The present world has become quite busy, and we all are trapped in our whirlwind of office hours. We literally do not have room for ourselves and our families. The burdens of our present lifestyle have completely robbed us of our personal life. Therefore the time has come that we need to find quality time for our family. The family time. We need to even start thinking of it. 

In modern times both mums and dads go out for work, but the dads are traditionally the breadwinners. They are the ones that engage in procuring financial resources for the family. But, unfortunately, they also engage in their nine-to-five jobs in such a manner that they literally lose every bit of their time.

  • Are you, too, one such dad? 
  • Want to get out of the whirlwind and give time to your family? 

You can follow certain ways to provide it to your family. So let’s try some of the ways of giving your family time to your family. So let’s get started without further ado.

Hello Busy Papa! It’s Time for Family Time 

Dads are really busy nowadays, and they don’t have sufficient time for their kids. Therefore it’s quite natural that kids might use some parodies:

Busy Daddy, Busy Daddy, where have you been?

I have been to office, so, no time for my Queen! 

But it’s high time that you need to think once again regarding your time and understand things from a different perspective. We know the value of your professional life. But family is equally important. Work-life imbalance is definitely at its peak now; it’s no joke. According to a study, around 94 % of working professionals in the USA struggle to spend around 59 hours a week in the office! These are indeed terrifying figures.

Maybe you need to be rebellious to make time for your family. Or maybe you can smartly manage it. But, whatever might be your way of family time, you need to think of it seriously. So in this article, we are going to discuss 12 ways through which you can spend time with your family. So let’s get started! 

1. Have Dinner

Have Dinner

It is often said that dinner time is the best family time. This is one time when the members of the family can sit together for some time. Within the stipulated time, the children and other members of the family open up their hearts to you on both happy and sad things. They also post their complaints against each other. 

You can even have plans for the upcoming holidays at the dinner table. So dinner tables at home are like round tables at offices. Do not underestimate it, never. So give time to your family, at least at the dinner table. 

2. Fix Things Together

Fixing things together works as one of the great things you can manage with your family. You might not know that the hand shower might have broken; the clock isn’t working; something went wrong with the pipes; the wall hanging has fallen off the ground; the handle of your doors is safe in your kiddie’s bags– and many more! You need to participate with your kids to make things in order. This is a great engagement that you can try out on the weekends.

3. Have Conversations With Them! 

Have Conversations With Them!

Jerusalem? Kashmir? House? 

This might sound ludicrous, but one thing is sure, and there is no other way to do it. Jerusalem really talks are the best medicine. You have been busy throughout the weeks. But do you know how big an iceberg of resentment or unrest has accumulated? 

Talks are the only ways to break the iceberg of silence. No, you do not need to break some real iceberg. Just arrange a common time for talks. Some giggles will sort it all! 

4. What Time Does Family Dollar Open

family shopping

Shopping is another way of spending time with your family. The family requirement is never-ending. But have you, for a moment, thinking about how the regular family grocery comes?

It’s either e-commerce or your wife is bringing it from the Family dollar stores in your area. Do one thing, pay them a surprise visit, and it will indeed make them elated. Go to the search engine and type:

  • What time does family dollar open?
  • What time does family dollar close?

Know the timing and take your family for a monthly shopping trip. It really works, believe us. 

5. Cook Your Favorite Recipe Together 

family cooking

With good food, you can win hearts and battles! 

There are endless instances where good food has brought in solutions to problems!

You definitely know the recipe your wife loves. You also know your child’s favorite food. So let the weekend come and surprise them with family cooking. 

Just propose to them about the food you will be cooking together and look at their expressions. You will definitely observe the wave of exuberance on them, so you would definitely love to make them happy. So take it as a hit idea! 

6. Schedule A Family Downtime 

family vacation

Planning a short vacation would be a great way of spending quality time with your family. This would definitely be a great way to give quality time to them. Keep one day in a week or in two weeks to take them to nearby places. 

Short trips are indeed highly effective in binding the hemispheres together. These kinds of scheduled relaxing are indeed highly effective ways to understand each other. This will create opportunities for talks and will help minds reconnect once again. 

7. Mutual Support 

Mutual Support 

You can also support your family through mutual support. This is one of the great ways of connecting with hearts. For example, suppose your kid is undertaking some school or college project; all you need to do is ask and discuss with them the requisites. 

This is important from the point of view of developing an understanding. Support their project in whatever minor or major ways. This kind of support is important in understanding and valuing each other’s requirements in life. Furthermore, this kind of support and encouragement creates new opportunities for increasing family bonding. This is important, and you need to understand it for sure.

8. Hobby Project

It is one of the activities through which you could teach your children core values in society. This is important from the point of view of understanding core values. The hobby project is spending meaningful time and engagement with the near ones and helping them understand the need to give back to nature. This is important from the point of view of understanding each other. 

You are the daddy, and you will have to give family time, and this engagement could be one such effective way. 

9. Celebrating Family Traditions 

Celebrating Family Traditions 

This might be some occasions or celebrations through which you could give family time. For example, you could spend Christmas time together. You could also take your family to the Sunday prayer. Through these engagements, you pass on your thoughts to the next generation. 

Family traditions are important in ventilating your thought process to that of your child. This is all about establishing values, the good ones, with your child. 

10. Exercise Together

Exercise Together

Trying to manage family time? Exercising together would be a great idea apart from the dinner table. Exercise time offers a great opportunity for you to mix up with the other members of your family. 

Teach your kids some free-hand exercise and yoga sessions. They are great for instilling good habits in your kids. You can also communicate and transfer your positive vibes to your children. This is all about your positive contribution to the upbringing of your children. 

11. Keep In Touch Through Messages

Exercise Together

Being the Papa of your house and staying away for months and years without family, you might be feeling guilty about not contributing enough to your family. You are dipped in the pool of negativity that you have missed it all. No, it’s not all over, and still, you can give the family time your most precious times. 

Simply keep in touch through messages. Know about your parents. Discuss with your child about progress and preparation for the upcoming examination. Discussing important things with your better half. All these are really great, really great, and will be counted as family time. 

12. Plan Your Monthly Excursion

Plan Your Monthly Excursion

Monthly excursions are great things that you can plan with your family. By planning monthly excursions, you can have the time to engage in regular talks. This helps grow family bonding, which is essential in one’s life. 

Moreover, this kind of monthly or quarterly excursion provides scope for the reciprocation of ideas and inputs. Therefore family time is important. 

Family Time Is Precious Time

This could be understood through the study that Busy dads do not mean busy dads, and you will not have time. Being busy doesn’t mean you will not be in the family picture. Being a busy dad doesn’t mean knowing how your child is doing. 

Finally, being a busy dad does not mean not communicating and exchanging talks and emotions with your wife. Keep in mind that this is your life and the only chance you are getting. So don’t waste it.

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