“Where is my child?”

It is the most horrifying question to a parent. No parent wants to ask this question to anyone. Children are the most precious to every parent. And they do not want to lose their baby for a single moment. 

They always want to track every step their baby is making. That is why we are here, with the solution to keep proper track of your baby. And here, a GPS tracker for kids shoes will help you to track your kids. 

There are several tracker shoes in the market. Now the question is what they are? Here we will not only provide you with a basic idea about them but also help you with some suggestions for your babies. 

What Is A GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes?

What Is A GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes

GPS or Global Positioning System is a positioning system, which locates your location. GPS devices. For example, a GPS tracker for kid shoes is a device that you can attach with your kid’s trackers shoes. Now you will be able to track wherever your kiddo will go. 

You just need to set up the device and connect it with your phone. So, basically, on your phone, you will be able to keep a track of your kid’s movement and those places where he or she is going. 

How Can A GPS Tracker Keep Your Kids Safe?

How Can A GPS Tracker Keep Your Kids Safe

Give an honest answer. Will you be able to keep an eye on your kid all the time?

I know. Practically it is not possible. You have other things to do. Plus, in this hectic daily routine, while you are doing your work, you have to leave your kid with the caregiver or babysitter. 

But you can not fully trust them. After all, you can not take a single risk with your child. 

The best thing is that, when you are at the office, you can still keep an eye on your child when they are at home with a CCTV camera. What about outdoor activities?

When your child is outside of the house, how will you know where they are. Here comes the GPS tracker for kids’ shoes. You just need to fit a device in your kid’s shoes. And then you will keep track of every step your champ will take. 

Do I need to mention how this is going to benefit you? When you’re sending your kid to the nearby playground with the babysitter. You can actually track where they are actually going or whether your child is not ending up going somewhere else.

Best GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes: Top 10

Now I am providing you with a list of the best GPS tracker for kids shoes. You can opt for any one of these. Along with a brief discussion, I will help you in deciding which one will be best for you. 

1. Loc8tor GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes


Along with several other tracking device options, Loc8tor also offers mini-homing tags for helping you find your kid in case you guys get separated. That small tag weighs only 5 grams but offers a range of 600 feet. 

You can either attach the tag to your child’s shoelace, or you can peel off the back and stick it under the shoe’s tongue. For crowded places, it is the best device to ensure your child’s safety. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Stick on the applicator.
  • Lightweight. 


  • Covers only 600 feet. 

2. Xplorer Smart GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes

Xplorer Smart GPS

If you do not want any external application or installation of GPS devices, this product is the perfect suit for you. Xplorer Smart GPS shoes come with a built-in GPS locator for kids’ shoes, offered by GTX Corporation. 

This GPS locator comes with motion-detector capabilities and also can be connected with cell phones. It also allows parents to program the shoe device in such a way that it will automatically text their parents if the child travels more than a particular distance from a central point or location. 



  • The GPS device is not detachable or portable. 

3. Nike+IPod Sport Kit Kids Shoes Tracker

Nike+IPod Sport Kit

There is also a small device that is offered from the house of Nike. You just need to attach it to your left shoe, which eventually will send signals to a receiver end to your iPod. However, the device was designed in order to keep track of your footsteps while walking or running. 

However, if you want to, you also can use this same device for tracking someone’s location. And that too, even when their iPods are turned off. For tracking the Nike+ sensor’s signal, you can use a USB receiver on your computer, or Google Maps app, or any other iPod app. 


  • Counts your steps.
  • Send signals to iPod. 
  • Can be tracked both through phone and computer. 


  • The transmitting range is too low, only 60 feet. 

4. GPS SmartSole Tracker For kids shoes

GPS SmartSole

Consider it as a sealed and hidden smartphone in an insole. Just like your smartphone, it uses the same cellular and GPS technology. Along with charging it, an activation and data service plan is required here. 

Once activated, it will stay active across the country within particular cellular network covered areas. It will automatically check with you every 10 minutes. Plus, there is no chance that your child has lost it until and unless they lose their shoes. 


  • Hi-tech technology.
  • Check-in every 10 minutes.
  • Installed and sealed in an insole. 


  • You can track the location almost anywhere. 
  • With cellular network areas, it works across the country. 

5. TraxPlay GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes


Though it is not a specified GPS tracker for kids shoes, you can use it to track your kids. You can install it in your kid’s shoes. It is indeed a simple and no-frills device that handles the basics of letting you know where your little champ is. 

Geofencing ability is the most important feature you get here. With this feature, you will get a notification when your child steps outside of a designated area. It is a great choice for tracking your kid. It also comes with a LED light, which blinks when it is actively tracking someone and remains stable when it is charging. 


  • Send notification outside a certain area range. 
  • Perfect for kids. 


  • Might be a little difficult to install in kids’ shoes. 

6. Jiobit GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes

If you want to make sure that your kid is safe at school and on the playground, you need to make sure that you have Jiobit as the GPS tracker. This is the smallest tracking device that exists at present.

The newest version of the tracking device is the Jiobit Next. This tracker is an exceptional choice if you are planning to send your child on a school trip as the battery life extends for about ten days.

The durability and minimal build of the device make it stand out from other devices.


  • The accuracy with which these devices work is excellent.
  • You will also get the location history.
  • The battery life of this device is very long.


  • You need to subscribe monthly.
  • The payment options for this device are expensive.
  • Voice communication is not available.

7. Tracki GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes

If you are looking for a tiny device that will fit almost anywhere, you should choose Tracki. There are no frills in the GPS tracker, making it comfortable to use and carry.

The rechargeable battery makes it very popular among parents looking for extra protection for their kids. You just have to recharge the battery for a few hours, and you are all set to go for at least five days.

One of the best features of this tracking device is the unlimited real-time distance tracking which gives the most recent updates about the location of the child. 


  • Geofencing is one of the best features of this device
  • It is rechargeable
  • You have the option to insert SIM cards into the device


  • It is not a free device; you have to pay the monthly payment.
  • You get updated about the location after 3 to 5 minutes

8. Tile Pro GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes

With the help of Tile Pro, you can find just about everything when it comes to the device’s credibility. So attack it on your phones, car keys, or wallet. Then, you can be assured that it is coming back to you.

However, one of the most important reasons for the use of this tracking device is for the kids. The Tile Pro is an extremely high-performing tracking device that helps you track your child’s exact location.

The range of the location is 400 ft. which means you can let your child play at the law, and even if they wander around and sneak out, you can get them back!


  • It is waterproof.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • You can fit the tracker anywhere you want because it is very small in size.


  • The maximum range for tracking the location is 400 ft.
  • Installation on your smartphone devices is required.

9. AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes

Taking care of a child is always difficult, but what happens if your child has disability issues? The worries are doubled. To take care of such problems, you have AngelSense.

The AngelSense GPS Tracker had only one thing on their minds when they came up with this tracking device. The main aim was to make sure that they could protect the children with spectrum disabilities.

But you do not have to think that this device is meant just for the autistic kids. You can use it just for any kid. The result will be the same.


  • There is an alert for speed and an estimated time of arrival.
  • You will get updates on the location.
  • There is an incoming and outgoing calling and receiving feature.


  • The monthly fee is fairly high
  • The location update is slow at times

10. GeoZilla GPS Tracker For Kids Shoes

If you are looking for some of the best GPS trackers at really low prices, then the GeoZilla is the one for you. So tracking our kids does not have to be expensive. This is the aim of the company that manufactures the tracking device.

The best part of this device is that it offers worldwide coverage. The device is also very user-friendly, which makes it easier for the parents to get in touch with the kids.


  • It comes at a fairly low price
  • This device is compatible with both Android as well as iOS mobiles.


  • It is not waterproof
  • The battery life of the device is only five days

Final Verdict

All of the products I have mentioned here are indeed excellent. But not all of them are specifically designed for your kid. However, some GPS tracker for kids shoes is specifically designed to reduce the tension of parents and let them track and ensure their child’s safety.

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