Pregnancy means a new family member is soon on the way. It is a phase when parents try their best to welcome them in a most comfortable environment. However, the joy of having a baby comes with its fair share of pain. This pain can be reduced with the help of the best maternity belts during pregnancy.

When you go through the pregnancy period, the abdomen starts growing large as time passes. This slowly starts to strain the body resulting in back pain, hips pains, and pain in the pelvic region.

During the maternity period, symptoms like lower back pain, round ligament, and increased pelvic pressure become common. Especially during the trimester when it feels like your belly has a life of its own.

In times like these, maternity belts or pregnancy belts help the most. These pregnancy belts provide the much-needed support system to the lower portion of the midsection. It provides an elevation that helps to reduce the restrain on your body.

There are several kinds of maternity belts in the market. Some can be worn inside the clothing, while some can be worn outside. However, before you can buy one, try taking advice from your doctor about what kind of belt will be a perfect fit for your belly shape and size.

The Best Maternity Belts & Belly Bands In 2021

Maternity BeltsWe all know the factor that the right undergarment can make a difference in your comfort level. The same thing can be said for pregnancy belts or maternity belts. When you see how extreme your body is changing and the strain your body is experiencing, it makes sense to provide a pregnancy support system that can help you to reduce body pain.

It is not necessary to have the best maternity belts. In fact, some of the Mamas out there love to leave their belly hanging. However, if you ever feel like you need to support the system, there is no shame in wearing one.

1. Azmed Breathable Pregnancy Belt

Azmed Maternity BeltsAzmed is one of the best maternity belts that you can get on the market. The manufacturers have tried to use the best fabric to reduce the heat emitted from the inside. The fabric is made up of breathable material that won’t make you feel hot and sticky.

You are going through a laborious time of your life; hence, staying as comfortable as possible is the best way of dealing with the pregnancy phase. Azmed maternity belts help mothers to reduce the stress on their backs. The belly will feel lifted, which means there will be less discomfort for your back. This belt can fit a belly up to 46 inches.

2. Cabea Maternity Belt

Cabea Maternity BeltCabea maternity belts have a different design compared to the pregnancy belly in today’s list. This belt provides support from the groin area. Yes, at first, it may sound and feel strange, but with time, you get to know the advantages of this design. The groin support system helps to compress from the below that reduces the pelvis floor pain.

Cabea maternity belt is known for providing relief almost instantly. It offers support from the bottom end that helps to lift the pelvis upwards. The best part of this belt is that it is made up of breathable fabric and adjusted easily for every body type.

3. Gabrialla Maternity Belt

Gabrialla Maternity BeltThis belly is known for its invisibility. No, we are not talking about supernatural powers here. This belt is made with super-strong fabric and is designed to be worn under the clothing. If you are going through your maternity period, you can wear a Gabrialla belt under the jeans, and no one will notice.

The Gabrialla belt is one of the best maternity belts for the active mom-to-be. Moms can wear this belt and can do their regular activities. For the mothers’ comfort, the manufacturers have also added a back pocket, which can be used to slip in hot or cold water to help with any back pain.

4. Chongerfei Postpartum Belly Band

Chongerfei Postpartum maternity beltPregnancy comes with three different phases. The first phase is where your stomach starts protruding slowly, the second phase is a full-grown belly ready for delivery, and the last phase is the recovery period.

Chongerfei Postpartum maternity belt is a 3-in-1 maternity belt that covers all three phases of maternity. This belt comprises three different parts: a belly belt, waist belt, and pelvis belt. 

The belly belt helps to provide support to your stomach, the waist belt helps provide uterine contraction, and the pelvic belt corrects pelvic position. All three belts work together to reduce all kinds of body pain that surfaces during the maternity period.

5. Ingrid Maternity Belt

Ingrid Maternity BeltIngrid maternity belts are a belly band that helps to hold pants in place. These bands are made up of breathable fabric and come in plain colors. When worn, it will hang low, covering the lower section of the body. These bands can be used in several ways; you can wear them on full length to make them look like you are wearing an extra layer of clothing or simply fold them to increase the hold. The best part of these bands is that they can be machine washed.

6. NEOtech Pregnancy Belt

NEOtech Pregnancy BeltIf you are looking for the best maternity belts that can be worn over the cloth, then NEOtech might be the thing you are looking for. NEOtech is one of the best maternity belts in the market that comes with a streamlined design. The easy-to-use adjustment features help to resize the maternity belt as per your belly size.

NEOtech designed their belt to distribute the belly pressure all across the back evenly. This reduces the back strain. The highlighted features of this belt are its customizable two-sided velcro. Hence, as the belly grows over time, you can easily adjust the belt. 

Overall the belt is quite simple and comes with a plain solid color to ensure you are not grabbing attention.

7. Diravo Maternity Belt

Diravo Maternity BeltDiravo bands come with a comfortable design that can be worn a full day without experiencing any discomfort. It is one of the best maternity belts that offer a full range of motion, thereby setting a comforting tone in the market.

The fabric is breathable and seamless and helps you to remain cool even during the hottest summer. The band is integrated with a silicon rubber band at the end, which helps the pregnancy band stay in one place.

The design of this band is made in such a way that it offers the right amount of pressure to the abdomen muscles for the best comfort.

8. Babo Care Maternity Belt

Babo Care Maternity BeltWhen you are carrying twins, there are chances that the regular maternity belts will not work for your belly. You will need to have an extra-large pregnancy belt to support your abdominal area, hips, and pelvic region in cases like these.

Babo care maternity belts offer all the necessary features that can help mothers to reduce pain. It comes with four support bars that help to secure the abdominal lower midsection. The best comes with double-layer breathable fabrics and offers enough stretch to complete your daily chores comfortably.

9. Flexguard Pregnancy Support

Flexguard Maternity BeltFlexguard is one of the largest maternity belt manufacturers. They offer all sizes of maternity belts. The largest of the size can go as high as 62 inches. The maternity belt is adjustable, so, as you keep on gaining additional belly sizes in the late stage of the pregnancy, the bet also increases its size to fit your belly perfectly.

This belt comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a sigh of relief for the mothers who are spending their hard-earned money on products that can be used for a lifetime.

10. CFR Pregnancy Support Belt

CFR Pregnancy Support BeltThis belt comes with a different design compared to the other maternity belts mentioned in the list. It comes with a slit right in the center of the belly. This split snug fits the belly to provide comfort. This design helps your belly lift; this helps to reduce the pressure on your bladder.

Exercise becomes very important during your pregnancy period. This belt provides a back strap that helps you with all kinds of exercise and does not hinder you from any physical activity.

Frequently Asked Question?

No matter how much you gather knowledge on maternity belts, there are always some lingering questions that go answered in most of the articles. Here we have gathered some of the most asked questions on the best maternity belts.

1. Do Maternity Belts Work?

If you do not feel like using a pregnancy belly, you do not have to use it. The maternity belts are designed for people who suffer unbearable pain during the maternity period. These pregnancy support belts help would-be mothers to reduce back pain, abdominal pressure and give good posture to their body. They are especially needed in the second or third trimester of the maternity phase.

2. Does Maternity Belt Reduce Your Belly?

Nope! That is not the case here. The best maternity belts are made only to provide the necessary support to the belly. If you find a brand or a company claiming to reduce the belly, that would be just a hoax. On the contrary, reducing the belly during the pregnancy period might be very harmful to pregnant women and the baby.

3. Which Are The Best Maternity Belts?

There are different kinds of maternity belts in the market. Hence, it becomes very tricky to choose the best maternity belts for yourself. In cases like these, you must consult your doctor to know your body type and how your belly might gain in size during the pregnancy period. The doctors will be able to tell what kind of pregnancy belt will perfectly suit you.

We have already mentioned some of the best maternity belts in this article. You can even choose from one of these.

The Bottom Line

The pregnancy belt is here to help the mothers during their most precious and vulnerable moments. The best maternity belts are proficient enough to provide all the necessary support systems to help would-be mothers reduce their body pain.

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