How many days after sex will I know if I’m pregnant? The shortest answer? Most tests cans be done from your home on the very first day you miss your period. 

If you are wondering whether or not you are pregnant, you can wait around to go for a pregnancy test which can actually feel excruciating. In case you did have unprotected sex recently or even underwent contraception failure, chances are you would want to find out as soon as possible. 

Before you start worrying or even making plans, for that matter, it’s best to go for a pregnancy test – it’s perhaps the most practical thing you can do. Of course, you can skip your home test and instead head over to the lab – but then again, if you don’t want to go through all that, just scroll down and get hold of the information you need. 

When Should You Take A Pregnancy Test (For Accurate Results)?

When Should You Take A Pregnancy Test (For Accurate Results)

Before you start asking, ‘can I take a pregnancy test after 5 days’ or even something like ‘how long after unprotected sex pregnancy test,’ it’s best to calm down a little. 

Yes, we know you want to find out – how many days after sex will I know if I’m pregnant? But really, just calm down a little while we explain the process. And obtaining the best results is very vital – scroll down and stay tuned to find out more. 

Before Missing Your Periods:

Before Missing Your Periods

So, you are worried, and you can’t stop asking random people on the internet – how soon after unprotected can I test for pregnancy? Yes, we have all been there. 

But if you are just scared and you have not even missed a period yet, then taking the test would be nothing more than a waste. The earlier you think of taking a pregnancy test, the less effective it will prove to be. 

Taking such tests before even missing your period or even lesser than 14 days after unprotected sex can only lead to false negatives if you do take the test. 

Multiple women end up taking such tests way too early and end up assuming they aren’t really pregnant. This can turn out to be very confusing if such women end up bleeding or spotting during the first trimester – this can even make women believe that they are actually on their period

There are so many instances of women reaching their 2nd trimester even before noticing that they are very obviously pregnant. These women are usually so shocked to actually fund out that they are quite far along. 

Two Weeks Later:

Two Weeks Later

Of course, if you looking for 3 days pregnant symptoms, then you might not find what you are looking for! But naturally, you can opt for a pregnancy test 2 weeks after sex – we will tell you why!

Multiple women actually test on the basis of the traditional ‘two weeks’ rule. This basically means that women often wait for about 14 days after having unprotected sex. Such a test can definitely provide effective results for any woman on a standard 28-day menstrual cycle – women who do not ovulate once but also at standard intervals. 

While certain women have unpredictable cycles, medications like antibiotics and birth control can also change some women’s cycles and even the ovulation date. Sometimes, even stress can lead to such interruptions. 

After You Miss Your Period:

After You Miss Your Period

Of course, a pregnancy test after two weeks is logical, understandably, but a pregnancy test 10 days after sex is not practical for multiple purposes. 

However, under all circumstances, the right time for taking such a test is when you know you are late, that is, when you have missed your periods already. 

Instead of asking the internet dumb stuff like ‘had sex 3 weeks ago can I be pregnant,’ wait for two weeks, or at least till the time you miss your periods for taking the test? After you have missed your periods, you can definitely take a pregnancy test – if the results turn out to be inconclusive or even unreadable, take another test the following day. 

To ensure absolute accuracy, take the pregnancy test right after you wake up in the morning. During this time, your hCG hormone is relatively more concentrated and higher.

But if your test results turn out to be negative, but you are not convinced, then you need to wait for some more days before retaking the test. Your HCG concentration is supposed to double every 2 to 3 days during the early months of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Confirmation: 

Pregnancy Confirmation

No need to ask anymore, ‘cramps after ejaculating inside am I pregnant’ or ‘cramps after ejaculating inside 2 days later’ or even things like, ‘how soon after unprotected can I test for pregnancy Clearblue,’ anymore. 

Because we are hoping it’s clear to you now – taking the pregnancy test is just the first step. Once you have positive results, then it’s time to fix a proper appointment for pregnancy confirmation and, subsequently, another one regarding available consultations. 

This way, you will be able to find out whether or not the pregnancy happens to be viable, as well as how far you are into your pregnancy. During this time, you can also discuss all available options for you – from parenting to adoption and abortions, it’s your body, and definitely, your choice.

And That’s A Wrap!

You no longer need to ask google, ‘how many days after sex will I know if I’m pregnant?’ – because you know the intricacies associated with the same. 

It’s vital to remember that a pregnancy test happens to be indicative of the pregnancy – it’s not confirmation. This is precisely why you will need to get an ultrasound done so that you can verify a pregnancy that’s intrauterine. 

It is possible you are considering parenting or even abortion options – and that’s absolutely fine. Share your thoughts, stories, queries, and experiences with us. We have got your back with support, answers, and options!

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