk to have certain health benefits. It is often seen as a home remedy for different health benefits. However, no medical documents confirm breast milk to have any health benefits for adults, so if you are making a puppy eye in front of your wife and trying to convince her why it is your turn now – not the best excuse, guys.

8. Adult Breastfeeding Fetish

The internet is swarming with thousands of adult breastfeeding stories thanks to some people’s interest in erotic lactation or adult nursing. Some men often have this sexual fantasy where they feel turned on by erotic lactation or adult nursing.

Many women often find this experience quite amusing to have their husbands suck on their breast while it starts licking or when they are trying to release pressure. It can be quite an amusing experience during sex and might increase intimacy among couples.

9. Anything For Intimacy!

Anything For Intimacy

It is only natural for the husband-wife intimacy to go down when the wife is busy breastfeeding the baby. Also, husbands often feel that lactating breasts are off-limit for them (now that the baby is born, they have lost the right to have their turn.)

Perhaps you can use this opportunity to increase intimacy with your husband/partner. Erotic lactation can be a great way to increase intimacy with your husband after childbirth.

Just standing straight in front of him and proposing to let him have a go at your TREASURE CHEST can make him feel warm and fuzzy again. Most men would be down to it, period. But remember, this needs to be consensual and comfortable, so always have a clear conversation before doing anything rash.

10. Taste Of An Adventure!

Keeping the fetish and intimacy aside, some people want to try out breastfeeding just because they want to taste the breastmilk of their partner. Since it has a sweet taste and is creamy in texture, some men love the experience.

Adult Breastfeeding: When Should I Be Concerned?

It is medically completely normal to try adult nursing. However, there are a few things you should be concerned about. Most of them are nothing major. However, you also cannot oversee them. Some of us don’t like the idea of sexualizing breastfeeding (which is fine), and it makes us uncomfortable.

This practice needs to be completely consensual and done if your partner feels comfortable. It is ok to talk to your partner about it.

  • However, certain concerning causes like sore nipples, breast infection, or oversupply issues with your breasts.
  • Also, people with HIV, herpes, or syphilis should consult their healthcare provider since the virus could enter their partner’s body.
  • The sensation of burning around the nipple area or the baby’s mouth, called thrush, should also concern you before trying adult breastfeeding.
  • Also, abstain from this practice if your partner has any health issues or viruses that could affect your or your baby’s health.

So, Should I Try It? 

Yes, by all means (if there are no concerning issues like those mentioned above; and if both have the consent and feel comfortable.). Breastfeeding during sex can be one of the best experiences to enjoy. So, if you are thinking of it and are comfortable, it can be a good experiment to try out in a relationship.

I hope you have found your answer. Let us know what you think of this topic in the comment. We are eagerly waiting to know what you think.

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