How to be a good husband? This question rings like the constant beating of a thousand drums in the hearts of married men.

While I understand that masculine urge to call yourself the best husband. But, it does not come that easily, at least not for everyone.

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, right? Also, everyone doesn’t feel the same under the same outfit. The wedding lights, honeymoon memories, and the romance of new marriage become stale as days move forward. 

It is not the same “I love you honey” anymore; you learn to understand and talk in silence. The romance fades away, and there is the same old monotony of getting by – together! 

But, there is still room for the good husband to come out of the cocoon and love your wife as you fell in love yesterday.  

As a married man for the past eight years, I’m aware of one thing – I’m just starting. So, I have shared some insight for all the fellow wannabe good husbands. If you want to be the apple of the eye of your wife, this is your chance.

“Be her light that guides, not the curtain that hides.”

Be A Man Of Honor 

Man Of Honor 
“The man she honors, and the man she adores”

Most wives want to hold high regard for their husbands. Have you been a gentleman enough to give her that opportunity to respect you? If you haven’t, there is still time. How to be a good husband? Be a gentleman first, and build strong and noble principles of being good from your core. Treat your wife with the same respect that she gives you. 

One short trip, kiss her goodbye when going to work. Also, when returning, grab something for her; believe me, it works like a charm. 

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Be The Best Of Friends

Best Of Friends
“Just a husband? No, the number one friend.

How to be a good husband? Wrong question; you should first know how to be the best friend your wife needs. Friendship is a relationship with transparency at its core. When you start treating your wife as your friend, no room for miscommunication and hesitation remains. 

Share all your feelings with your wife, things that excite you and overwhelm you, and also things that leave you devastated. Don’t leave her out in the blue. 

Come First, Whether It’s For Love Or An Apology 

“A good Husbands comes first

Of Course, you must let her make the first move if that’s what she needs at the moment; but a husband needs to come first. A dormant love does not help unless it shows. Showing is important; believe me, I paid dearly avoiding the heartiest display of love. Not a constant reminder of “I love you,” a good husband shows love through his behaviors and actions

Also, if you are at fault, I will suggest you hang your ego on the wall and genuinely say sorry. Once you come first for love and for an apology, you are already doing well. You are halfway through learning how to be a good husband. 

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How To Be A Good Husband? By Supporting & Caring

By Supporting
“A shoulder to lean on, through thick and thin.” 

The genuine intent to support and care characterizes a man as a good husband. Most husbands have to deal with – “that time I got sick and you …”. But have you really been careful about your wife’s emotions and her health? Even if you have, try more.

There is no need to know how to be a good husband unless you are a good caregiver first. Of Course, it goes both ways, and you must be doing your best from your end. 

Also, as a husband, you are your wife’s first support, the person who supports her with all her crazy ventures and ideas. Give her wildest ideas and aspirations a world to flourish. As a good husband, only you can do it. 

Accept, Forgive & Move On

Forgive & Move On
“ To err is human; to forgive is human even more.”

No one is perfect in this world, neither a husband nor a wife. We don’t marry a person because they are perfect. It’s just a pact of two genuine human beings trying to love each other and live together. It’s good to feel happy about all her virtuous sides. 

Since it’s a lifelong pact of living and bearing each other, you should also accept her darkness. Learn to forgive her if she’s at fault. Because you are the first person, she can go for forgiveness. Knowing how to be a good husband is a process of learning to accept your wife as she is. 

Questions Husbands Frequently Ask

The fact that you are trying is suggestive of your progress as a good husband. But, if you need more helping hands with more questions, here are some answers to help-

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Good Husband?

As a good husband, there is no end to what you can do. Still, here is a trimmed down version of something I would suggest to you– 
➼ Be her knight in shining armor. I mean, literally, try to be as protective as she needs you to be (don’t overdo it to freak her out).
➼ Love her without anything on the plate for you. Love unconditionally. 
➼ Help her fulfill the dreams she dreams when awake.
➼ Be there for her when she really needs it.

What Is A Great Husband?

Who is a great husband? The one-woman man who treats his wife like a home to come back to is a great husband. The heart of a great husband belongs to only one woman, his wife.

How Should A Husband Treat A Wife?

A good husband should always treat his wife with love, respect, care, and support. A good husband won’t put his needs and desires first. As a good husband, you must love your wife unconditionally. Also, keep your love consistent and try to treat her as an important human being in your life.

Her Last Resort!

It is a mistake to think that women are fragile. They are overly emotional at times but not fragile. Your wife is strong enough to hold her own most of the time. But, when it is time, she will need you. A good husband is the last resort of a wife for forgiveness, love, compassion, and protection. Do you want to know how to be a good husband? You have to be her last resort for everything for that. 

I hope. You are doing well in your married life. Reading this piece of friendly insight should help you bring the best husband out of you. Also, love her unconditionally. 

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