When Is Father's Day 2023? History And Celebration Ideas

When Is Father’s Day 2023? History And Celebration Ideas

I don’t have a very open relationship with my father, where we talk about how our day went, what I did in the office, or who I am dating. But somehow, he knows everything. Whenever I am feeling low, I find a piece of chocolate under my pillow. 

People have always told me that I look exactly like my father, and I love hearing it. It makes me feel close to him. So the first ever Father’s Day gift I gave my dad was a picture of us together. And that was the first time I saw his face light up like that. This year, Father’s Day is on the 18th of June, and let’s recall how we started celebrating this day and what the possible ways of celebrating Father’s Day this year.

Looking Back At The Beginning Of This Day

Looking back at the beginning of this day

If we look back at the history of Father’s Day, it can be traced back to the 20th century in the US. Many people wanted to celebrate a day for their fathers, their contribution to their lives, and everything they offered regardless of their own problems. One such child was Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to celebrate a day for her father. 

She came up with the idea when she heard about a Mother’s Day reading at church. She felt that the same should be done for all the fathers as well. Once in a while, they also should get recognition for all their hard work and dedication towards their family and children. 

They also should be appreciated for all they do without expecting anything in return. She had five other siblings, and her father took care of them single-handedly after the untimely death of her mother.

But it was in 1972 when Father’s Day was officially documented as a national holiday in the US. President Richard Nixon signed the proclamation declaring every third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. 

Since then, this day has been celebrated not only in the United States but everywhere in the World. It may not be a holiday in other countries, but it is celebrated with huge enthusiasm.

Planning To Celebrate The Day? Here Are Some Ideas.

Without wasting time, let’s check out some of the best ideas for Father’s Day 2023!

Planning To Celebrate The Day Here Are Some Ideas

1. Going Out On A Family Picnic:

Fathers generally don’t like the idea of celebrating a day for themselves. So it is best to give them something they would love. Give them some family time. Take him somewhere he loves and have a family picnic.

However, it is something very basic, it will light up their face like nothing else. Moreover, Fathers tend to enjoy time with their daily and kids daily, and a family picnic can be the perfect way of celebrating their day.

2. Cooking Him His Favorite Meal:

Speaking from experience, if your father is anything like mine, calm and quiet, and doesn’t want any extravaganza, then cooking him his favorite meal would be the perfect gift. There is nothing extra about it, just a normal day with family and some good food.

Or you can have a grill in your courtyard and help him cook. There is nothing better than being in your courtyard with two bottles of beer and a delicious menu. Just pure bonding time.

3. Gift Him Something He Wants:

Fathers don’t buy things for themselves. They are busy providing for the family and buying things for their kids. They often neglect their own needs, let alone desires. 

So if you know they have been thinking about getting something but ignoring it, gift them that and see their face getting lit up. It can be a simple book, a costly watch, or grilling tools if you love spending time together at the back of your house grilling or any kind of sports gear.

4. Take Him Out For Dinner:

If your father loves to eat out and you know the cuisine he prefers, just take him out for dinner or lunch to his favorite restaurant. Book a table for him so that he gets a warm welcome and enjoys Father’s Day with his favorite meal over a glass of wine.

5. Send Him On A Trip:

If your father loves to be outdoors or goes on a trip or two every year, this can be the best gift and celebration for him. Also, you can send him on a solo trip if he prefers that, or send your parents together on a trip, all expenses paid. 

Send him to his dream destination, and that will be a different kind of celebration altogether. It is more of a girt but can turn into a celebration if he enjoys that.

6. Personal Memoir:

Well, again, this is more of a gift than a celebration, but this can be something exactly your father needs. You can put together a journal of all the special moments you had together from childhood. 

A handwritten journal about those moments when he taught you to ride a cycle or took you sailing would be lovely. If not, you can put together an album with all your pictures together. Pictures of you with your father, pictures with all your siblings with him will make an amazing gift for him.

7. Take Him On A Shopping Spree:

Take him out shopping and ask him to buy anything he wants, and you pay for it. Fathers are not much into shopping; they buy the bare minimum for them and get us anything we want. So give them a chance to feel what we have felt around them all our life.

8. Spa Day:

We go to spas and mani-pedis, but how often do we see our fathers going or taking care of themselves? They don’t. So gift them a spa day and pamper them like they have done all their life. Let them spend the day in a spa where they will be taken care of.

Bottom Line

Fathers will be happy no matter what you do. You gift him chocolate or send him on a trip. It will be enough for your father. It doesn’t take much to make them happy; just a small amount of effort is enough. They do not ask for much, they do not expect anything in return. It is love and pure love.

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