A newborn develops a suckling reflex even before birth. So, as a result, we get to see a newborn sucking their finger or whatever they get in their hand. After some time, usually after 6 months, they start to eat usual food instead of breast milk.

But, for that development, they need something to suck on. And that’s where pacifiers come into the hive. While the new parents get a little breath of fresh air by giving their newborns something to suck on to help with their development.

What Is A Pacifier?

Pacifiers are nipple-shaped teats to calm your little one down. The best pacifiers are mainly made with hard plastic, latex, or rubber. They have three parts. One is the artificial nipple, one mouth guard, and one ring to hold onto.

The fake nipple they made is in the shape of the mother’s nipple, and it soothes the baby. The mouth guard is there, so the pacifier doesn’t become a choking hazard by falling into the mouth.

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The Best Pacifiers Are Here

Earlier, they used to make two separate parts, and then they were fused. But nowadays they are made from the same material so that they don’t break too easily.

The best pacifiers also have different orthodontic advantages, like reducing the burning sensation of the mouth during teeth eruption. So, here is a list of the ten best pacifiers for different needs.

1. Philips Avent Soothie

It is one of the most popular pacifiers used across the globe. It is made out of one-piece silicon. So there will be fewer chances of breakage. This pacifier is also BPA-free to keep your baby away from harmful chemicals.

As a result, it is one of the best pacifiers in the market to buy at an affordable price range. But it can be problematic for babies with a tiny mouth.

2. Nanobebe Pacifier

Also, the makers made it out of silicon. So, it can fit in the smallest baby’s mouth also. It is made out of flexible one-piece material which can take the shape of your baby’s mouth to give it the comfort it needs.

Many times babies like pacifiers more than the nipple, and then they don’t want to get breastfed. Nanobébé pacifiers are one of the best pacifiers to solve this nipple confusion effectively. But it is more firm than other pacifiers, which can be somewhat of a problem for some babies.

3. Dr. Brown’s A Happy Pace

It is the best pacifier for bottle-fed babies after the feeding bottle’s nipple. It is designed to give that familiar feeling to the baby and help them accept the pacifier more readily. It is also a one-piece design to prevent your newborn from swallowing it.

In Addison, it has a butterfly-shaped mouth guard, which will help them to get clear away from the nose. But it is on the heavier side. So it may pop out of the newborn’s mouth quickly, which can cause some inconvenience to the parents.

4. Chicco PhysioForma

It is one of the best pacifiers made specifically for orthodontic points of view by orthodontists, pediatricians, and caregivers. It has an excellent curved design to fit in the mouth perfectly and adjust its tongue to the palate. 

In addition, it has got some ridges for extra orthodontic advantage. It’s made out of one-piece silicone, and it’s easy to clean and very affordable.

5. Mam’s Air pacifier

It is one of the cutest pacifiers you can get, which is also a bang for your buck. It is most suitable for babies with ultra-sensitive skin. Its mouthguard has holes in it to allow for the extra air to pass through.

It is also an orthodontic pacifier explicitly made to resemble a human breast. But, on the other hand, it tears and breaks easily and is hard for the newborn to grasp due to its small ring size. So, get the best pacifiers.

6. Natursutten original pacifier

Unlike any other pacifier, they are made out of entirely organic materials. So, it is free of any harmful substances, keeping your baby’s health in mind. It is made-made out of resin harvested from Hevea brasiliensis.

But it is not that durable and can easily break during boiling. So keep that in mind. And it can be not of the proper size for your baby’s mouth.

7. RaZbabu Raz-berry Teether

It is the best pacifier for babies with teeth. Their unusual raspberry-like design gives babies something to chew on and to develop their masticatory muscles effectively. But they are not made out of a single piece and can be life-threatening if swallowed. 

It may also be ample for your baby’s mouth according to their age. So keep these things in mind before buying this pacy.

8. NUK Orthodontic

It is the best pacifier available in the market for babies aged 18 to 36 months. This is because they ultimately hold the newly erupted teeth and give them a perfect alignment. But you need to check the label before buying one. Because they come in different sizes according to the age group, and with their two-piece design, it can be potentially a choking hazard.

9.The First Years Newborn Pacifier

They are made out of one piece silicon design like most other pacifiers. But its unique nose cut-out design makes it one of the best pacifiers for newborns. Its nose cut-out design is beneficial to babies, as they can breathe easily and comfortably. 

But look out for the size of these pacifiers. It may not fit your baby’s mouth. And it can also be somewhat stiffer than other pacifiers.

10. Doddle & Co. Pop Silicone Pacifier

Pacifiers drop a lot on the floor from those tiny hands. Doddle & Co. has come up with a unique solution to this. When this pacifier falls on the floor, it will automatically retract itself into its bubble covering to keep it clean. So, it will be less hassle for new parents to keep the pacifier clean.

The Conclusion

Now you get an idea about the best pacifiers that will be perfect for your baby. But, all pacifiers are not made from the same material or identical design. Different babies need different types of pacifiers according to their mouth size and other requirements. Because in pacifiers, one size does not fit all.

So, look into it and do the needful.

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