Belly Bands  You Must Try In 2022

Top 10 Belly Bands  You Must Try In 2022

Belly bands are a maternity support product that helps women through all the phases of their pregnancy. From maternity, postpartum and nursing, and C-section recovery products, pregnancy belly bands support women during one of the most significant moments in their lives. 

A pregnant woman or someone who just gave birth to a baby, belly bands have solutions for almost all their problems.

For example, it helps with postpartum compression, heavy belly, back pain, stretch marks, and bladder leaks. 

If you are feeling troubled by any of these reasons, you can use the supportive clothing made by several belly wrap manufacturing brands to ease your pain. 

These belly wraps are made using premium quality products that look and feel comfortable. 

After childbirth, women go through extreme strain. The muscles and organs within their abdomen loosen up. The belly wraps provide compression to the abdomen reshaping everything in its previous place. 

So if you are a woman going through the postpartum recovery phase, you can indeed check out the Postpartum belly bands or belly wraps that I am going to mention in this article. Now, as to which belly wrap you will be using, I have made a list to help you out.

Top 10 Best Belly Bands Or Belly Wraps

Here are the ten best postpartum belly wraps or belly bands that you may check-

Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap/ Belly Band

This Belly Bandit belly wrap is an incredible choice if you want a five-level compression to reshape yourself after childbirth. Here are some of the highlights about this belly wrap-

  • It offers your waist a five-level compression to put everything back into shape.
  • There are two different sizes to help women of all ranges of heights.
  • The wraps have body contouring panels for the core and the back support.
  • There is an arched design to help minimize bugle in the back.
  • It enables you to regain shape and posture.
  • Available in two colors ( black and almond) 
  • It comes in XS, S, M, L, XL sizes. 

Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Belly Band

If you want something on the slimmer side, you can find this wrap by the company attractive. Here are how comfortable this belly wrap can be for you.-

  • The product is incredibly slim.
  • It helps in strengthening your core muscle during pregnancy. 
  • It helps ease back pain.
  • You get a better posture during breastfeeding. 
  • It has latex-free power compression. 
  • The wrap can be adjusted up to 9″.
  • Available in two colors ( black and almond) 
  • It comes in XS, S, M, L, XL sizes. 

Belly Wrap Extender

Belly Wrap Extender

This is not exactly a belly wrap but an extender to extend the life of your wrap. It is cheap and is worth investing in if you want to keep your belly bandit belly wrap’s life extended. 

  • Easily attaches to some wraps like Viscose from Bamboo, Original, Luxe Petite Wrap, and B.F.F Belly Wraps
  • This product extends the life of your wrap. 
  • Won’t stretch or compromise compression
  • Natural and Black

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B.F.F. Belly Wrap

F.F. Belly Wrap

Many users claim that their doctors recommend using this belly wrap for them. The adjustable corset is the most attractive feature of this belly wrap my belly bandit. Here are the features that make it a unique product.

  • It supports your belly, waist, and hips by compressing.
  • It eases back pain and strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • It has 9″ adjustability giving it a longer span of use.
  • There are six support panels.
  • Dual compression panels.
  • Covered using silky-soft viscose from Bamboo.
  • It comes in XS, S, M, L, XL sizes. 
  • It comes in cream and bamboo colors.

Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap

Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap

This belly bandit post-pregnancy belly wrap has a fantastic premium and slim look. After pregnancy, you can wear this to provide support and compression to your belly. Here are some features of this product-

  • It uses a latex-free power compress core.
  • You can continue tightening it up because of its 9-inch adjustability.
  • It helps you regain posture. 
  • It is covered with very soft viscose from bamboo fabric. 
  • It comes in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL sizes.

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ChongErfei 3 In One Belly Band

ChongErfei 3 In One Belly Band

You can use the ChongErfei posture corrector if you struggle with your post-childbirth body posture. Here are some intriguing features of the product-

  • It is available in two sizes.
  • The materials for this product are breathable and health-friendly.
  • As you slim your weight and shape down, you can adjust it for whatever size you are in. 
  • There are two sizes and four colors available for this product.

Mama Strut Postpartum Support Brace

Mama Strut Postpartum Support Brace

Another comfy and effective belly wrap you can consider is the Mama Strut Postpartum Support Brace. Here are some of the highlights of this postpartum belly support product-

  • It is comfy to wear. 
  • The belly fits under your clothes perfectly. 
  • It is highly adjustable. 
  • It is compatible with heat or ice accessory packs for the abdomen. 
  • There are multiple size options available.

Bellefit Postpartum Corset

Bellefit Postpartum Corset

If you want something classic and creamy in color, you need to check out the benefit postpartum corset. It is a great product for c-section recovery. And makes your body feel comfortable and flexible while wearing. Here are the highlighted traits-

  • 3-row adjustable hooks.
  • C-section and natural birth are Ok. 
  • Complete coverage for the rear part.
  • It offers medical quality compression and support.
  • Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL sizes.

I understand how tough it becomes to select baby skincare products when you are also taking care of a baby as a parent. That is why I have curated a list read more to know about the best baby products for baby skin.

Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Support Belly Band

Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal Support Belly Band

This product claims to bring back your attractive figure after childbirth. The texture of the fabric looks intriguing. Also, it provides a healthy level of compression to your body. Here are some of its features-

  • This product offers compression to your back, hips, and abdomen.
  • It helps you with fast postnatal recovery.
  • It is easy to maintain. 
  • Nano bamboo healing is excellent. 
  • It is only available in large sizes. 
  • There are cotton and creamy colors for this product.

 9HappyMonths (Skin/ Beige)

 9HappyMonths (Skin Beige)

Another efficient and comfortable belly wrap is the 9Happy Months Belly wrap. Made using 20% cotton, 20% spandex, and 60% polyester, this belly band is breathable to wear and supports and comforts your skin. It provides postpartum support to your belly, pelvis, and back and brings them back into shape. Some of the highlights of this belly band are here-

  • It’s a three in one belt wearable three days after, one week after, and six weeks after delivery. 
  • The product material consists of 20% cotton, 20% spandex, and 60% polyester. It is stretchable and breathable. 
  • It is available in skin and beige colors. 


The post-maternity body belt does an admirable job in getting a woman’s body back into shape. It offers a thinning effect and helps to stop the overabundance of the abdomen with a healthy compression. If you are looking for a postpartum belly band, I suggest you check from the ten maternity shapewear I mentioned in this article.

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