Apron Belly

Apron Belly: Why It Happens And What You Can Do

Certain changes in life bring physical changes to your body. For example, the apron belly? The what? Yeah, it’s a thing. When excessive tissue and skin hang down from the abdomen, it’s called an apron belly.

This happens especially after having a baby, making you wonder if it’s a normal part of postpartum. We are here to give you all the necessary answers to your apron belly queries. 

What Is Apron Belly?

Also called pannus stomach or menopause apron, it occurs when the fat around the belly expands due to pregnancy or weight gain, which results in added fat deposit in the omentum (it is the apron-like flap located under the abdominal muscles, in front of the intestines.)

An apron belly can vary, from hanging above the top of the pubic area and growing down to the upper thighs or even the knees. 

Apron belly does not only happen to women or overweight people. People who lose a lot of weight can also have an apron belly.

 How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly?

How To Get Rid Of Apron Belly

You may want to lose the apron belly or reduce it at best,  your options are several. But you must keep in mind that you have to keep your overall health in mind before you choose any exercise or diet, etc. Apron bellies cannot be spot treated. The options are overall weight reduction and surgical/non-surgical methods.

Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Sometimes overall weight loss can help reduce body fat. This method also helps maintain overall health. 

You are usually recommended to focus on stomach crunches and sit-ups. While they may help strengthen your abdominal muscles, they will help reduce the apron belly. This is so because our stomachs have two layers of fat. Having body fat around vital organs can save you from hurt, but it can also be pretty tough to lose. 

Doing a sit-up means you are working up a particular abdominal muscle which can help develop the stomach muscles, but another layer of fat will still surround it. 

Instead of stomach crunches, the best exercise would be to get into a maneuver that helps you move all over. Eat healthy food with low calories while involving yourself in different movements. This could help your apron belly come back to shape and protect your overall health. 

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Surgical And Nonsurgical Treatments

Surgical and nonsurgical treatments

Even if you exercise your way to an apron belly-less life, there will still be some fat left. No amount of diet or exercise can change this. Some have a lot of excess skin; others don’t. Certain surgical and non-surgical options are available to help you get through that. 

Laser Or Coolsculpting can be an appealing option if you want to remove the apron belly without surgery. It can also help remove fat from other areas. This option will not be available if you are breastfeeding, obese, or have other medical conditions. 

Panniculectomy will remove the pannus surgically. It does not tighten the abdominal muscles like a tummy tuck. Instead, it can give a more flat result. It can be combined, however, with a tummy tuck. It can be covered by health insurance as it is not considered cosmetic surgery. 

To Conclude

If you have seen your apron belly flapping down your abdomen, you may have been scared, frustrated, and embarrassed. But you are not alone. 

Your apron belly can be uncomfortable, giving a rash or causing chafing. We have told you what options you have to deal with it. You can also get help from your medical provider for help regarding your apron belly. You can then take the necessary steps to curb your apron belly.

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