“When a child is born, a father is also born with it.”

Gone are the days when a dad was just the breadwinner for the family. He does the heavy lifting outside so that all of us can enjoy a happy meal, a cozy shelter and a happy childhood. So, the heavy lifting of parenting is only dependent on the mom’s muscles and hassles. 

But, gladly, the world moved faster around itself, and dads take more responsibilities being a dad now – at least, I like to believe that. 

But, it is not easy being a dad. When a child is going through different ages, phases, and times in their life, a dad is also evolving in his own journey of being a better father than he was yesterday. 

A dad is not an optimum personality trait one suddenly reaches one day. It is a constant willingness to try to support, understand, care for, accept, and love your children. 

Enough of this know-it-all talk, Let me talk about a few things a dad can do to offer their children a happy childhood. 

Be Your Child’s First True Friend

Be Your Child's First True Friend

“That one friend, that stayed…forever.”

The sense of respect and honor for a father should not always come from you being a calm and composed dad. The first thing a happy childhood need is a friendly parent. A dad can be the first true friend of his child. Be it giving your child a piggyback ride or bringing home the toy they love, once you are doing it with a smile and care, you are doing good. 

Tell Bedtime Stories

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“I love you three thousand.”

Of all the grown people I have known, most of them remember some stories that their fathers used to tell. A happy childhood is all about making happy memories for your child. It’s about giving them things to remember you by. Who knows, your child might bear a bedtime story you told them in the treasure chest of their memory – and they will love you three thousand for that. 

Drop Them To School 

Drop Them To School 

“My Dad’s cool; he drops me at school”

Yes, it is something all fathers do. Most fathers drop their children to school. It is the single most mundane thing to do. But it is the mundane things that make a happy childhood. The normal and regular things like dropping your child to school, helping them with homework, and the list goes on. 

Cook Dinner For Your Children 

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“My Dad’s the best cook in the world”

It is not a mother’s duty to cook all the time. When your little one says she’s hungry, why not cook something for her? Instead of ordering food, you can make a healthy meal for your child. So, what does cooking dinner have to do with a happy childhood? Well, homemade foods are healthy; and when the father’s making it, it’s more delicious. 

In Health And Sickness 

In Health And Sickness 

“He catches you when you fall”

A father does not need reminding of this. But, as a dad, a memorable thing to do is to stay beside your child in health and sickness. Take care of them when they are sick, comfort them and tell them that they will be alright eventually. Sometimes you might have to spend nights at the hospital, waiting for them to recover. But you do it – because you are a dad. 

Watch Their Favorite Cartoon Together 

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“The best dad would watch Spongebob With his child”

There is no child in the world who loves watching a cartoon. Be it a boring cartoon-like Dora the explorer, a fun thing like Rick & Morty, or even an anime like Dragon Ball Z, your child must like some cartoon. As a good dad trying to offer his child a happy childhood, you may sometimes ditch that overtime shift and come home to watch his favorite cartoon together. 

Go Hiking, Driving, Or Camping Together 

go Driving togather

“A good dad teaches you to climb and hike, whether it is mountain or life”

I have already told you that a great dad is not the optimum level you reach. It’s good actions that build into good memories. A happy childhood is built with good memories, and a good memory consists of that bike ride one day or that mountain hiking or summer camp you did together. Sounds pretty normal! Well, a great dad is a pretty normal guy. 

Attend School Functions

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“That time when dad did not miss my annual sports”

It’s been a year or two since your little one started going to school. The school is pretty much their world. Your child wants you to see him as they shine in their world. You cannot ghost them when they are performing at a school function. They want to see you in the audience seat as you cheer and root for them. Giving your child a happy childhood is also about rooting for them when they need it. 

Know Their Friends

Know Their Friends

“A friend of their friends” 

Most fathers are left out of the weird, funny and colorful world of their kids. Their world encompasses their fantasies and their friends. When you are trying to be friendly to your child, you should try to do the same with their friends. You can just start treating them like people you know, people who matter to you – as they matter to your child. 

Understand Their Fears And Insecurities

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“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child
See heaven’s got a plan for you”

Children are often afraid of some things. It is a good sign if they share them with you. As a dad, you should try to understand their fear and modesty and reassure them that they are safe with you. It is also necessary to understand what makes them feel insecure. Your child will have a happy childhood when they feel heard and understood. I think you can ensure that as a good dad. Cant you? 

Accept Things They Cannot Change

Accept Things They Cannot Change

“you’re amazing
Just the way you are”

A common mistake dads usually make is by expecting them to do things that they cannot and changing things that they cannot. Some children have different personalities than the rest. As a dad, you should accept who they are and what their personalities are like. The first good step would be to let go of your dreams and expectations. Let them bloom like a flower in the wild. You just keep watch, care and water them as they grow. 

Inspire And Lead By Example

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“Not all heroes wear capes; some are dads”

Things you do as a dad to inspire your child come from your personality. Good habits, behaviors, morals, and personality traits are what your child feels inspired by. A happy childhood should have the memory of a dad who led by good examples, inspired, and became the hero of their children. 

Fight For Them 

“He’ll beat Thanos if he has to”

Sometimes your child needs your display of support as a dad. For example, when they cannot defend themselves in an argument where they are morally and factually right. You should also show your support when they are bullied at school. A happy childhood is far from easy to achieve. You, as a dad, could do only a little because there is a big world out there, and your child might stumble upon a stone somewhere. But the least you can do is to support them when they truly need it. 

Educate Them The Right Way 

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“Why do we fall? So we can get back up again.”

They have their school for all the academic degrees, Math, geography, science, and whatnot. Your child will also learn a lot about moral qualities from school. But, a dad is privileged with the most beautiful duty of building a good person out of a child. A happy childhood is a grown-up memory human cherish. As a dad, you need to occupy your place in that memory by teaching your child the right thing and giving them the right education.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go 

Don't Be Afraid To Let Go 

“Fly, son, it’s time.”

It is a common behavior for a father to be often overprotective or restrictive of their children. But you are not exactly giving your child a happy childhood by keeping them in your grip all the time. Let them breathe properly, don’t let your fear or guilt make you overprotective. Understand their privacy and let them choose their friends. And when they are confident, let them spread their wings and fly on their own. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

I think all of your queries have met their answers in the previous sections. However, here are some questions and their answers that you might like-

1. What Do Good Fathers Do For Their Children?

Ans: A good father is always proud of who their children are. They protect their children and help them grow from within, both physically and spiritually. It is in a father’s nature to support, care for, and love their children with everything.

2. How Can I Be The Best Dad Possible?

Ans: Being the best Dad is not easy. You need to give your children your time, love, care, support, teaching, moral lessons and a lot more. A good father is not about only being the best provider. It is a lot about being a good role model your child wants to follow. 

3. What Makes A Father A Dad? 

Ans: You can put it this way – a father is a person, and a dad is all the acts that person does. Being a dad is all about loving, caring, and supporting your children. A good dad helps their children grow in a way to let them flourish just the way they feel comfortable. 

 Cheers To A Happy Childhood!

How do you know that you are offering your child a happy childhood? The truth is – you never know. All you do is try, keep trying and do as much as possible for your children. But, if you want to make your child happy, you can do all the fifteen things I have talked about in this article. Try to make happy memories with your child and support and love them. Happiness will come slowly, eventually. 

Was this article worth your time? You can share your feelings in the comment; also, you can also leave your queries as well. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

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