Okay, That was for you becoming a new parent or parenting a toddler. All love to those new sweethearts who gift you smiles and tantrums every day. 

Here, you can check out facts regarding one of the most vital aspects of parenting. Well, it is carrying your baby. As a parent, you should remember that it is necessary. Check out the following points and you can understand why a baby often needs to get on your lap. 

Moreover, the right way to carry your ward is also present in this article. So, just spare some minutes and give it a read. 

Reasons For Toddlers Going Through A ‘Carry Me’ Phase

Every toddler is just another infant who is in his growing phase. At this time, rapid brain development takes place, and some initial bodily changes also occur. So, here are the points why all babies go through a ‘carry me’ phase.

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Your Baby Needs Reassurance

Baby Needs Reassurance

All toddlers, irrespective of age develop the power to recognize their parents. Moreover, during this time, they become mentally sensitive. In spite of being energetic, they also need reassurance at times. This is exactly the time when they start requesting you to carry them.

Remember those cute pair of eyes? That fonding face? Those childish words?

Those are the signs that your baby needs reassurance. Probably, he is trying to connect with you emotionally. No matter how many times this scenario occurs, you as a parent must carry your child. It can even be for a few seconds.  

Its Snuggle Time

Snuggle Time

Every toddler seeks warmth and comfort after playing and doing crazy things all day. This is yet another time when they reach up to their parents. Your kid might also need a snuggle if he is uncomfortable. 

At times, certain environmental conditions make them feel unsafe and they want you to carry them. So, consider it very normal and do not forget to show some love.     

Need For A Better View

 A Better View

Do you have a baby who has already got his first pair of toddler shoes? Does he still request you to carry him? Well, this is probably because he needs a better view of his environment. 

Each toddler dreams of growing up like their parents and it is quite natural. Well, it is only the reason why they desire to get on to their mother’s lap or even daunting, father’s shoulders. 

So, if you start observing the ‘carry me’ phase in your growing kid, just enjoy it. Consider it a treasure of parenting. 

However, remember that there is a correct time when every kid must get out of a toddler bed. Say a firm no to your child for carrying as he gains height and weight. Always keep in mind that over-pampering can lead your child to turn into a spoiled brat.

Ways To Carry Toddlers In A Safe Way

In this part of the article, you can check out how to carry your toddler in a safe manner. Just go through the points given below. Moreover, do not forget to check certain things to avoid.

A Safe Pick Up Is Necessary

Pick Up Is Necessary

While your child requests you to carry him, ensure a safe pickup. The best you can do is to squat pick. Remember not to bend forward as it can lead to a waist muscle cramp due to strain. 

The right way to hold a toddler while carrying is to put one hand on the back and the other across the lower back. This can give him the necessary support. 

Switch Sides In Timely Intervals

Switch Sides

In case it is nap time for your baby, he might stay on your lap for a long time. In such a scenario, you must switch sides in an interval of a few minutes. It can give comfort both to you and your child. As a result, you can ensure total safety too. 

A Sling Adds Extra Security

A Sling

If you are a new parent, a sling can help you the best to carry your baby most of the time. You can ensure his safety while breastfeeding and even during nap time. 
Make sure you buy a premium-quality sling for your kid. It should not be like any other toddler toy you buy, A good sling is one that is tight but elastic and gives proper back support to your child. 

While keeping a baby in a sling, check that he is upright and does not remain below your breast area. You can also get both pairs of his limbs to be free from the sling. This helps him to grip you properly. As a trick, you can give him a fidget toy to be busy in the sling. 

A Few Things To Avoid

Now, as you know the proper ways to carry your child, you have passed the primary test for how to be a good mother. Nevertheless, there are certain things to avoid while carrying your baby. Note the following points:

  • Avoid pulling your toddler’s hand to carry him up. 
  • Do not carry your toddler sidewise for a long time. 
  • Make sure he is upright and comfortable while you carry him for breastfeeding’. 
  • Do not allow your child to wear shoes like toddler crocs while he is in a sling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Lift A Toddler By Hand?

You might find it easy to lift a toddler by hand but remember it is the wrong technique. Lifting a toddler by hand can be very painful and your child might even face a bone dislocation.

How Do You Carry A 2-Year-Old Baby?

The best way you can carry a two-year-old baby is by attaching him to a sling. You can even use the quality carriers available in the market now.

Can You Dislocate A Baby’s Arm?

Yes, there is a high chance that you can dislocate your baby’s arm. Do not pick him up by pulling his hands to avoid this devastating calamity.

The Final Wrap

It is always a blessing to be a parent but there are certain responsibilities that you need to meet. Carrying a child in his infancy is a common phenomenon and you need to do it right. So, you must know the proper way to do it. 

I am sure that you can carry your child safe by following the facts given here. On the other hand, you can avoid the specific points mentioned here too. Just do not forget to share your experience in the comment box below. 

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