Cheating in a relationship is as prevalent in women as in men. For the more observant partner in a relationship, they can tell if their partner is cheating on them or not. But it is different for the oblivious ones; they have no clue till it is too late. So, what are the characteristics of a cheating woman or a man for that matter?

It is unfair that men only cheat in a relationship; women equally cheat in relationships. According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Family Studies in 2020, cheating affairs among women are 10%, whereas it is 20% among men. 

Although this is just the case for married women, the girls get around when the rings are off. If you look at the statistics of cheating among men and women between 18 to 29, it shows women cheat more than men. So, the myth that men are the ones who primarily cheat is wrong. 

Why She Will Cheat?

Why She Will Cheat

When I talk about cheating, I usually mean a sexual encounter with someone else. But nowadays, the affair doesn’t always have to be sexual; it can also be emotional cheating. Cheating could be any kind of conduct that breaks the trust and physical bonding between two people. Emotional cheating hurts worse than physical cheating because it includes feelings and intellectual depravity. 

There are no hard-bound characteristics of a cheating woman or cheating GF, but a few of the reasons why women cheat could be:

  • Lack of love
  • Mistreated by the partner
  • Lack of situational judgment
  • A desire for more sex
  • Dissatisfied sexual intimacy in the current relationship
  • Lack of interaction

Psychological facts about cheating women are that the reasons behind cheating are the same as men. The only difference is that either of the sexes prioritizes it. In most cases, the men prioritize the desire for more sex; for the women, the reason is mistreatment by their partner. 

For any cheating partner, five traits are pretty much common for everyone, they are. 

Lack of conscientiousness

The partner’s lack of maturity and reliability can drive the person to the arms of someone else. It can easily lead to having an affair or cheating on your partner. Having a partner that does not have a conscience and lacks morals could wreak havoc in your relationship in the long run.

Low Openness

Suppose you are in a relationship with someone who is your exact opposite, less intelligent than you, or not adventurous enough. This could bring a certain sense of boredom in the relationship, which can compel you to cheat on your partner to meet your needs.


For a cheating woman, if her partner is very understanding and sympathetic, then her instances of cheating can also be excused by a person of that nature. 


If someone introverted and an extrovert are in a relationship, then cheating allegations are more often. This is because the extroverted woman would go out to find someone more like her with a similar viewpoint. 

‣ Neuroticism

For someone dealing with neuroticism and traits like anxiety, mood swings, and nervousness for them, it often leads to cheating. 

Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

Cheating Woman

Now that you know the reason behind a woman cheating on her partner, let’s see a few personality characteristics of such a cheating woman. If these characteristics match someone you know, you might want to be on the lookout. 

So here are a few characteristics of a cheating woman that you should know about, and be on the lookout if you know someone matching the features. 

1. Low Self-Esteem And Seeking Validation

In most women, the main reason or personality trait for cheating is low self-esteem and seeking constant validation from others. Seeking validation in the right amount is fine, but when it becomes an obsession, it becomes a problem. 

When she doesn’t get that desired validation from her partner, that is when she goes outside to look for validation from others. 

2. Constantly Lying

Constantly Lying

Lying is generally a typical behavior for most people in any relationship. But when you have the characteristics of a cheating woman, then it is your way of life. 

They will also lie at every opportunity, adding lots of unnecessary details to their narratives. The vocal and verbal deceit are clear signs of something being off in their approach. A man who is unaware of how these women, too well, will fall for their deceptions.

3. She Accuses Her Partner Of Cheating

She Accuses Her Partner Of Cheating

One of the biggest traits of unfaithful and cheating women is that they think since they are cheating, everyone is cheating. This is when a cheating GF will blame you for cheating out of nowhere. If she accuses her partner of cheating without proof, that right there is a big red flag. 

4. She says, “You Deserve Someone Better Than Me.”

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When your girlfriend or wife says, “I don’t deserve you; you deserve so much better than me.” This is a classic self-justification for her cheating nature. She will make it out as a warning to her partner that she might hurt him in the future by cheating on him. 

This type thrives on breaking away from the routine and going rogue. The basic rules of being in a relationship cannot keep them tied down.

5. Change In Sexual Habits And Appetite

If you suddenly notice that the sexual habits of your partner have changed, her likes and preferences in the bedroom have suddenly changed. Then something might be fishy. She is more sexual towards her boyfriend since her cheating partner makes her feel sexier. 

There can be another explanation of why she is being more sexual towards you- she is feeling guilty about cheating on you. And being sexually active with you is a classic overcompensation on her part.

An increased or decreased appetite for sex could mean a thing or two too. Her guilt could work and show itself as increased sexual attention, or she may not seek much attention because she could be getting it from somewhere else.

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6. She Likes To Keep Her Personal Life A Secret

She Likes To Keep Her Personal Life A Secret

It is natural that she suddenly becomes very secretive about her personal life. She doesn’t talk about her day with her partner or quickly changes the subject to something else. She tries to avoid walking about her whereabouts with anyone. 

Once there is a disconnection between the partners, the relationship and its spark will fizzle out pretty soon. It is easy for some women to seek attention elsewhere when the relationship they are in no longer serves its purpose.

7. She Is Always On Her Phone

She Is Always On Her Phone

Her daily activity on her phone suddenly increased, and she is now constantly on her phone. She will keep every app password protected and would rarely leave her phone to do something else. 

She is always either texting or talking on the phone. When she talks on the phone tends to leave the room, so you can’t overhear the conversation. Being unfaithful, these women put a lot of effort into creating a space of their own.

8. She Is Used To Gaslighting

She Is Used To Gaslighting

It is a very common trait among cheating women that they use gaslighting and manipulation to blame their partners for everything. Through manipulation and verbal disagreement, they blame the failure of their relationship on their partner. 

This way, they cleverly shift the conversation from cheating to manipulating their partner. Unfortunately, this is how their partner also ignores their cheating personality.  They implement verbal disputes to reverse an argument to suit their narratives. It’s a diversion that works in their favor.

9. Staying Out Of The Home More Often

Another key sign of cheating is that she is rarely present at home. Most of the time, she is outside and rarely says where she has been all day. 

10. She’s A Narcissist

According to studies, cheating women are often narcissists. They are more likely to be unfaithful with their partners. Being in a relationship with a narcissist is a challenge, even without the complications of a cheating allegation. These narcissistic women tend to have a “have it all” personality. 

A narcissist aims to find fulfillment at the cost of others. They believe they are worth it all, self-professedly. 

A narcissist does not feel regret when caught cheating. They may also not put in the effort to keep their affair a secret. They want instant gratification in any relationship and don’t care whom they hurt in the process. Cheating narcissistic women rarely care about the feelings of anyone other than themselves. 

11. She Gets Bored Quickly

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Cheating in a relationship is about getting quick gratification and satisfaction, so cheaters don’t like slow-paced life; they get bored. They crave constant excitement and action in their life, even if it’s in their pants. 

You might see signs wife likes another man, but that is just for entertainment for a night or two; she doesn’t want to leave her husband. 

12. Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally Unavailable

Seeing your girl becoming more emotionally unavailable can be because she is cheating on you. She has no desire for your emotional troubles and problems. 

Showing a lack of emotions towards your feelings, affections, and appreciation is a sign of a troubled relationship and a high chance of infidelity. 

13. Suddenly Has A Glow-Up

Suddenly Has A Glow-Up

One of the most obvious signs of infidelity is when it has a sudden glow-up. Instead of her regular T-shirts and jeans, she wears dresses, skirts, and heels. She takes care of her looks and what she wears and appears. 

If the glow-up is for you, it’s great, but if she is out most of the time and dressed to kill, she is most definitely cheating. 

14. Don’t Talk About Any Commitments

Doesn't Talk About Any Commitments

If the woman you are in a relationship with is cheating, she will tend not to discuss plans or commitments. Instead, she would constantly divert the conversation and make you wait even more until “she is ready for a commitment.”

15. They Always Working Late

Always Working Late

Although working late can also be a sign of a woman working hard for a better future and career, there are instances of some women taking advantage of their workplace and turning it into an opportunity for cheating. The workplace is the breeding ground for infidelity. If her everyday excuse is that she was working late, something is fishy. Working even on the weekends could be a sign of something being wrong. 

If she ignores any logical or valid explanation for her working late, then it is easy to guess that she is lying about her work.

Wrapping Up!

Now that we have seen in detail the characteristics of a cheating woman, it is now upto you to see the signs of whether you are in a relationship with one or not. Staying in a relationship with someone cheating on you and not physically or mentally healthy for you. 

So breaking off is the best thing you can do, and take some much-needed alone time to work on moving on and your mental peace. If you find this article helpful, surely let me know about it.

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