Cheerleading Uniform For Your Kids Team

How To Design A Cheerleading Uniform For Your Kids Team

Cheerleading is a popular sport for kids and teens, with nearly 4 million participants in the USA in 2017. Competing as a cheerleader involves more than just athletic ability. In that light, choosing the right Cheerleading Uniform is one of the crucial parts of this game. 

You must consider several factors when designing your child’s cheerleading uniform. These factors go beyond school colors and unique style.  

It should match the age and size of the cheerleaders, be relevant to the team’s activities, and reflect the school’s rules and principles.  

Choosing the right uniform can be daunting, especially if your school needs guidelines. Consider different designers and vendors offering cheap uniform deals to avoid spending too much.  

Remember, your uniform should reflect your team’s standards, so be careful when choosing yours. Choosing the right cheer outfit for your team can boost confidence, freedom, and unity. 

Designing A Cheerleading Costume 

Given below are the steps you must follow to design the perfect cheerleading costume for your kid— 

1. Consider Your Child’s Age 

One of the most important factors is teaching your children to dress appropriately for their age. Thus, designing a cheerleading outfit is the best opportunity to promote this idea. 

Choose longer skirts and full-length shirts if you are buying for younger cheerleaders on the squad. Also, you must avoid any items that excessively adhere to the skin. 

Moreover, if you make the design too sophisticated, you can risk diverting the audience’s attention from your kid’s performance.  

You should avoid bringing attention to inappropriate things by dressing indecently if you want others to notice your routine.  

In addition, you must follow the dress code established by your school regarding the length of shirts and skirts. 

2. Rules Of The School & Squad 

This brings us to the next point— rules and beliefs. 

Every school and squad functions within a set of rules, regulations, and beliefs. Therefore, when you’re responsible for designing your child’s cheerleading costume, you must adhere to the set standards. 

Moreover, schools have specific rules and regulations regarding cheerleading uniforms. For instance, many schools ask designers to avoid keeping the length of the cheerleading skirt shorter than the specified length.  

Before shopping, ensure to review your school’s rules and regulations. If no written rules exist, consult your teachers to determine if there are length requirements. 

Cheerleading uniforms have evolved. It started with modest designs made of wool or plaid in the early 1900s, with school initials sewn on the uniform to distinguish the team.  

Subsequently, in the 1960s and 1970s, more comfortable and functional styles emerged, with longer skirts replaced by knee-length ones and cotton skirts replacing woolen fabric.  

However, today, cheerleaders typically wear sleeveless tops called shells or liners, bodysuits or tank tops, leotards, and custom warm-up jackets to stand out in competitions.  

Top styling has evolved to include no material or sheer fabric across the top for the chest, shoulders, back, or arms.  

Similar to jeans, skirts form an identity with distinct colors and patterns. Nevertheless, high school rules dictate skirt length. However, professional and college teams do not need to follow these rules.  

Therefore, understand and follow the trends closely when designing your child’s cheerleading outfit. This will help you keep the design relevant and seamless. 

4. Add A Personal Touch 

Dressing for a cheerleading event requires a balance of style and personality. Therefore, you can incorporate your personal touch by changing fabrics or mixing and matching tops and bottoms.  

Moreover, choose a style that represents you. Thus, you can go for a more girly look with lace, sequin, or ruffles or make it sporty with athletic mesh, side stripes, or criss-cross ties.  

Also, choose a color combination your kid feels confident in. It must hold up their personality.  

Therefore, you can mix and match unique elements and colors or offer customizations like cheer jerseys to stand out.  

Choose a style representing your child and the team, and add flair to your outfit if your routines are upbeat or quirky. Remember to be yourself and let your personality shine through in your cheerleading outfit. 

5. Make It According To Your Child’s Fit 

Purchasing a custom-tailored loose uniform rather than a perfectly designed one is better to ensure a perfect fit.  

This is important when looking for a cheerleading costume for children as they constantly grow and their body keeps changing.  

However, when designing uniforms for large groups, take proper measurements to avoid waste and ensure the right fit every season.  

Some cheer programs get new uniforms every competition season to prevent unnecessary expenses. 

6. Choose The Color Mindfully 

When it comes to selecting cheer gear, it’s important to take into account your child’s skin tone.  

While online or catalog purchases can be convenient, they may not always accurately reflect the product’s true color. Therefore, purchasing swatches or even finding a dupe costume to test the colors before committing to a purchase is a good idea.  

Regarding uniforms, it’s best to opt for neutral colors. Thus, you can go for nudes, pale pinks, and black that flatter eyes and catch the attention of the team. Moreover, these colors look good regardless of their skin tone.  

Additionally, keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be a great way to stay updated and inspired when choosing stylish uniforms that will make your team stand out.  

If you’re selecting uniforms for an entire team, choosing colors that flatter everyone is important. This means opting for shades that complement a range of skin tones so everyone on the team feels confident and comfortable in their uniform. 

Last Tip 

When responsible for the design, ensure your child fits their new cheerleading costume well. Moreover, if you’re ordering it from a third party, provide specific measures and have the dressmaker take the squad’s measurements.  

Moreover, add an inch to the top and sleeve lengths to avoid unwelcome body curves, as some businesses manufacture their tops and skirts too short. 

Uniform makers outside the US may not accurately replicate your design, so ask for a sample to compare with your design.  

Get your uniform made with lightweight spandex or lycra for comfort. However, avoid shiny fabrics to avoid the ice-skater look.  

Ensure the maker uses soft elastics to ensure the skirt clings to your body shape naturally and avoids constricting your body.


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