Women who are exposed to marijuana during their pregnancies are more likely to reproduce children with low weight or even face issues related to stillbirths, as per a study that included over 9000 pregnant women across the United States.

The study was published in an online journal called JAMA. In which showed how exposure to cannabis was related to a 1.5 increase in danger factors: 26% of people exposed to cannabis experienced an entirely unhealthy pregnancy versus 17% of people not exposed to cannabis during their pregnancies.

A higher level of exposure to cannabis over the course of pregnancy was related to higher risks. Robert Silver, a professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of Utah Health, said in this context, “Cannabis use is not safe. It increases the risk of pregnancy complications. If possible, you shouldn’t use cannabis during pregnancy.”

In order to determine the impact of cannabis on pregnancy, the experts took into account the total measure of negative health results, including preterm birth, stillbirth, high blood pressure, and low birth weight.

Amongst these, the relation between the use of cannabis and low birth weight was literally the strongest. All these conditions have been associated with a reduced functioning of the placenta, which is known for supplying the growing baby with nutrients and oxygen, according to the researchers.

Previously, studies were conducted in non-human primates to find that exposure to cannabis, in the long run, can interfere with the supply of blood to the placenta.


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