Getting a baby to fall asleep is necessarily not the easiest thing to do. I mean, those little muppets do not tend to fall asleep ever. However, there is one simple technique that might be old but is more effective than ever. Yes, you guessed it right – baby lullabies.  

As new parents, it is extremely important that you have a list of baby lullabies ready before the arrival of the little one. With that being said, if you have an extremely fussy sleeper, the chances of lullabies to work are very high. However, there is nothing wrong with giving it a go, right?  

In this article, we will list some of the best baby lullabies out there, with their lyrics and tunes, so that you can learn them in the easiest way possible.  

So, let’s get started!  

What Is A Lullaby?  

What Is A Lullaby

In its literal sense, a lullaby is a set of classic songs that have been used for generations to calm and fussy babies and put them to sleep. However, that is not always the case. Baby lullabies can be any soothing song or tune that soothes a baby and sends them off to sleep.  

You may be an impeccable vocalist or someone who does not even have an idea of what a tune is; as a new parent, you will certainly find yourself singing these tunes more than before. Singing baby lullabies to your little one might just become a part of your everyday routine. It is also a great way to calm an extremely agitated baby at times.  

Why Do You Need To Sing Baby Lullabies To Your Little One?  

Why Do You Need To Sing Baby Lullabies To Your Little One

The one good reason why baby lullabies will always make it to the new parent is because they work! Apart from their soothing tunes and soft melody, lullabies are also very helpful in improving language skills in your little one. Early exposure to music also improves their musical aptitude while they grow up, which includes their sense of rhythm, melody, and musical memory.  

When you think of the more immediate results, baby lullabies act as the foundation of their bedtime routine, which is particularly important to instill healthy sleeping patterns in your little one. Parents may also get to benefit from singing lullabies. Apart from trying to make the baby fall asleep, it also helps promote a healthy bond between a parent and a child. 

Baby Lullabies To Put Your Baby To Sleep  

Now, we come to the most interesting part of it: the actual baby lullabies. Here is a list of the all-time favorite baby lullabies that can guarantee good sleep for your little one.  

1. Rock-A-Bye Baby 


The song is both a baby lullaby and a nursery rhyme. The song is one of the most popular baby lullabies out there and serves the purpose of two at one time.  

2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


You may fail with every other trick out there, but this one is a sure win. “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is a nursery poem by Jane Taylor and is apparently one of those infamous baby lullabies you can never forget.  

3. Cradle Song Or Wiegenlied 


This is yet another classic baby lullaby that comes from the composition of Johannes Brahms and was published back in 1868. The actual German lyrics are based on a folk poem. The English transition is just as good and will definitely encourage your little one to lie down and fall asleep in no time.  

4. Hush Little Baby 


Well, it is nowhere near to what Gloria sang in Modern Family. In fact, the song that originated in the Southern States is a promising one for your little one’s nap time. You will find multiple versions of the same song on the internet, but you can always modify it to suit your own needs and preferences.  

5. All The Pretty Little Horses 

All The Pretty Little Horses


This lullaby possibly has an African American origin, but the melody of the song guarantees that your baby is going to fall asleep in no time. The song promises your baby that if they fall asleep, they will have all the pretty horses once they wake up.  

6. All Through The Night 


This popular Welsh song is particularly a favorite as it is both a hymn, and a lullaby for babies. First published in 1784, the song is also sometimes sung as a Christmas Carol.  

7. When You Wish Upon A Star 


You may have also heard this lullaby in the classic Disney movie Pinocchio, which was originally released in 1940. It is also one of the Disney movie songs that hold the highest rank and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1940.  

8. Sleep, Baby, Sleep 

Sleep, baby, sleep


Based on German lyrics that were written back in 1611, with a melody that was composed in 1876, this is one of those baby lullabies that have lyrics that require both parents to participate. While the papa tends to the sheep, the mama shakes dreams from the tree, helping the little one to fall asleep with the sweetest dreams.  

9. Baby Mine 


From the 1941 infamous movie Dumbo, “Baby Mine” is a song that Dumbo’s mother sings while cradling her little one to sleep with her trunk. The lyrics and the tune are just the best lullabies and highlight the bond between a baby and their parents.  

10.  You Are My Sunshine 


While it was not originally a lullaby, it has particularly become one due to its soft tune and touchy lyrics. The song is extremely popular and is definitely one that you may have heard multiple times around.  

11.  Over The Rainbow 

Over The Rainbow


This is the one tune from The Wizard of OZ that has become one of the most popular baby lullabies. The reason? It is simply heartfelt, and talks about making your dreams come true.  

12.  Rainbow Connection 


This is the one song that kids from the 1970s or 1980s will clearly remember. The song featured in the 1979 movie – The Muppet Movie – where you can see it being sung by the charming Kermit the Frog.  

13.  A Thousand Years  


This song is originally not a lullaby, nor is it a rhyme. In fact, this is one of the most popular songs by singer Christina Perri. Due to its beautifully crafted lyrics and gentle tune, it is one of those songs that you can easily use as a baby lullaby.  

14.  Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly  

Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly


If you have seen the 2015 version of Disney’s Cinderella, this song surely caught your attention. The song is soft, with the gentlest lyrics you have ever heard. It is one of those lullabies that can instantly put your baby to sleep.  

15.  What A Wonderful World 


The song was first recorded back in 1967 by Louis Armstrong; it was not considered to be a hit until 1988. The song has something very pure and easy about its lyrics and melody which makes it one of the best-fitting baby lullabies for their bedtime.  

16.  My Favorite Things 


This one is one of your favorite baby lullabies out there. The song mainly says that during bad times, all will go well as long as you hold onto some hope.  

17.  Beautiful Boy 


Every Beatles and John Lennon fan will immediately recognize the beautiful lullaby that John Lennon wrote for his son Sean. The song beautifully captures the comfort and love that Lennon had for his son. If you wish to, you may also sing this song to your baby girl – it doesn’t necessarily have to be for the boys.  

What Are The Benefits Of Singing Baby Lullabies? 

What Are The Benefits Of Singing Baby Lullabies

If you are looking for natural ways to make your baby fall asleep, there is nothing more calming and soothing than baby lullabies. Hearing you sing the softest songs can help your little one wind down a bit before sleep as a part of their regular bedtime routine. It also helps boost their overall development.  

Here are some of the benefits of singing lullabies to your baby every day:  

  • Nurtures attachments and bonding  
  • Stimulates linguistic development  
  • Support the baby’s spatial awareness  
  • Promote self-soothing and self-regulation 

The Bottom Line  

Baby lullabies are one of the best ways to make your baby fall asleep while at the same time bonding with them.  

We hope our list of baby lullabies will be of help to you, and you will sing them while putting your little one to bed every day.


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