Do you want to conceive a girl child? If yes, then there are certain norms that you must maintain from your end. Conceiving a baby girl is one of the most beautiful aspects of your life, and you need to be a bit careful in this regard. Even a small mistake from your end can ruin your dream of a baby girl. 

If you still have a question in your mind about how to conceive a girl? Then this article of mine will clear up all your doubts in the best possible manner. You need to think proactively in this regard. You cannot consider things for granted.     

Different Ways Or Methods You Must Consider While Conceiving A Girl    

You can apply several methods to conceive a baby girl while planning to have a child in your family. Therefore, let’s explore the ways to get a better insight into it. 

1. You Can Apply The Shettles Method  

The Shettles Method  

Since the 1960’s the Shettles method has been widely used for the selection of gender. You need to understand that this method’s success rate is 75%. You can easily conceive a baby girl if you adopt this method accurately from your end.  

You cannot afford to consider things for granted here regarding your pregnancy issues. You must apply the following methods properly to conceive a baby girl for yourself. 

There are certain fundamental aspects that you need to know while you use this method like:- 

  • The chromosome that carries the sperm determines the sex of the baby. 
  • Boy’s sperm swim faster and remain alive for a shorter duration than that of the female counterpart. 
  • The girl’s sperm is stronger than the boy’s sperm, but they swim slowly compared to that of the girl’s sperm. 
  • At the ovulation time, only the girl’s sperm will be left behind to fertilize the egg. 

There are certain things that you must be careful about while applying this method:- 

  • If you want to conceive a girl, you must do sex for two to four days before the process of ovulation occurs. 
  • You must avoid the scope of the intercourse when you have clear egg-like mucus in your vagina. 
  • If you were avoiding intercourse at this time, then you will have fewer chances of conceiving. 
  • With this method, you will take a long time to conceive a baby. 

This method’s basic fundamental idea is that if you want to conceive a baby girl, you must have sex before 2-3 days before the ovulation occurs. 

2. Babydust Method

Kathryn Taylor was the creator of the baby dust method; this method mainly focuses on the frequency and timing of having sex to increase the chances of having a girl. This method demands a woman to track her luteinizing hormone (LH) twice every for a period of three months.

It has to be done once in the morning and once in the evening. This can be done with the help of those ovulation tricks. Taylor says a woman would understand her cycle more during these three months and will know when she is ovulating.

After tracking the LH level every day for three months, couples should have sex every two to three days before ovulating so that the female-producing sperm are all set to fertilize the eff, and the male-producing sperm is no longer usable.

3. You Can Apply High Tech Methods 

Apply High Tech Methods 

Some families like to have the sex to acquire particular specific gender. The above method is quite a time-consuming process. If you have a question in mind about how to conceive a girl? You must make the right selection of the technology to achieve it.    

There are two tech options to conceive a girl.   

  • Using the IVF with PGT. Embryos that are created using the IVF are tested genetically. It will provide you the information about your child’s sex. 
  • Another method is sperm sorting; it will help you to produce the desired sex of your choice.    

You can make use of the advanced technologies to acquire the desired gender of your choice. 

4. Make Use Of Positions 

Make Use Of Positions 

The positioning during your sex will help you to determine which sex group your child will be. It determines which sperm will reach the egg first.   

How close to the cervix the sperm cells get ejaculated determines the sex of your child. For instance, you must follow the following procedures to select the gender of your child like   

  • If you want the boy child, then deep penetration during the intercourse is the best option. 
  • If you want a girl child, then the shallow penetration is optimal. The missionary position can help you to achieve this child as per your requirements.   

If you have a question roaming in your mind about how to conceive a girl? You can apply this method from your end to achieve it. 

5. Say No To Orgasm 

If you can avoid the orgasm, then you can have more chances of having a baby girl. Experts believe that female orgasm releases an alkaline secretion that might result in boy sperm surviving longer.    

If you want to get a baby girl, then you must avoid the orgasm with your partner. It will help you to derive a baby girl for your child.   

6. Have More Sex With Your Partner 

You need not restrict your sex life for a specific time. You can do as much sex as possible with your partner; it will help you reduce the baby boy’s count of sperm to reach the egg for fertilization.   

You must make your sex life easy so that you can get the desired child of your choice. You need to understand that you can do your sex partner more maturely, you can enjoy a more happy sex life from your end.   

7. Foods That Can Help You To Conceive A Baby Girl 

Foods That Can Help You To Conceive A Baby Girl 

You must take care of your food habits properly so that you can get a baby girl of your choice. In a study, it is found that if you want to conceive a baby girl, then you must eat more fruit and vegetables.    

If you maintain a vegetarian diet, you will have more chances of conceiving a girl child for that you need to eat foods like spinach, broccoli, and nuts more. 

You must choose such foods that have more magnesium and calcium content in it like:

You need to understand these facts before you plan to conceive a baby girl of your choice. 

8. Acid House 

If you eat those food items with more acidic contents, you can conceive a baby girl. Male sperm cells will survive more in the acidic environment.   

Acidic foods often alter the state of the PH level of your vagina. It will increase the chances of conceiving the baby girl.   

It can be unhealthy for your child if you stock up on foods like 

  • Vinegar 
  • Chocolate and 
  • Soda

You must avoid eating alkaline foods.  

This tip can work well for conceiving a girl child from your end. 

9. Eat Low Salted Food 

Eat Low Salted Food 

If you want to have a girl child, then you must eat low-salted food items. In research, study it has been found that the low salt diet can help you to conceive a girl child.  

You must exclude the food items such as 

You need to consider these aspects carefully while you want to conceive a girl. You cannot ignore these facts while you want to conceive a girl of your choice. 

This does not end here. There have been a lot of myths that have been going on for a long period of time to determine the sex of the baby. Let’s have a look at those.

Myth Bursting

  • There are tales that have been contradicting each other for years. For, people say that eating meat increases the chance of conceiving a boy, whereas there are myths that eating more meat increases the chance of conceiving a girl. 

There is no scientific evidence that food has anything to do with the gender of the baby. There is not enough research on this, and the research shows a link between the two but cannot prove anything, just that there is a link between the two.

  • Some tales say that for conceiving a girl, a man’s testicles should be cool before having intercourse. But the truth is, the temperature of the testicles does not affect the gender of the baby in any way.
  • There are various other tales, like if a woman holds a nickel in her mouth while having sex, there is a chance of having a boy, but there is no proof of these tales.
  • It is also said the sex of the baby is determined by which partner is more dominant in bed. However, there is no evidence to support these claims. There is always a 50-50 chance of having a boy or girl unless you choose the sex of the baby during virto fertilization.


Hence, if you want to conceive a girl, you must follow the above methods properly to have a girl child. Even after the detailed discussion, you doubt in your mind how to conceive a girl? Then the above article can help you to achieve the desired objectives in the best possible manner. 

You must not consider things for granted here if you want to conceive a girl child of your own. Just follow the measures and get the desired child you want. You must not miss an opportunity to have a girl child after your marriage. 

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