Jenny did not know that her hip dips were a problem until she saw some Instagram reels. The topic? How to get rid of hip dips?

A funny thing happened with Jenny, compared to other busy bees scrolling through social media. Instead of trying to get rid of them, Jenny simply fell in love with the way her hip dips looked. And she would often go mad on such posts and content that wanted you to “get rid of hip dips.”

The moment she faces any subtle criticism made on her Hip Dips, she’s singing “Hips Don’t Lie.” But in ANGRY mode –

“Oh, baby, when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise (sí) and keep on (sí)
Reading the signs of my body….”

Imagine, Just Imagine! Well, if you are done imagining, take a little sip of your daily dose of body positivity. And then drown into some BODY POSITIVE words that I am going to fill you in with. In short, take my humble request and go through this article to learn more about hip dips.

What Are Hip Dips?

What Are Hip Dips

The simple description of hip dips would be the space that is in between one’s pelvis and the thigh bones. The scientific name for hip dips is ‘trochanteric depression,’ and it simply happens due to your bone structure. The femur bone of the thigh and the pelvic in your body joint, in such a way as to offer a violin-like figure.

They are the indents or the depression that occur naturally on the outer portion of your body. When the bone structure of someone’s body has such a feature, it makes the skin in that area connect comparatively tighter to the greater trochanter of the femur bone. As a result, it causes hip dips.

While mainstream media burdens you to chase an hourglass-like figure, you can choose to wing it with your violin-like hip dips. All you need to do is think positively about them and DO NOT SEE them as IMPERFECTIONS.

Easier said than done, right?

So, why are there so many reels and YouTube content on getting rid of hip dips? Well, there are also many fairness creams in the market as well… I guess you got my point, No?

Embracing Hip Dips: Are Hip Dips Normal?

Let me tell you this loud and clear: hip dips are a completely NORMAL part of your body, and there is nothing you need to change about them. The human body varies from person to person.

Also, the variation in pelvic shapes and how it is connected to your thigh shapes how your overall structure looks (either an hourglass/ hip dip). The amount of fat you have in your body might make the hip dips more visible. It can also result from having a high level of muscle mass in your body.

Now, coming to the embracing part – there are things you can change about your body and things you cannot. Your hip dips are among the ones you cannot change, and this inability is completely fine.

You probably only bothered to look at your hip dips once you compared yourself with someone who does not have them. Hip dips manifest from your bone structure. Indeed, you can enhance your body muscles, but it is impossible to get rid of them since it is how your body is structured.

Can You Get Rid Of Your Hip Dips?

If you were following this article thoroughly, you should know that there is NO WAY TO GET RID OF your hip dips. It is perfectly normal, and you should love it and embrace it (remember, people with an hourglass body cannot have hip dips.)

An exercise physiologist, Katie Lawson, at the Clevland clinic, told Today in an interview, “I’m never big into spot reduction … you can do as many exercises as you want in one area, but your body’s going to decide how it’s going to look, essentially because of how it’s anatomically structured or where your weight generally sits.”

However, if you want to have control over how prominent they look, you may be in luck. You can gain muscle mass or lose fat to make the hip dips appear less conspicuous. You can perform different lower body exercises like lunges and squats and strengthen your entire lower portion of the body. But, believe me, this will not get rid of your hip dips completely.

But if you are looking for ways to strengthen or build those muscles and tone your hip muscles, then there are multiple ways of doing it.

If you want to create a whole look by increasing the muscle mass in your lower part of the body, there are multiple ways of doing that. It is important to strengthen those muscles as they help in building a strong back and knee and can help you with stubborn knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.

Hip Dips vs Love Handles

Hip Dips vs Love Handles

Another “problem” people (both men and women) face with their bodies is love handles. Different fat pockets in our body start to build up fat if we are less physically active. It also depends on your genes, diet, and body type. Some people have more weight around specific body parts, and they have higher chances of developing love handles.

It is also common for women to develop love handles after pregnancy. They also develop love handles due to hormonal changes in their body as they start to age. It can also be caused by specific medication.

Now, the difference between hip dips and love handles is that the love handles develop around the abdominal part of someone’s body while the hip dips develop between one’s thighs and pelvic area. While one is the buildup of excess fat, the other is related to your body’s bone structure.

Getting rid of love handles is possible, but it will require regular exercise and following a proper diet. No, you should also not be ashamed of your love handles.

Getting rid of excess fat from your body has certain benefits, but having love handles should not give you a poor body image of yourself. You can follow different methods to reduce your love handles, but having them should not bring any sense of shame up on yourself.

Social Media And Body Image

Going through the article, you have known that hip dips are not harmful in any way, but if you get obsessed with hip dips and try to get rid of them forcefully, then it might become harmful to your body image and disrupt your mental health as well.

Try not to believe everything that social media has to say. You might come across a picture someone has posted and claim that they have achieved that through hard work and diet.

But how would you know if it is true or not? Are you sure that they have not gone through any surgery? Are you certain that the image is not photoshopped? Or a trick done by lighting and camera angles? So believe what facts are telling you, and do not set your standards by what social media is telling you.

According to a sports medicine physician from NYU Langone Health, Dr. Julia Iafrate, “Cosmetic surgery has become so much more prevalent and it’s giving people an inappropriate view of what normal bodies should look like, what ideal bodies should look like, and what strong bodies should look like.”

If you find a fitness influencer pushing workouts to get rid of those hip dips, look carefully at those and do not believe them blindly.

Dr. Iafrate says, “You have to look at these pictures and videos with a lot of scrutiny and look to actual experts for the anatomy and exercise physiology side of things.”

Final Words

Both hip dips and love handles have been subjected to body shaming for a long time. No good comes from obsessing over any part of your body. It only causes damage to your health and mental state. Whether you have handles these dips, learn to love them and love yourself. Unless it occurs as a health hazard, changing them is unnecessary.

However, if you have any queries, you can comment below. We will be sure to check them and answer them accordingly.

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