As we know, pregnancy can be something very exciting as well as nerve-wracking, the phase before that is even more difficult. It is not easy to control your nerves while you are holding a pregnancy test kit in your hand and waiting for the second line to appear. Even you can take early faint positive pregnancy test with clear blue test kit.

Yes! what if you are getting a faint positive result on the new Clear Blue pregnancy test kit? Are you sure you are pregnant? Or are you sure this is a negative result? Here we are going to discuss the details about getting a faint positive result after testing with Clear Blue.

What Is A Faint Positive Pregnancy Result?

A faint positive test result actually means there are some pregnancy hormones, hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin present in the urine, but it is not enough to give an accurate result. This often gives a faint line or changes the color very lightly on the test kit.

It should be considered that there are various reasons behind getting a faint positive test result. One reason could be that it is too early to have an adequate amount of pregnancy hormone or hCG level for getting an accurate result. 

Other reasons could be that you did not conduct the test accurately. Or you have bought a faulty test kit, or it might also happen that the test kit has expired. It is best to wait a few days before you take the test again. Consult a doctor for better guidance as well.

How Can You Explain A Faint Positive Pregnancy Result?

Knowing what a faint pregnancy test is trying to tell you could be a little tricky and is subjective as well. However, the chance of getting a positive result increases along with time. Meaning if you have conducted the test early in pregnancy, it might give you a faint test result or show a very slight change in color.

It is important to remember that the kit can show you a faint line in the test kit because of chemical pregnancy. This happens when a fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus but, for some reason, does not develop properly. In this scenario, even after the pregnancy hormone hCG is produced, it does not progress properly. It is best if you wait a while before you take the test again.

If you still have some confusion about the test results, then get help from a healthcare provider. They will preferably get your blood tested for measuring the hCG level in your body. Which in return will give a more appropriate result. Along with that, they will be able to guide you through the next steps and solve any confusion you have about the test results.

Understanding A Clear Blue test

Clear blue test kits are the most commonly found ones in the market. And are best known for the easy-to-read instructions as well as the results. These test kits determine the pregnancy hormones present in the urine. It can determine it as early as five days before you have missed your period. This gives you a fast and trustworthy result in just a few minutes.

You should remember that the Clear Blue pregnancy kit comes in various types, including non-digital and digital versions. The digital version of the kit gives results as “not pregnant” or “pregnant.” The non-digital version of the kit displays results in the form of symbols or signs. Along with that, these pregnancy tests have a high sensitivity level when compared to other test kits. This means they can detect a very low level of pregnancy hormone in the urine.

How Does It Work?

Clear blue test kits work just like any other pregnancy test kits. It detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine. The test has antibodies that are particularly designed for binding with the pregnancy hormone.

Once the kit detects the pregnancy hormone, the test displays a positive result. Remember that hCG is only found in the urine of a pregnant woman, as a result giving an accurate result. It is recommended to take the pregnancy test once you wake up in the morning. As this is the time when the concentration of hCG is high in the urine.

Tips For Getting Accurate Results At Home Testing

To make sure that you are getting accurate results, you should follow the tips mentioned below while taking a pregnancy test. 

  • Go through the instructions carefully.
  • Take the pregnancy test at the correct time.
  • Take the test with the first urine in the morning to get accurate results.
  • Double-check the kit after the recommended time.

It should be kept in mind while taking a home pregnancy test that there are certain medical conditions and medicines. And these can affect the accuracy of the pregnancy test. If you have some medical condition or take some medicines regularly that can interfere with the result. It is best to consult a doctor before you take the test or consult a doctor afterward.

Along with that, if you get a negative test result but somehow feel that you might be pregnant, wait for some days and then take the test again. It often happens that you get a false negative if you take the test too early in your pregnancy. This can also happen if you do not follow the instructions carefully.

Wrapping Up!

If you get a faint positive test result, it might get you confused and overwhelmed. But once you know about the intricacies of interpreting the test results, how accurate the Clear Blue test is, and getting your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor, it will get you through the anxiety.

Follow the instructions while taking the test, wait for the mentioned time, and get yourself checked by a doctor to be absolutely sure. But a fault positive does not mean it is a false positive result. Sometimes, it could indicate that it is very early to take the pregnancy test, or it might suggest a low level of hCG or the pregnancy hormone.


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