The human-animal needs to build up a few skills to engage, communicate, empathize, and connect as a social being. 

Establishing friendships and building relationships with other human beings is the way to building a better life. These are part of the social skills that you build up to manifest as a better human being. 

While we have most of these skills, improving upon them will help us put value in our personal life and professional life. 

But how to improve social skills? 

If you are struggling to improve your social skills, please let me help you with some tips that will take you in the right direction. 

Through this article, I tried to offer you an insight into your social skills and help you improve them. 

But, first, allow me to define what social skills are and give you some examples of social skills.

What Are Social Skills? 

Social Skills

Social skills are skills that allow you to communicate, connect and build relationships with other human beings. For example, you need social skills to share with your partners and help you adjust better to the work environment. 

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Social Skills Examples

You need practical communication skills both in your career and your personal life. 

Your social skills are a mixture of different skills. Here is a list of some of those skills–


be Empathy

Empathy is the key to connecting you with other human beings both in your personal life and professional life. It is a way to identify common interests and connect with other individuals. 

When you are empathetic towards someone, you can truly understand their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. 

In personal life, empathy helps you be more approachable; in professional life, you can understand your coworkers and colleagues better and feel their emotional state by being empathetic. In addition, empathy enables you to understand others’ perspectives, feelings, and ideas.

This social skill allows you to be more cooperative and helps you handle projects better where you need to work with your colleagues. 

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Communication Skills

Grow Communication Skills

Communication skills make us humans a unique species. We can verbally and non verbally communicate with each other and share ideas and feelings. An improved communication skill will help you with better customer relations and help you with managing projects with ease. 

Interpersonal Skills

 build Communication Skills

Once you build up good interpersonal skills, you will build up better interaction skills. This skill allows you to identify and interpret various social cues like– understanding the moods of your colleagues and understanding their personalities. This skill helps you build up a better relationship at the workplace.

Intrapersonal Skills

Grow Intrapersonal Skills

You need intrapersonal skills to build yourself up as a better person and a better employee. This skill helps you understand yourself better and allows you to build up your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Intrapersonal skill allows you to create ways to share your ideas.

You know precisely how and when to share your ideas at the workplace. You better understand the professional situations and can create social boundaries, and set your professional goals. Once you develop intrapersonal skills, you can easily handle different types of employees.

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How To Improve Your Social Skills?

By developing your social skills, you will benefit greatly in building strong social and professional relationships and communicating more effectively. 

Now, with all those benefits in mind, you will feel the need to improve your social skills. But how do we improve social skills? And how do you start? 

Here, I have listed several ways of improving your social skills–

Start By Engaging

start By Engaging

You can start at home. Engaging in conversations with your friends and family helps you engage more waywardly. You can practice several conversational skills by asking people around you some open-ended questions. At the workplace, you can start by trying to offer a strategy during the board meeting.

Start Small And Make It Fun

 Small And Make It Fun with friends

I don’t want this process to feel like a strict learning process to you. That is why I suggest that you start small and make it fun learning. For instance, while you are making casual conversations (in public places), you can lengthen the conversation by asking general questions. Starting small like this will help you make more acquaintances and improve your social skills.

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Ask Open-Ended Questions

Open-Ended Questions

How to improve social skills? Why don’t you start asking open-ended questions to people around you? You can use this as a means to build up a better relationship with the people around you. Such questions will help you get an insight into the emotions of others. You can start with questions like–

What do you think of it? How do you feel about this? Do you really like that? 

You are free to modify the question based on the person and the situation. 


Observation everything's

Building and improving your social skills can also happen through observation. Your colleagues and your coworkers may also have great social skills. You can learn from them. You can observe their way of conversing, responding to something, and their body language ( how they nod or even smile). You can observe them and incorporate their social skills into your life. 

Listen More 

Listen More 

This is not listening as if listening to a song. Being a patient listener gives you the power to understand others. When you are listening to others with patience, you are being empathetic. Through listening, you can understand your coworkers and their ideas, emotions, and perspectives.

Talk Eye-To-Eye

Talk Eye-To-Eye

Talking eye-to-eye or maintaining eye contact during a conversation helps you build up self-confidence. Maintaining eye contact during conversations is a way to build up your social skills. The better you are at maintaining eye contact, the more comfortable you will feel in engaging, talking, and working.

Get Social

Get Social with friends

How to improve social skills for teenagers? This is one of many questions I get related to social skills. The easy answer is that you need to make more social contact with people around you. You can start by going out with your friends, doing regular things together like having coffee or having lunch with each other. 

Greet And Compliment 

Just a general share of good morning or good afternoon is part of your social skill. You can start a conversation after greeting someone with a good morning or good afternoon. Giving genuine compliments to the people around you is also part of your social skills. Giving compliments to your acquaintances makes them happy and helps you have a good impression of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Following the previous sections of the article is enough for getting started with improving your social skills. However, you can have further questions, and we have tried to answer a few possible ones relating to the same topic.

What Causes Poor Social Skills?

Several factors play a key part in making someone’s social skills poor. For instance, you can take –

➼ Lack of knowledge about social skills.
➼ Inability to learn new skills may also be a reason behind it.
➼ Competency deficit is a common reason behind poor social skills.
➼ Inadequate opportunity to perform and practice social skills and limited feedback may be the reason for an immature social kill.

How Can I Improve My Social Skills At Home?

You can start with your family members and learn several social skills. Here are a few things you can do –

➼ Engage with your family, friends, and neighbors.
➼ You can start by showing kindness to people around you.
➼ Learning self-control
➼ Learn to share your belongings with your siblings and family members.
➼ Sharing thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also important.

What Are Five Good Social Skills?

When improving, you need to learn numerous social skills. But here are the top five that are essential–

➼ Collaboration 
➼ Communicating verbally or through a written medium
➼ Nonverbal communication 
➼ Listening

How Do Introverts Socialize?

How to improve social skills for introverts? As an introvert, it might seem tough to get social. Here are some tips if you want to improve your social skills as an introvert–

➼ You can start by going out with people you feel comfortable around.
➼ Practice conversation; why don’t you talk about your interests?
➼ Give yourself time, and don’t stress over not being able to do much.
➼ Learn to develop an interest in others’ thoughts and interests.

Bottom Line 

No matter how hard you try, you cannot see an improvement overnight. It would help if you did not make the process of learning and simply tried to follow the tips shared in this piece of content. You need to keep trying until you notice some improvements.

It is always better to start with your family and friends. Gradually you can take it to a professional level. I hope that the tips mentioned here are helpful.

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