Even though bruising the cervix is not something common, it does happen. This injury is painful, and it can happen repetitively, so it’s better to know all the symptoms and signs so you can prevent it in the future and stop it from happening. To know what a bruised cervix is, what the symptoms are, what the treatment options that are available are, and how you can stop it from happening again and again, read along.

How can you get your cervix bruised?

A bruised cervix mostly happens because of vigorous sexual activity. And this includes penetration from an object, fist, or penis. If the cervix is hit during intercourse, it can cause bruising and thus make it feel sensitive and tender.

How can you get your cervix bruised

This mostly happens when the penetration is deep. For instance, there is an increased risk of getting a bruised cervix if you and your partner enjoy the doggy-style position. The cervix is at the top-most part of the vaginal canal. It is not common to bruise the cervix other than during any sexual activity.

If you are getting pain during intercourse, it is mostly an indication that there is some other issue. Sex should always be pleasurable. Sometimes, you get bruised cervix because of sexual assault or trauma. A violent attack can get the cervix bruised. If you know someone who has been attacked or assaulted, take them to a doctor and get through the next steps.

The cervix is a protective barrier for the uterus and monitors what exits and enters the vagina. Essentially, the cervix keeps the vagina and uterus separated.

What does it feel like?

How a bruised cervix would feel depends on how bad the injury is. For instance, think when you smack your knee on a table. Sometimes it just hurts, but sometimes it really hurts.

What does it feel like

One of the writers for Bustle shared that when she bruised her cervix, she felt like someone had poked her with a red-hot pocket on the inside. She even mentioned that she experienced abdominal pain and cramps, which were worse than what she had ever felt during her period.

This may occur during or after penetration. But this is not the case with everyone. But you can feel an aching sensation inside your body, and this can happen after the penetration as well as during penetration.

What are the other symptoms of Bruised cervix?

What are the other symptoms of Bruised cervix

Until the injury has healed, during penetration, you will experience pain. You can even expect these:

  • Bleeding
  • Spotting
  • Nausea
  • Back pain

Do some people experience it more?

Yes, this is somewhat true. Some people have the tendency to bruise their cervix more than others.

The position of the uterus and the structure of the vagina is different for all. When not aroused, the distance of the cervix and the vaginal opening is somewhat close to 3 to 7 inches. But when you are aroused, two-third part of the upper vagina stretches to allow a smoother penetration. When the vagina stretches, the uterus and the cervix stretch themselves and move out of the way.

Do some people experience it more

If the cervix and the vaginal opening get close together, or if you are not completely aroused, then the possibility of bumping into the cervix and bruising it becomes more during penetration. The cervix even changes position during the monthly cycle. It might get tilted to one direction a week before you get your period and on the other side after a week.

The hole in the cervix, known as the os, stays covered in mucus for the most part of the month. This mucus stops the sperm from getting inside the uterus. When you are ovulating, the cervix becomes soft, tilts downward, and slightly opens to let the sperm get through. This is the time when bruising the cervix is more likely.

Is it important to get treatment for Bruised cervix?

It is typically not important to seek some medical treatment if you have bruised your cervix. It heals on its own in a few days. 

Is it important to get treatment for Bruised cervix

However, if you are experiencing this frequently, you should consult a gynecologist. This can happen because of your sensitive cervix, and it is more likely to be bruised, and it could also be because of some underlying infection. Along with that, if you get spotting after having sex, this could also happen because of a friable cervix or cervical irritation.

You may be able to get rid of the discomfort and ease some pain with the help of some over-the-counter medicine like naproxen or ibuprofen. Some menstrual pain medicines like Midol can also help. You might even try:

  • Sitting on a cushion or a pillow until the tenderness goes away
  • Apply a hot water bottle or a heating pad to your abdomen to ease the camping
  • Massage the back and the abdomen to relieve the tension; use clary sage or lavender oil for some relief 
  • Wear loose clothes to relieve the pressure from your abdomen and stop any further discomfort.

Are long-term complications possible?

Apart from the temporary discomfort, there are not any complications related to a bruised cervix.

How long does it take to heal?

Like any other bruises and bumps, the healing time is different for every person. The pain will start to lessen within a day or two. The symptoms should go away completely in a week. Avid sex and penetrative masturbation until the symptoms completely go away. Penetration can increase the injury, and it could take more time to heal.

When to see a doctor or other healthcare provider

When to see a doctor or other healthcare provider

If the symptoms do not go away even after a week, or you experience pain regularly after having intercourse, it is best to check with a gynecologist. They can conduct a pelvic exam, assess the symptoms, and figure out whether this is happening because of some infection or underlying condition. The doctor will determine the next course of action, depending on that.

You should check with a doctor immediately if you are experiencing the following things:

  • If you are experiencing severe pain
  • If you are soaking a tampon or pad every hour
  • Having large blood clots 


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