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Finding The Best Mini Crib: When Do You Need One And What To Look For?

Getting ready to bring a newborn home happens to be an incredible experience. Purchasing the baby gear, baby-proofing your whole home, and taking parenting classes are all important parts of the process. And when it’s all about prepping your new nursery, you will have plenty to consider. Plus, nursery design is LITERALLY all around you – from nature-inspired to ultra-cozy to boho chic, and everything else in between. 

But right before you can begin to pick out wallpaper and finish the newborn’s room with nice decor, you will definitely need to assess the whole space you are working with. If you happen to be one of the fortunate ones who owns plenty of footage, then your design possibilities will stay wide open. 

Many of us, on the flip side, might be dealing with much smaller spaces in an old home, a condo, or even an apartment. In order to optimize the whole space, you will want to think about your top must-haves related to your nursery furniture. The most crucial piece here? A crib for your little one!

The size of a room can determine which crib will suit you best. You can also take into consideration other factors, such as easy storage or efficient mobility since many cribs have wheels. For certain families, it might be sensible to choose a mini crib instead of a full-size crib. 

For first-time parents, it might make you a little confused. But then The Parents Mag is here to help you out…like always. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight in!

So, What Exactly Is A Mini Crib? 

What Exactly Is A Mini Crib

Mini cribs are basically what they sound like small versions of basic cribs. Plus, these mini cribs tend to measure 34 inches long by 24 inches wide, while normal cribs measure around 52 inches long by 28 inches wide. 

When you finally do the maths, it becomes about 14 inches shorter and 4 inches smaller. These dimensions actually play a major role when you happen to be short on space – plus, every square inch actually counts. 

But just because it is smaller, it does not mean you cannot make the most of it. Unlike any bassinet, several mini cribs actually feature different lives, just like a conventional crib. This means when any child sits up or rolls over, you can easily lower the crib so that it becomes safe for the newborn. 

This actually makes the mini crib distinctively different from a majority of bassinets, which are not just smaller but also on one level typically. Normally, mini cribs are known for featuring two or three levels. Plus, in multiple instances, newborn children can sleep in one crib until they happen to be ready to transition to a toddler’s bed.

Also, mini cribs require their very own perfectly sized sheets and mattresses. While you are shopping for the crib, it is vital to double-check the different dimensions of any accessories. 

But Why Do You Need A Mini Crib?

But Why Do You Need A Mini Crib

Before looking up stuff like ‘babyletto mini crib’ on Google, let’s talk about all the plausible reasons behind finding a good mini crib! Obviously, one of the primary reasons to buy a crib is if you happen to be really short on space, you will definitely need a crib. But of course, there are other reasons as well – let’s have a look!

1. Easier To Move:

A mini crib is also known as a convertible crib on some occasions, considering it is so easy to move as compared to a traditional crib. Simply because it is lighter, you can actually move the crib around your home if you want to!

There are multiple mini cribs that actually sit on castors – that way, these can be rolled from one room to another. This is very helpful for the first months when you want your baby close by while you are getting some work done during your baby’s naptime. 

Of course, if you do move your baby around with you, you will definitely need to understand that wherever your newborn is sleeping, they are all set for a good nap. With a mini crib’s portability, you will obviously want to be around your baby once they wake up. 

This can prove to be so much more helpful when your living space is on a single level. You can easily wheel the crib around the living room, bathroom, or even the kitchen with much ease. 

We are all aware that good things usually arrive in small packages (your newborn will definitely agree!) – with a small crib, you can bid adieu to your bulky furniture. 

2. Great For Smaller Spaces:

Before you can look for the best mini crib, it is important that you take measurements of the whole space so that your newborn can sleep in the same peacefully. This begs one BIG question – Do you have a room dedicated to your newborn? And even if you have a big room, then are you planning to share a room with your newborn right at the start?

If you are planning to set up your newborn’s sleeping space in one corner of your office or bedroom, then you will find out that there is a whole lot of space in their nursery for a mini crib. For most city dwellers, mini cribs are very popular simply because apartments are so small. 

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3. Ideal For Newborns:

Your cute little baby will not take up a whole lot of space,  but their essentials definitely will! The only thing that won’t take up much space initially is their sleeping surface – so you can keep things minimal with a mini crib. 

Because your baby will not really sit up anytime soon or even roll around – using a small sleep surface such as a mini crib is a perfectly safe alternative. 

At the same time, even when they begin hitting their first milestones earlier than you expected, remember that these cribs come with adjustable bases – you can lower these bases to keep your newborn absolutely safe. In case your mini crib is not adjustable, then you can definitely consider transitioning to a bigger crib. 

But for the first few months, a normal crib can basically feel like way too much space for your newborn and might even prove to be overwhelming for them. Mini cribs can actually make your bundle of joy feel cozy and nice like they are in your womb. 

4. Stores Away Easily:

There are multiple mini cribs that are portable and also fold up. These are a pretty great alternative when you are having guests over or traveling. Plus, you can very easily pack the crib in your car or just store it away when you have people over and your newborn is sleeping. 

You can pack it in the car or easily store it away when you have company and your baby isn’t sleeping. This also happens to be a pretty cool alternative for anywhere you regularly visit. Your family will love that you have a simple sleep setup for your newborn so that a spontaneous sleepover is not much. 

5. Budget-Friendly:

As compared to traditional cribs, mini cribs are so affordable. So, before you can begin your research, you can definitely set up your budget. 

And while shopping for the perfect crib, do not forget to buy a mini crib mattress that actually fits its major dimensions. You will also require mini crib sheets – there are plenty of cute patterns and colors to select from! 

6. Sharing A Room:

Most experts recommend sharing a room with your newborn but not with your parents, and that too for six months at the very least, but only for the first year. This indicates that another piece of furniture will be needed to squeeze into your bedroom. 

You won’t be left with a whole lot of space when you consider all the different furniture pieces you already have on your list. At the same time, remember that a mini crib happens to be 14 inches shorter than a traditional crib, making it one appropriately sized and safe sleep surface for your newborn. 

Yes, we do agree it will be a relatively tight squeeze, but the advantages of sharing a room with your little one are many. Firstly, it is very convenient to attend to your kid when they randomly wake up and need to be fed. Secondly, it is very safe and actually decreases any risk of SIDs

And then there is increased bonding. When you share a room with your newborn for six months or even an entire year, it allows you to get closer to your newborn. This happens to be a precious time for both you and your little bundle of joy – so it’s best you embrace it! 

7. Safe Sleep Option For Multiples:

If you have different sets of multiples – triplets, twins, you name it – mini cribs happen to be a great alternative for your newborn. Mini cribs happen to be much-needed space savers, especially if you have more than a single newborn in your room. 

Think it through if you are saving 14 inches on a crib in terms of length, that is 28 inches of space for about two cribs. And if you do have multiples, then your hands are already full. Is it not easier to have everyone together in the same room? This will make your synchronizing schedules ideal!

8. Visiting Family And Friends:

If you find yourself visiting friends and family frequently, especially if they live out of town, keep a mini crib stored at their house. It’ll be great for the many naps your newborn will take during the day! 

Consider having a mattress and mini crib sent to your family and friends’ homes when you actually travel so you do not have to take up much space in your car with it. That obviously makes the whole travel game so much easier. 

You can also bring a min crib that is portable when you stay in any hotel. Although there are multiple hotels offering cribs as the perfect amenity, they actually vary in condition. 

For giving yourself the assurance that your newborn will be cozy and comfy while they are sleeping in an unfamiliar spot, a mini crib accompanied by its own sheets and mattresses is the best alternative. 

Now, you can definitely rest easy when you are traveling, being well aware of how your newborn 

has a very safe place to sleep comfortably. 

The Best Mini Cribs: Exploring Options!

The Best Mini Cribs

We are fans of the flexibility that most mini cribs actually offer – not only do these nicely fit into small spaces, but they also happen to be foldable and portable, making them perfect for both storage and travel.

Their thinner design takes up absolutely less space in a room but still gives the newborn plenty of space to be actually comfortable. Multiple mini cribs are also convertible to twin beds, toddler beds, and day beds so that the crib can grow when your little one does, like standard baby cribs. 

But as with most things in life, not all small cribs are made in a similar fashion. And with endless options, it can be complicated to pin down which happens to be the best option for you or even your newborn.

Here are our favorite options when it comes to mini cribs. 

  • uncheckedGelato 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib,
  • uncheckedNamesake Winston 4-in-1 Crib,
  • uncheckedThe Wave Crib,
  • uncheckedSleepi Mini Crib,
  • unchecked3-in-1 Portable Mini Crib,
  • uncheckedFolding Mini Portable Crib, 
  • uncheckedOrigami Portable Mini Crib,
  • uncheckedClassic Mini Crib,
  • uncheckedJayden 4-in-1 Mini Crib,
  • uncheckedCharlie 4-in-1 Mini Crib, and
  • uncheckedColby 4-in-1 Mini Crib.

Wrapping Up: Sleeping Safely In Small Spaces!

Mini cribs will provide your bundle of joy with a comfortable sleeping surface, especially when you are running short on space, but that is not the only reason that you might decide on using one. To begin with, they happen to be easier to move around, perfect for the initial stage, and to store away easily. 

They also happen to be a budget-friendly alternative and ideal if you are planning to share a room with your newborn. Plus, you can make use of these mini cribs when you are visiting your loved ones as well. 

While buying a mini crib, seek appropriate sizing, safety standard labels, and portability. Finally, don’t forget about the importance of comfort. Opt for a mini crib mattress while buying the crib, and watch your baby sleep comfortably and safely in a small space.

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