As your kid grows and moves towards puberty, you might notice a change in their body odor. It can persist even when they shower regularly. Well, that’s your sign to get them introduced to a deodorant for kids. 

There are two different ways to deal with these smells. Deodorants mostly cover the odor that sweat causes, whereas antiperspirants block the sweat glands and stop perspiring, and thus prevent the odor. 

However, you should always choose a deodorant for kids depending on your kid’s personal preference and their needs. 

Best deodorant for kids 

It is always better to get a deodorant that has been dermatologically tested, especially for kids. Let’s check some of the best deodorants for kids. 

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant 

This one is at the top of the list because it has passed all the tests with flying colors. Applying this deodorant is easy, and it also performs well for the teens. This deodorant is also plant-based, does not have any irritating ingredients, such as aluminum, and has a good coconut-like scent. 

It is not just about the beachy smell, it also feels amazing against the skin. As this comes in the form of a roll-on, it is easy to apply as well. Moreover, the clear formula does not leave behind any stains or white cast. 

The Details:   

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Roll-on 

Scent: Coconut 

Active Ingredients: Sage oil, coconut oil 

Review: “Great deodorant, smell, good, goes on clear, and works well throughout the day, even in humid Florida.” 

Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! Natural Deodorant 

Kids mostly love the “wicked cool” smell of this deodorant, and an 11-year-old tester once described the smell as “very mild and fresh” and devoid of artificial fragrances. This is also a favorite of the parents, as they mentioned that it helps with all the summer activities. 

The main thing that attracts the parents is that it is made from all the natural ingredients. However, the products are free of parabens and aluminum, and they do not use any preservatives or artificial fragrances. 

While testing, tweens and parents agreed that this scent is a hit, and it is impressive how it stands against all summer activities. Applying this deodorant is also easy on the skin, and it never leaves any residue or stains on the clothes. 

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Solid 

Scent: Freestyle 

Active Ingredients: Aloe, Propylene glycol, and sunflower seed oil 

Review: “Ordered for my two boys, who I was surprised needed deodorant already! (Okay, maybe one does, and the other one doesn’t want to be left out). The scent we got was the Summer Fun one, and it smells like candy in the summer. They already love the product. Feels like a safer product than others and its geared towards younger kids.” 

Good for You Girls Deodorant 

Teens, tweens, and young kids are in love with this roll-o deodorant’s easy application and fresh smell. However, a 10-year-old tester was impressed by the honeydew scent, which smelled clean and fresh, even after they had spent an entire day at camp. 

Moreover, this deodorant is plant-based and is made with ingredients that are derived from plants, like witch hazel and aloe, and keeps the skin smooth and soft.  

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Roll-on 

Scent: Fresh honeydew and powder 

Active Ingredients: Witch hazel, aloe, white tea and lavender 

Review: “Bought this for my child as she started developing odor. I was concerned it would irritate her skin but it did not. I also have very sensitive skin and it didn’t cause me any issues either when I tested it. It also smells nice and works with keeping odor away. Happy to report that I have not noticed b.o. on her since she started using it.” 

Fresh Kidz Natural Roll-On Deodorant 

From long hours at a soccer camp to dealing with humid and hot weather, this kid’s roll-on has proved its strength and longevity while testing.  

These deodorants come in a round-sized unique bottle, which has different versions for boys and girls and also different color options for brightening up your morning routine. It has an easy application and does not leave any residue. 

According to an 11-year-old tester, this deodorant has a fresh and mild smell, which is a lot like a fruity, powder-like formula. Moreover, the deodorant was tested after a full day of soccer camp, and it passed the sniff test with flying colors.  

However, They come in three different floral scents. The pink one comes with a little hint of amber, bergamot, jasmine, and dewberry. The purple one has a light powder-like scent with a hint of jasmine, red currant, vanilla, and pink grapefruit. The blue one has a clean citrus scent with a hint of neroli, bergamot, and rosemary. 

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Roll-on 

Scent: Floral, powder, or citrus 

Active Ingredients: Glycerin, dicaprylyl carbonate, triethyl citrate 

Review: “This is a very good product that works well. It smells like powder fresh scent but not overbaring. My 10 year old loves it. She uses it before she dresses for school. It works all day. She does not need to really.” 

Native Deodorant 

The 9-year-old tester of this deodorant loved this one, who used the deodorant’s cotton and powder scent before summer camp. And it is not just about the light scent; this company is also cruelty-free and comes up with enticing aromas, like eucalyptus and mint, lavender, and rose. If you want, you can also go for their unscented deodorants. 

However, this natural deodorant is devoid of any toxic chemicals as it is made from ingredients that are mostly found in the house, like coconut oil and baking soda. While testing, the texture feels smooth and non-sticky. This one as well, does not leave any stains or residue on clothes after wearing it for a full day. 

The Details:  

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Solid 

Scent: Cotton and powder 

Active Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, magnesium hydroxide, baking soda 

Review: “Native deodorant has become my absolute favorite, and I can’t recommend it enough. The clean ingredients, paraben-free and aluminum-free formula align with my preference for healthier choices. The charcoal scent, in particular, is my favorite – it’s amazing!” 

Fresh Monster Deodorant for Kids 

Young kids who are trying out deodorant for the very first time would choose this as it smells like candy. But the sweet smell of gummy bears did not hold up for long against the daily activities of the testers.  

It keeps away the strong, unpleasant odors, but there was a mild smell of the armpit mixed with the smell of gummy bears by the end of the day. 

The texture of the deodorant is something the kids like, even though some editors found some chunks come loose when they rubbed it to the back of their hands. 

Moreover, they found it to be a little greasy, but the kids never complained about any of these issues. The deodorant does not leave any stains behind. 

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Solid 

Scent: Gummy Burst 

Active Ingredients: Tapioca starch, coconut oil, baking soda 

Review: “We purchased a lot of kids deodorant and were disappointed in the quality each time until I found this. It smells great, last all day and does not irritate my sensitive skinned child. This is a little pricey, but I am telling you it is the only one I have found that my kid does not smell like an onion 30 min after applying.” 

Play Pits Natural Deodorant for Kids 

This is the product of a mother’s love for plant-based ingredients after she was diagnosed with a rare skin condition. These are super effective and also gentle on the kid’s skin. Moreover, they have a long-lasting smell as well. 

These are available in three different scents. Sonshine, which is made from peppermint and orange; Suga, which is made with a hint of lemongrass, grapefruit, and lemon; and Happy with lavender.  

The smell is “aromatherapeutic”. It seems strong in a bottle, but on the skin, it settles down well. Kids wore this perfume for long hours in 90-degree weather, and at the end of the day, the deodorant passed the sniff test with flying colors. 

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Solid 

Scent: Happy made with lavender; other options include citrus and peppermint and lemongrass or orange  

Active Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, kaolin clay 

Review: “My daughter (5) gets to smelling a bit onion-y after a day of play, or just when its hot. This has caused her skin no issues at all, and resolved the stinky kiddo problem. Like all things “child” oriented, it costs more than it has to, but it won’t break the bank and each stick lasts a decent amount of time.” 

Level Up Deodorant 

This deodorant is specifically made for kids from the age of 8 and more. These come in a solid form, which looks a lot like adult deodorant, and it is quite easy to apply. However, according to a 9-year-old tester, the deodorant is smooth and does not leave behind any sticky residue. 

Only non-toxic ingredients are used for making the deodorant, for instance natural tapioca starch for absorbing sweat. The packaging is attractive and draws kid’s attention. Moreover, the design is made in such a way that kids and gamers want to use the deodorant. 

According to the parents, the strategy worked like a charm, and the deodorant also passed the sniff test after a full day in summer camp. 

With all the non-toxic designs, an appealing design, and a pleasant smell, this one is effective in preventing body odors. But the important part is it gets kids drawn to it. 

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Solid 

Scent: Ocean fresh 

Active Ingredients: Saccharomyces ferment filtrate, propanediol, tapioca starch 

Review: “Love the clean smell! The deodorant glides on smoothly and doesn’t leave build up! I love it for my boy! Can’t wait to buy the girls one once it comes out!” 

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant 

Whatever the reason, be that your kid is concerned about sweating or they are just going through puberty, this is the ideal option to keep the odor and wetness away. However, this one contains aluminum for blocking the sweat glands, which a teenage tester proved to be true after wearing it for the entire day in a summer camp. 

The Details: 

Type: Antiperspirant 

Form: Soft solid  

Scent: Options include coconut, lavender, shower fresh, powder, unscented, completely clean, stress response, and odor shield with charcoal 

Active Ingredients: Aluminum chloride 

Review: “I love this product for my daughter as most don’t help her at all. I was just taken aback by the small size of each item.” 

hello hello Deodorant 

This deodorant is made with a formula from plant-based ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, so the texture of this deodorant was not ideal. 

Many have mentioned that the deodorant feels a little sticky, which makes it difficult to get a smooth application and full coverage. Even after that, the deodorant is effective in keeping away odor and sweat all day.  

Moreover, there is no aluminum in the deodorant, and it does not contain any parabens, baking soda, dyes, talcs, or artificial fragrances. 

The Details: 

Type: Deodorant 

Form: Solid 

Scent: Options include coconut, watermelon “Unicorn,” sage and eucalyptus, citrus, and peach 

Active Ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter, arrowroot, coconut oil 

Review: “This smells very nice, but is not an antiperspirant. It’s great for younger kids just starting to wear deodorant or those who don’t sweat a lot, but it does not prevent sweating at all. I think the fun package and sweet smell would help kids remember to use it.” 

Wrapping up! 

Now that you are aware of some of the best deodorants for kids, make an informed decision. But make sure that you take your kid’s choice into consideration before you buy it. 

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