Does female masturbation cause infertility? Really? Well, that could be a massive problem for the gals. But there are many myths and taboos related to this matter. Women who constantly worry about their sexual wellness commonly ask the abovementioned questions. 

These days, infertility is an issue that many couples stress about, but there are various reasons behind infertility. A large number are adding to this group who believe that masturbation is a leading cause of infertility. 

Surveys have shown that 91% of women at least masturbate once in their life. There are some psychological benefits of the same as well. So in this article, we will talk about the effects that masturbation has and whether it affects fertility in any way.

Does Female Masturbation Cause Infertility?

Female masturbation cause infertility

Well, the answer is no. No research or evidence supports the myth that female masturbation causes infertility. The thing is quite the opposite. There are a lot of benefits to masturbating. Masturbation helps with fertility. But there is much more to it, and we will discuss that as we move forward with the article.

Does It Affect The Hormones In Any Way?

Does it affect the hormones in any way

There are lots of factors that affect your body’s endocrine system, including female masturbation. Every small change in hormones causes a considerable alteration in the body, but if we think about masturbation, there are no adverse effects. Instead, it is healthy and normal.

During the climax, the brain produces various hormones as well as neurochemicals. The happy hormones released together after the climax contribute to the ecstatic feeling you get after a good session of self-love, which adds to the positive effects of the exercise.

And even if you don’t reach the climax, masturbating increases blood flow throughout the body and releases a few happy hormones like oxytocin, prolactin, dopamine, and testosterone. However these are only temporary, and there are no long-term effects of the alteration in the hormone level.

Effects Of Female Masturbation

Effects of female masturbation

As we have already answered the question, “Does female masturbation cause infertility,” let’s peek at the effects that women’s masturbation has. 


Even though there are a lot of myths about female masturbation, it doesn’t have any long-term effects on fertility. But it doesn’t help in increasing fertility as well. 

Sexual activities are, in general, beneficial for gynecological health, and masturbation can also be healthy for overall sexual health. Still, there is no evidence supporting that it decreases or increases fertility.


The fact that masturbation affects ovulation also tests negative. Female masturbation affects ovulation in no way. Every woman ovulates on their own time, in their cycle, and it is not affected by any external cause. Even the hormones released during and after masturbation do not affect ovulation. Asturbation doesn’t impact ovulation in any positive or negative way.


There are theories that oxytocin, as well as the other feel-good hormones that are released when a woman is climaxing, improves conception. Still, there is not enough proof to support this theory. The level of oxytocin is high after an orgasm, but there is not enough supporting data that shows how it impacts implantation and fertilization.


Masturbation does not affect the menstruation cycle or the intensity of it in any way. However, it is believed to be beneficial during the period as the natural pain relievers are high in quantity after the session. 

It is believed that masturbating during menstruation helps reduce pain, improves sleep quality and mood, and provides better lubrication if you masturbate while you are menstruating. 


As we have discussed earlier the hormones that release during orgasm do not affect pregnancy or fertility, and there is no strong evidence as well that says an orgasm helps with retaining sperm in the fallopian tube. 

Masturbating during pregnancy is absolutely common and also safe. But if you have some medical conditions that forbid it or put you at risk of rupturing the membranes, then the situation is different.

Effects Of Masturbation On Implantation

When the egg is released by the ovary, the sperm cells get the possibility to fertilize it, and this whole process takes place in the fallopian tube. Once the whole process is complete and fertilization is done, the egg then moves toward the uterus and attaches itself to the wall of the uterus. This whole process is known as implantation and happens almost after a week of ovulation.  

But sometimes, the fertilized egg does not move toward the uterus, and implantation happens in the fallopian tube. This particular condition is called ectopic pregnancy in medical terms. It happens so that sometimes the fertilized egg does not travel to the uterus and move towards the vagina with getting implanted.

There is a slight chance that masturbation can be the cause of ectopic pregnancy. But there is no such proof or enough research that masturbation has impacted implantation in any way.

Masturbation And Sex During Pregnancy

Masturbation and sex during pregnancy

As I just mentioned above, it is very common to masturbate and have sex during pregnancy. Still, for women having a difficult pregnancy or at risk, it is better to refrain from having sex or even masturbating. It is better to check if you find the following symptoms.

Few Benefits Of Female Masturbation On Sexual Wellness

benefits of female masturbation on sexual wellness
  • During the orgasm, the cervix opens, which helps in preventing cervical infection and also treats UTIs. It also keeps the vagina lubricated, clears out germs that have somehow managed to enter the cervix, and relieves pain. 
  • Female masturbation reduces type 2 diabetes and improves cardiovascular health.
  • It is a natural medicine for sleeplessness as it has a way of reducing stress. The feel-good hormones increase as you get closer to the climax. And these help you relax and contribute to better sleep quality.
  • Masturbation that reaches the peak increases pelvic strength, helps during childbirth, and speeds up the recovery process after the delivery.

Are There Any Ways Of Promoting Fertility?

The most basic yet effective way of getting pregnant is choosing the right time for sex. And for that, you have to track your ovulation. Having sex around ovulation time of ovulation gets you the highest chance of getting pregnant. Having sex on the ovulation day or two days before ovulation works best.

You can know your ovulation date by counting days starting from the beginning of your menstruation cycle till the midpoint. Each cycle starts from the day you get your period. To be precise, if you consider a 28-day cycle, you will mostly ovulate around the 14th day.

Other than this whole lot of calculations, there are a few natural ways of promoting fertility. But it includes some changes in your lifestyle, like:

  • You have to reduce or quit smoking.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol.
  • Limit your caffeine intake.
  • Take some prenatal vitamins, or if your doctor has suggested any supplements.
  • Have a well-balanced diet.
  • Do not exercise too much.

Trying for a baby might take a toll on you; it might get stressful. But stress has its own negative ways of affecting fertility. If you notice that you are getting stressed often or having anxiety, consult a doctor. Counseling would help in these cases, or talk to someone whom you are comfortable with. You may also try some de-stressing activities like meditation, yoga, or anything that relaxes you.

Bottom Line

There can be various reasons behind being unable to conceive, but masturbation is not one of them. Several health conditions like PCOS hinder conceiving, but if you are told or asked by any other person, “Does female masturbation cause infertility,” you know what to say to them. 

Masturbation does not affect fertility or your ability to conceive. Unless done excessively, it is considered a healthy habit and promotes sexual wellness.

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