Asking for a dad guide is never a matter of shame. In fact, it shows that you are willing to put your pride down and try whether you are the father of a newborn constantly in fear of dropping their baby. 

Or, you have been feeling a sudden disconnect from your own children; remember you are not born a father. So, it is okay if you are confused; it is okay if you find other fathers who seem to have all figured out and are tired of burning in that little fire of envy,

This is why we are bringing you the ultimate cheat code to win fatherhood!

From how to hold a baby to making financial plans, we have all the preparing for fatherhood titbits covered. So sit back, and prepare to take a few notes. 

Tips On Being A Super Dad (The Ultimate Dad Guide)

Tips On Being A Super Dad

Being a super dad is a dream; you can never fulfill this dream if you are too hard on yourself. Just imagine, if you impart such strict discipline on your children, will you be such a likable character?

The first advice you will get in this dad guide is to be responsible with your affection and protection but also allow yourself some flexibility. The more you keep your mind young, the more it will help you to understand those pre-teens who are soon to be adolescents.

1. Get That Paternity Leave

Get That Paternity Leave

Just because you did not give birth to that baby doesn’t mean you will return to work the next day you bring that little one to your home. Plus, it is time for your partner to heal as well. So, you have to take up most of the heavy work.

When you prepare for fatherhood, here are some things you have to accept with no complaints.

– Yes, the diapers are dirty, and sometimes the poop can be on your hands. Getting squeamish is off no help, wipe it off and get back to business, aka finishing changing the diaper.

– Sleep when the baby sleeps, even if it is in the morning or afternoon, because a full night’s sleep might not always be possible.


You won’t be able to do so if you are stuck at the office, and as a dad guide, we would strongly suggest otherwise.

2. Learn How To Hold Your Own Baby

Hold Your Own Baby

Once you know how to hold your own baby (yes, the head), all those worries about dropping your baby will be gone. But, of course, you cannot be perfect at holding a baby from the very get-go, so practice with dummies.

The fold of your shoulder should be a perfect pocket to support the baby’s head, and then you let the baby’s head rest on the shoulder. Then, when the baby is sleeping, you can open your shirt and let the baby rest on your chest.

It is not just us as a dad guide; even doctors say that this helps your baby grow a special bond and understand your role in life early on.

3. Begin Extensive Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Extensive finance; planning is important because now you have a little one in your life who totally depends on you. Your flesh and bone will look up to you, and you must secure their future.

From diapers to university education, preparing for fatherhood is a challenge!

Do not get scared, yes, it is a long way to go, but with the right time, it is to start now. You cannot have one active source of income. Any other income from passive investments is very important.

Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing

This book by Robert Kiyosaki goes into in-depth detail about how to become a rich dad by considering these few investment options, aka the ultimate financial dad guide. But, according to the authors, middle-class fathers do not opt for them, so you shouldn’t be making this mistake.

4. Be Present For Your Child’s Affair

Present For Your Child’s Affair

Gone are the days when there was a clear gender role to distinguish between a father and a mother. Nowadays, your children are as influenced by a father’s presence as their mother.

Psychologists speak about cognitive growth, how a child’s dynamic influences it with their father, and how the future mental health of a child depends heavily on their family conversation. An ultimate dad guide should also be learning the science behind the kind of relationship with your child.

So, no matter how busy you are, try to make some time for your little one. This is also a great way to teach them the importance of family time. In addition, they will learn the art of appreciation and will not feel left out in their growing years.

5. Tape Everything

Tape Everything

We use the term tape loosely, but we all have high-quality smartphones now. So from the first step to the first word, try to get everything captured and videotaped, and you are no short of reaching the title of ‘Best Dad Ever.’

Down the years, these memories won’t just be cherished by you but also by your little ones when they won’t remain that little anymore. But if you are just preparing for fatherhood, that thought can wait!

Try to be subtle with your moves, which means not taping your pregnant wife while she is giving birth. Trust us; they want to strangle you at that moment. So, tape the before and after, and better not traumatize the kid with a closeup shot of them coming out.

And, The Best Dad Award Goes To!

A dad guide is surely an outline that you should follow, but remember, no one is born a dad, and there will be difficult times. So, allow yourself to make mistakes because you have to learn from them.

Stop running behind being the perfect dada; go for being the father your children would adore. Yes, if you are preparing for fatherhood, there is a tough time ahead of you.

So, take a deep breath and get to work, and for the last time, stop fearing you will drop your baby. That little one is going to hold onto you; just see how it grabs your finger for the first time.

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