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Explaining Your 3rd-Grade Kid how are babies made – The Best Way To Answer

How are babies made?  Little Lilly asked this question to her mother as she lay on her back on the bed with a 7 months baby bump.

Matilda, Lilly’s mom, was expecting. Lilly watched her mother visit the healthcare provider frequently and heard her mom and dad talk about a new baby coming home.

She was happy until this question struck her mind, and she couldn’t help asking  – mom, how are babies made? Matilda was not ready for this. She could not refuse to answer Lily’s question.

Also, giving silly typical answers like ‘angels put a baby in mom’s tummy’ is not what Matilda wants to do. Lilly is a smart child, and she deserves a proper answer. So, how does one explain baby making process to a 3rd Grade student like Lilly? Here is the help you need –

How Are Babies Made? Answering To A 3rd-Grade Kid  

Babies are sensitive, and they pay attention to every word you say. You don’t want to give them the wrong idea. Also, it is never too early to talk about these facts. Having clear answers about pregnancy, sexuality, and the likes will help them make the right decisions later in life.

Also, these explanations open room for healthier conversations later. It is not like you are explaining everything at once. However, starting with a clear and proper answer to such questions helps proceed their thoughts and ideas about these topics in the right direction.

Determine What They Know About It

Before you get to the conversation what your child knows about it. Ask them a few questions about pregnancy and what they think about it. Talking with them will let you know what words you can associate with the topic to make them understand, their thought process and their understanding of the matter. 

Start with the basic one, “what do you think, how did I get this baby in my belly?” and see what they answer to it. Then you will have an idea about their thoughts and you will be able to respond accordingly. It would be fun to explain them. It is a fascinating topic for them and you might even have to reassure them that the baby is actually doing good inside the belly.

1. Decide Your Approach   

3rd-grade kids are old enough to understand and have a clear idea about children. In fact, they might already have an idea about it. So, if they are asking – how are babies made? You can start by asking what idea they have about it.

They usually have an idea or fantasy regarding conception. You need to correct their idea, but instead of a straight rejection of their idea, you can say that they are almost right. However, there is more to it than what they know.

It is important to understand how much your baby can understand at this age. 3rd graders are almost 8 to 9 years old, and they want a simple answer instead of you explaining it with complexity. They don’t want to know a lot about conception, gestation, and birth.

But, as they grow older, your children will become more emotionally capable of handling the details.

2. Use The Right Name For The Body Parts  

It is never too early to talk about gender identity with your children. When explaining about gender identities and sexual orientation, try using the proper names of the body parts. This will help them take such conversations comfortably. Also, your choice of language creates an imprint in their minds about these topics, and you don’t want to give them a wrong impression.

They should know the baby grows in a body part called the womb or uterus. You also need to stop using words like father’s seed and mother’s egg. They might think that the seed grows into a tree inside a woman’s body.

3. A Story Works Well   

No, there is no need to rush it. If your child asks how are babies made, you should provide them with a clear answer. However, you can try explaining things in the form of a story. A simple plotline works really well. You can say that daddy and mommy decide to have a baby, and they make a baby. The baby grows inside mommy’s womb. But when the baby feels that he is ready, he comes out of the womb.

No, this will not completely explain how babies are made for kids. However, they will learn that mom and dad can decide to have a baby, and the process takes time.

4. Be Comfortable And Clear  

Children don’t have adult feelings, and they will not associate the instruments of products with sexual feelings. So, there is no need for you to feel embarrassed about these topics. They cannot connect to sexual feelings when you are discussing the progress of reproduction.

So be casual and comfortable when explaining about reproduction process to your child. If you feel uncomfortable, then your child will also have an idea that there is something shameful associated with how babies are made.

Be Inclusive

When you are having a discussion with your child about childbirth and pregnancy, and how babies are made, explain them in such a way that would include all sexual orientations, transgender, gay as well as gender-nonconforming parents. Let them know that families are also created through surrogacy, reproductive assistance, and adoption.

Explain it to them that babies are made when the sperm from the male meets the egg from the female. But do clarify that not every man has sperm, and not every woman has a vagina. Let them know about the other processes as well. 

Make them aware of the fact that sometimes doctors help in joining the egg with the sperm so that a person have a baby. And often adopt babies who have been created by other parents, and it might also happen that one adult can help in growing the baby in their body for someone else, as it is difficult for them. 

Be Honest With Them

It is okay if you get awkward and find it difficult to make your little one understand how they came into the world. But do not just avoid it altogether and be honest with them. Being uncomfortable is not enough reason to avoid this topic. If you ignore their questions, they might feel that they asked something which is inappropriate or something shameful. 

It is better if you answer them and explain it to them the way they would understand, or they might seek answers elsewhere and gather some wrong information and believe in those wrong notions. They might go to their fellow friends, or ask some other individual, or look the matter up on the internet.

Ready Answers For The Question – Where Do  Babies Come From?   

How Are Babies Made

How are babies made? When your baby has such curiosity, you should always provide them with the right answer. However, depending on how much they can take, you should keep the levels of detail minimized.

👶 Where Do  Babies Come From?  

You can say things like – babies are made when daddy gives love to mommy. When daddy gives love to mommy, they can make a baby together inside mommy’s womb.

However, if your baby asks for more details, you can say that daddy’s sperm and mommy’s egg can make a baby together. It happens when two of them have too much love.

👶 What Is The Baby Doing Inside Mommy?   

Little kids often usually ask questions such as what the baby is doing inside mommy. However, you can explain the question with simple words that feel right for them and are accurate. You can say things like –

The baby is sucking thumbs, kicking, peeing, sleeping, and also growing inside mommy. When he is ready, he will come out. You can also help a child find their answer on their own using their imagination. You can ask them what they think and correct them if they have a different idea.

👶 Can I Grow A Baby Inside As Well?   

When your child asks questions like this, you should explain that the adult bodies and children’s bodies are a little different. This is when you explain to them that children grow only inside the body of a grown woman. You can also explain that they will also be able to give birth to a baby when they grow up.

Bottom Line  

The level of detail you can add to your explanation depends upon your child’s age. If you are explaining how babies are made to 3 graders, you can say that babies are made through sexual intercourse. You should also explain that sexual intercourse is for grown-ups when they decide to have a baby.

Kids in 3rd grade should be around 8 to 9 years old, and they are ready to accept and understand this much. I hope you have found the answer to your query. Please contact us through the comment section if you have any further queries.

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