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“Am I Pregnant?” Quiz: Test Your Knowledge about Pregnancy and Fertility

So, that rainy night was too romantic. One thing led to another, and the extra glasses of bear led you guys to do things to each other. On top of that, you guys did not have condoms.

If a scenario like this were to happen, and if you missed a period, then you might be in doubt, thinking, “Am I pregnant?”

Sexually active women often doubt if they are pregnant. Although am I pregnant quizzes are not accurate all the time, and when it comes down to it, you must take a real pregnancy test, these pregnancy quizzes are quite fun. If not a proper result, you will learn a thing or two about pregnancy by taking “am I pregnant quizzes.”

Am I Pregnant Quiz

Such quizzes usually revolve around a few questions based on the different symptoms of pregnancy. There are many online pregnancy quizzes available, helping you know if you are pregnant or not. They enquire you with several questions such as –

  • Have you missed a period?
  • Are you experiencing early morning sickness or cravings?
  • Do you want to try an online pregnancy test?

No such thing as an online pregnancy test can help you find an accurate answer about your pregnancy. But they can help you determine if you should take the home pregnancy. These tests only give you clues about different symptoms of pregnancy. Only the pregnancy tests that detect the presence of hCG can take a proper pregnancy test.

Also, most of these tests ask you whether you are using any contraception or not. If you are using contraception, what type of contraception is it?

Who Can Take This Quiz?

So, who should take the online pregnancy quizzes? You can take this test if –

  • You think that you are pregnant, but you have not taken a pregnancy test.
  • If you assume that you are in the early phase of pregnancy.
  • You are experiencing signs similar to the ones you face during early pregnancy.

Am I Pregnant Quiz: Does It Offer A Definitive Answer?

So, you have taken the ‘am I pregnant or paranoid quiz.’ But does the quiz provide you with a correct answer? Here is the answer to that –

No, this quiz necessarily does not provide you with an accurate answer regarding your conception. However, such tests initiate the steps you should take if you were to become pregnant. These tests are for assessing your current symptoms and recommending you the steps you have to take accordingly.

This pregnancy test also educates you about the different symptoms of having an early pregnancy. So, if you need help with these issues, you should take an early pregnancy test online.

When To Expect Pregnancy Symptoms?

So, when do you experience symptoms that make you a question, “am I pregnant?”

The most noticeable sign of pregnancy is missing periods. But this is not the only symptom one should keep checking in. There are other symptoms as well that might become evident during pregnancy. Most women experience different types of symptoms during pregnancy, and they appear during the 6th week of pregnancy or after four weeks of conception.

Many women also report that they faced the symptoms as early as week 3 of their pregnancy.

Am I Getting Pregnant? What Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

Women usually have regular periods unless they are pregnant. A missed period is the most obvious sign to look out for if you are thinking you might be pregnant. However, as I said before, there are other signs that also indicate that you might be pregnant. If you have been sexually active and you have missed a period, then taking a pregnancy test should be what you are looking for.

1. Top 5 Signs of Pregnancy:

Other than a missed period, there are many other signs you can look out for. Here are some of those symptoms –

  • Nausea, morning sickness
  • Fatigue,
  • Swollen and tender breasts
  • Urination frequently
  • Implantation bleeding

2. Am I Pregnant, Or Is It PMS?

The symptoms of PMS and early pregnancy often overlap each other. Here are some symptoms common in both pregnancy and PMS –

  • Tender breasts
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea
  • Cramping.
  • Fatigue
  • Cravings

You might have taken those ‘am I pregnant quizzes,’ and you end up having symptoms for PMS. That is why it is always recommended to take pregnancy tests instead of staying content with simple online pregnancy quizzes.

What If I Experience Bleeding?

The reason why one should not completely rely on online pregnancy tests is that they are not foolproof. Sometimes, even when a woman is pregnant, they experience bleeding and think of it as a period.

Pregnant women may also bleed, and such bleeding is a sign of the Implantation of the embryo. A low level of hormones can also cause bleeding. Implantation bleeding usually happens earlier compared to a missed period.

But, for women who have an irregular pregnancy cycle, it may happen later. Also, women with lower hormone levels may keep having periods during their pregnancy, and it is called HCG pregnancy.

However, ectopic pregnancy, which occurs outside of the womb, is quite dangerous, and women should be aware of such pregnancy. Some of the most common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include pain in the lower tummy, feeling shoulder-tip pain, and vaginal bleeding. It is a very critical medical condition and needs immediate medical attention.

So, How Do You Know That You Are Pregnant?

No one is stopping you from taking an ‘am I pregnant quiz.’ However, if you want more of a concrete answer, then you can start with a home kit for a pregnancy test. It is always important to check with your doctor or the pharmacist if you experience signs of being pregnant. Online tests of pregnancy are good for some primary knowledge of what to expect.

However, if you are experiencing any serious symptoms, please contact a doctor or a pharmacist. But, if there are any additional queries, please mention them in the comment section. We will try to solve them for you ASAP.

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