It doesn’t matter whether it is in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, but there is something very peaceful about a baby sleeping. Those little noises they make while sleeping, or the snuggles, are something that will fill your heart with warmth, but the most important thing is you get to rest when the little munchkin is sleeping or have some time to yourself. While this is the dream of every parent, to get their baby to sleep and get a moment for themselves, sometimes the baby refuses to sleep in their bassinet. And that is when it becomes a nightmare for the new parents. That is when they search for answers to “How to get newborn to sleep in bassinet?”

Well, you are not alone in this. The bassinet might be perfect, but even then, there are chances that your baby would refuse to sleep in their bassinet. But with the help of this guide, things might become a little less difficult and frustrating for you.

Why Won’t Your Newborn Sleep In Their Bassinet?

newborn sleep in their bassinet

There are numerous parents who are going through the same thing you are going through. Their babies are also refusing to sleep in the bassinet. Here are some reasons why those little ones must be refusing to sleep in their bassinet.

They Are Not Getting Comfortable

Discomfort is one of the biggest reasons why they might be refusing the bassinet. Not every bassinet is built in a similar way. Some might be pretty on the outside, but fail to comfort and support the baby when they sleep. Check the mattress that has come with the bassinet, and double-check their height and weight with the limits the bassinet suggested. 

Your Baby Is Gassy

Not all babies are gassy, but some babies who are bottle-fed have some issues with breastfeeding or have an issue with latching, swallowing a lot of air while they are fed, and developing gas.

If you find your baby uncomfortable, crying more when put in certain positions, or bunching their legs up, that could mean that they have excess gas and are required to pass that. Try to burp them or keep them in an upright position for a few minutes and let them settle before you put them down.

They Have A Reflux

Reflux is different for different babies. Some babies might have severe reflux, while it could be occasional for some. Sometimes it gets so severe that they spit up continuously and are in immense pain. It is best to consult a doctor if you notice this happening often.

The Baby Is Overtired

Just like us adults, toddlers and newborns refuse to sleep when they are exhausted but overstimulated. They might have a hard time settling down. Try to calm them down and create a peaceful environment for them to sleep.

Their Startle Reflex Is Getting Them Up

The moment you put the baby down for a nap in their bassinet, it might trigger their startle reflex. They can get startled and wake up at any moment if you move away from them or hear a noise. You can try to swaddle them to fix this situation.

They Want You To Hold Them

Well, you must be a parent of a baby who only sleeps when they are held. Babies like being close to their caregivers, and this physical closeness offers certain benefits as well. This encourages binding, stimulates milk production, and boosts their development as well. 

Why Is It Important For Babies To Sleep Independently In Their Bassinet?

According to the AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics, it is safest when a baby sleeps independently on their back and in their own space. They state that babies should sleep in a separate area, but you should always keep the best mini crib or the bassinet in your room.

This will allow the baby to be close to you, and you can monitor them, but they get to sleep in their own space as well. This helps them in development and keeps them safe. Babies should always sleep flat on their back with any additional items, like stuffed animals, or blankets, to prevent suffocation.

How To Get Newborn To Sleep In Bassinet?

How to get newborn sleep in basinet

It is true that it is a very tough task to put a newborn to sleep in their bassinet. Some babies like being close to their caregivers. It might take a while and a lot of energy to find and go through the process of putting the baby down in the bassinet for a nap. But look for answers below to “how to get newborn to sleep in bassinet.”

Never Give Up

It is mainly like the picky eating that babies do, which you have to deal with, you have to get them introduced to the bassinet before they finally accept it. This means you should not give up immediately after your baby refuses to sleep in a bassinet. Try multiple times, and after a while, they might get used to it.

Be Consistent

It is important to be consistent with their sleeping patterns. So ensure that you are putting them for a nap at the same time and in the same bassinet every day for them to make a habit of it.

Check The Weight Limits Of The Bassinet

Your baby might refuse to sleep in a perfectly good bassinet. You might try several times but fail. It could be because they are not comfortable in it, and the mattress and the cardboard might not be of optimum quality. Every newborn is different, so check if your baby fits the weight and height criteria of the particular bassinet you have.

Try Swaddling

Swaddling is one of the best options for getting a baby to sleep in their bassinet. If you have no idea about it, you will get a tutorial on YouTube. It is a very good idea for those babies who have a startle reflex. Baby Swaddle mimics the safe environment of the womb and assures the baby that they are safe where they are.

Do Not Get A Fancy One In The Beginning

Fancy bassinets are not as good from the inside as they seem from the outside. With the purpose of making it fancy, the makers sometimes lose out on the most important factor, which is comfort. So get a simple cozy one for them in the beginning, and check what happens.

It is important that every member of the family get a good night’s sleep and feel safe in the environment. Well, there is no magical spell on how to get newborn to sleep in the bassinet, there are certain things that you can try that might make the process a little bit smoother for you and the baby. 

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, excuse yourself from the situation and take a moment to collect yourself. But if this is something you have been trying for weeks or months, and still not finding a feasible answer, then feel free to reach out to sleep support groups or consult a pediatrician for that matter.


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