The world of modern-day teenagers is running and evolving at lightspeed. Parents just cannot keep up with their life, and the new internet slang is popping up daily. ‘back to school necklace‘ is one of those terms.

These search terms are trending on the internet and social media in the form of memes or hashtags. The priority of a parent is to protect their children. 

But sometimes you might not have any idea about the signs. Especially when they are using the terms like ‘back to scholl necklace.’ No, they are not talking about fancy jewelry. Instead, there is a dark meaning hidden underneath.

What Is A Back To School Necklace

What Is A Back To School Necklace

The students are ready to return to school as the fall arrives. But not all schools are Hogwarts – especially not for students. Some are wholeheartedly reluctant to return back to school (they have their reasons). So, with the back-to-school-time almost arriving, it is high time for school shopping. 

But if you hear any of them talking about the back-to-school necklace, you should be on high alert. The item they are talking about is a euphemism for a noose used for hanging someone to death. 

They usually discuss the ‘back to school necklace’ out of despair. They use the phrase to show their despair about school starting back again. As described by the Urban Dictionary, the slang term stands for a noose. 

What Signs Are We Looking For? 

Children and teenagers have different reasons for not liking school. Some of them have a horrible experience at school, making them not want to return. Some even feel suicidal and fall prey to the popular and disturbing ‘back to school necklace.’ 

You might see them use the phrase during any conversation. For example –

  • School is starting again. I think I have to buy my ‘back to scholl necklace’. 
  • Can’t wait to get myself a ‘back to school necklace.’
  • My ‘back to scholl necklace’ is calling me. 
  • I want to wear my ‘back to school necklace’. 

So, if you hear this popular internet slang for death by hanging, you should be concerned about your child. It is a code word for help for someone feeling suicidal and thinking of hanging them to death. If you are educated in these terms, you should be able to help your child overcome such a situation. 

How to Deal With Your Child Considering A ‘Back To School Necklace.’

When you hear such a thing from your child, it is really a pressing issue. But it is not easy to deal with such a situation. The best way to deal with this is by starting an open conversation. 

  • Parents need to calm themselves first and not directly ask how the phrase concerns their children. Instead, they can start by asking an objective question like – “I heard about that ‘back to school necklace’ thing; do you have any idea what that is?’
  • It would help if you were not too obvious. Instead of forcing the word out of them, give them open space, peace of mind, comfort, and reliability to share the fact with you. Let them lead the conversation.
  • Do not be judgemental when your child expresses their feelings about school and the disturbing phase. Passing judgment on these conditions might hurt your children. 
  • Only checking these matters alone can help your child reveal a lot and feel at ease. 
  • You should be attentive and listen to them if they feel comfortable sharing their problems. Following their expression by sharing your experiences can help them feel better. If you had similar experiences at school or feelings of dread during childhood, you could share them with them. 
  • Listening, understanding, and empathizing are immensely helpful when children think of something like a ‘back to scholl necklace.’ You should also let them understand that you will be supportive of their decisions to take professional help. 

Things Students Looking For ‘back To School Necklace’ Should Know About 

Students joking around about this harmful phrase should know that it is not ok joking about such a serious issue. The feeling of keeling oneself and joking about it can lead to more despair and affect the people around them. 

But if they are truly having these feelings, they need to start talking about them on a serious note. They can start with the people they trust the most or feel comfortable talking about it. It could be their friends, family members, and even friends.

If you hear any of your friends talk about such stuff, try talking to an adult. Yes, even when that one friend does not want you to talk to anyone about it, you should inform someone.


Back-to-school anxiety has been eating many young lives. According to data, 232 young children aged between (aged 10 – 19) committed suicide in 2015 in the UK. The same death rate stood at 179 in 2013. But, after the term became prominent on the internet, the death toll has risen. 

If you see anyone around you using that term, you should start a conversation and let them talk about it. Back-to-school necklace talks are serious, and we need to be concerned about it. I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you need any further help, please use the comment box.

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