Many consider baby onesies to be the best clothing style for cute children? But why is it so? This is because of the concept of onesies. A onesie is a single piece of cloth where the pants and the shirt are stitched together to appear as one dress. 

So, do you have a baby that you want to buy a onesie for? Be it your child or someone else’s baby; a onesie will always appear as a cute baby’s dress for them. Just think of the baby running around the house wearing an adorable onesie! It truly is a joyous sight to behold. 

Onesies are perfect for babies because they keep them comfortable and warm. Therefore, to make shopping easier for you, we have made this list of ten onesies that you can buy right now for a baby.

How To Select The Right Baby Onesie?

If you are in a clothing shop trying to buy the best onesie for an upcoming baby shower, you must know how to select the best baby onesie. Certain factors in the cloth will make some better than the others. Read on to find out how you can spot these differences.

1. Size

Babies come in different sizes depending on their age group. Some are small and thin, while others are big and plump. Therefore, it is pretty challenging to predict how the baby will grow. 

Depending on their size and age, there are various ways baby onesies are classified. They are:

  • Newborn – Newborns are usually around 7 pounds (3.2kg) in weight. Therefore, buying cute and moderately sized outfits can be the best option during this time. Also, it is good to buy bigger onesies because the baby will grow into them. 
  • 0 – 3 Months – Babies of this age weigh around 7 – 12 pounds (5.5kg). Therefore, buying onesies around 23 inches in size will be perfect for the baby. However, many will grow fast during this period. Consequently, you can opt for a bigger size depending on their growth. 
  • 3 – 6 Months – Babies of this age weigh around 12 – 17 pounds (7.7kg). Therefore, we recommend buying onesies that are around the 27-inch length.
  • 6 – 12 Months – Babies of this age wright around 17 – 22 pounds (10kg). Therefore, we recommend buying onesies that are approximately 29 inches in length. 
  • 12 – 18 Months – In the final stage of a child being called a baby, you have limited choices to choose from. You can either skip on the baby onesie altogether since the kid will probably grow out of it in the next few months. Babies generally weigh around 22 – 27 pounds (12.3kg)

It’s often best to stick with older onesies during this time. This is why we recommended buying baby onesies that are a little bit bigger than the size of your child. 

2. Material

When you go to the shop to buy a onesie, always touch the fabric and judge its quality. Suitable onesies will have a softer texture. This softness is essential because a baby’s skin is soft and delicate. Therefore, we recommend you to go for cotton onesies since it lets the baby’s skin breathe easily. This is essential during summertime when we sweat more.

3. Style

You wither have your baby wear onesies with cute designs in them, or your baby can wear onesies with quotes in them. In reality, your baby will look adorable in any onesie style. You can also opt for personalized baby onesies to make the design fit your liking. 

Best Baby Onesies In 2022

Here are the ten best baby onesies that we highly recommend you check out:

1. Warner Brothers Superhero Onesies

If you want your child to become a superhero when they grow up and follow their dreams, then these will be perfect. These onesies have superhero designs of Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others. Of course, it’ll be hilarious to see your baby wearing a Hulk onesie. Talk about size here! 

2. Disney Baby Girls Onesies

Want your cute daughter to grow up and look like a Disney princess like Rapunzel or Cinderella? Then a cute Disney onesies baby girl will look great to complement their overabundance of cuteness. It is essential for baby girl onesies to have bright but sift colors like pink or red to complete their looks. 

3. Star Wars Baby Boy Onesie

“May The Force Be With You” – this line has become an iconic pop culture reference to Star Wars. Teach your kid the ways of the Jedi early on to let them radiate with positivity with star wars influenced baby boy onesies

4. Geeky Baby Onesie

Are you a geek yourself and want your baby to become like one too (if they want to)? Then select a geeky design with graphs and codes printed on them to make your baby feel like a character from a Matrix movie. 

5. Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Onesies

Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Onesies

Cute baby onesies with cute and simple designs will be great for complementing the baby’s look. This is because babies are pure and straight forward. So make their clothes radiate their purity too. 

6. Hudson Cotton Long Sleeve Baby Onesies

Long sleeve baby onesies by Hudson are made with soft cotton to let them rest easy on the babies’ skin. This makes it the perfect option for babies that will experience a sweaty few months. They are also willing to make custom baby onesies if you have the design in mind. 

7. O2 Baby Organic Cotton Onesie

This premium organic cotton onesie by O2 is known for its super-soft Pima cotton that gets certified by Global (Global Organic Textile Standard)

8. AW Fashion’s Funny Baby Onesies

Do you want funny baby onesies that contain funny quotes in the front? This is an excellent choice because it makes other people smile and laugh once they see your cute and funny baby. 

9. 3 Piece Onesies

Three-piece onesies contain the top (shirt + diaper), an extra full pant, and a woolen cap. This is the best option for you if you want something for a baby more than a year old, and winters are coming. 

10. Animal Onesies

Animal onesies look adorable and sweet on babies. Have some cute designs like that of a baby elephant, dog, lion, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are Onesies Okay For Newborns?

Yes. They are perfectly wearable for newborns.

Q2. Are Onesies Supposed To Be Tight?

Onesies are supposed to be tight enough. This means they should not be too tight, nor should they be too loose. 

Q3. How Long Do Babies Stay In Onesies?

Babies can start wearing onesies after they get discharged from the hospital until two years of age. 

Q4. How Do You Know What Size Onesie To Get?

The size of the onesie you want to get is based on the baby’s age. Most babies fall under the same age-to-weight ratios, making it easier to select a fitting onesie. 


Baby onesies can be worn easily by kids and are available in many sizes and shapes. They look cute on babies, especially if they contain funny quotes and appealing designs. We recommend ten different baby onesies to choose from that look great on babies. They are made with soft cotton and have great modern design ideas. 

If you want to read more about baby-related products, check out our other articles and share them with others!

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