Garages are always a great addition to any home of any size. However, most of us end up simply storing things we ‘will use soon’ or ‘might need later’, and we actually never end up using that stuff again. This way, you are only cluttering your garage and almost wasting all that space. If you want to put a stop to that, you might want to consider converting your garage into a cozy little playroom for your kids. This way, you are actually using that space and your kids have a safe room where they can spend the best moments of their childhood. If you like this idea, let’s see how you can complete this project.

Choose The Right Paint For Concrete

When you’ve cleared out the garage, it’s time to cover that cold concrete. To truly convert the garage into a safe space for kids, you have to find the right paint for the walls and floors. There are paints that are specifically formulated to cover concrete surfaces, such as “Behr’s Premium Concrete Garage”, for painting floors. There are other similar brands, but when picking a can of paint, make sure it is a mixture for concrete surfaces specifically.

Warming The Playroom 

As your kids are more sensitive to temperatures, you have to make sure no unwanted cold or heat is coming into that playroom easily. That’s why you should start with insulation. Since there are many options here, you should consult with professionals, such as the team from Insulation4less, as they can advise you on the best type of insulation for your garage. Also, you should update the garage door. Old and shabby doors won’t do much to prevent the heat from coming in or going out. That’s why you should look for new doors that have the R-16 rating or one having higher thermal resistance.

Safety First

The next thing is keeping your kids protected in their newest playroom. As kids are by nature curious, they will push the buttons and touch hazardous things if they get to reach them. So, ensure that the garage door opener remains disconnected and its buttons are out of their reach. Also, baby-proof any wall outlets so they won’t get tempted to touch them.

Get Plenty Of Storage

As this space is going to be a playroom, you will need storage for all the toys, crafting materials, and other trinkets. You can find amazing storage bins and smaller shelves at IKEA and similar stores. Just make sure that storage solutions don’t have any sharp edges or that are made out of sturdy but safe materials.

Cover The Floors

The floors in the new playroom have to be soft and easy to maintain. You can’t just leave the floors bare and place a few mats. Instead, you can go for colorful and soft floor mats with puzzles that are not only durable but also certainly smoother than concrete. You could also install wood floors, but make sure to add a few rugs to soften the ambiance and the floors.

Get Creative With Wall Stickers

Last but not least, it’s time you make the room actually attractive and interactive for your kids. You can play around with colorful wall stickers of your favorite cartoon characters. Also, you can pick ABCs and cover the walls in letters to help them learn and write. There are truly many options here, and you can pick anything you and your kids love. Another idea is to cover a small portion of a wall with blackboard paint and allow your kids to write and draw all over that wall. They will love it.

Converting a garage into a playroom is not that hard. It will require plenty of work, but the end result is so satisfying. Just make sure that everything is safe and secure and that your kids can freely enjoy their new playroom, and all of you will be happy.

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