How to keep kids busy? This is a question that gets asked a million times by new parents who are experiencing the pandemic. 

Due to the changing lifestyle of people, parents are getting less time to spend time with their kids. Now, they often get left in the care of their grandparents. In addition, now that the Covid pandemic has forced parents to work from home and stay at home with their kids – new problems have arisen. 

Kids can become pretty reckless if they stay at home for a long time. Since they need a friend and a playmate by their side to keep them company, it is your turn now. Otherwise, their favorite cartoons will take that spot away from you. 

So how to keep your kids busy and away from the TV? We have collected the advice of many child specialists and experts for evaluation and practical testing. Being a parent myself, I have found out that some of these tips are actually pretty solid. Continue reading to know more.

The Idiot Box Addiction

The Idiot Box Addiction

The television has been called one of humankind’s greatest inventions- and one of the worst. John Logie Baird, who spent countless hours studying and experimenting, never thought his invention would be called an idiot box. 

Even though his reason for inventing was different, megacorporations twisted and molded it to their liking. As a result, instead of showing educational programs from which we could learn new things, the TV is now filled with worthless reality shows and fake news that everyone believes. 

Children always have this tendency to get addicted to watching TV, especially to watch their favorite cartoons. Soon, they started forgetting about homework and outdoor play with friends to focus on watching TV. If you take the remote away from them, their child temper tantrum becomes bigger and worse. 

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How To Keep Kids Busy Without TV?

How To Keep Kids Busy Without TV

If you want to know how to be a good parent, then you definitely need to step up your parenting skills and start doing what is necessary. 

I followed many advice from child experts and tried out many of their recommendations. The best recommendations that I can give to you to understand how to keep kids busy with no TV are:

1. Play Outdoors

 kids Play Outdoors

Outdoor play is essential for kids because they need their daily dose of workout to keep them physically fit and healthy. It’s said that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is true considering the sedentary corporate life we all will need when we are older. 

So how to keep kids busy in summer with outdoor play? Simply go to your backyard or terrace and play ball or soccer with them. Or, you could play any game that makes them run around a lot. As long as they move their body and sweat it out while having fun, you have done your job. 

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2. Teach Arts

 Teach  kids Arts

Every parent wants a creative child with an artistic mind. This is why all parents want their child to become the next Da Vinci or Einstein. Therefore, if you want your child to be the next one in line, then teach them any form of art. 

Art is subjective here. It can literally refer to drawing and painting, or even creating origami and other artistic expressions. Letting the creativity of your toddler flow unhindered is one of the best ways on how to keep kids busy at home. 

3. Perform House Chores

Perform  kids House Chores

As a parent, I know that it can be a hassle to perform all the chores of the house. Therefore, why not get your kid to do it too? While they might not find it interesting, learning house chores will make your child discipline better and more organized. After all, nobody likes a spoiled brat. 

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4. Homework


While we may be old enough to not do any homework, children are not. Therefore, help them do their homework, and also teach them important math and English tips and tricks. 

Helping your child study is a great way to bond with them. This will help you know what studies they are facing trouble with, and see them smile as you help them with it. It will also help you know how to keep kids busy while working from home.

5. Rubik’s Cube – The Intelligent Box

Rubik's Cube The Intelligent Box

If the television is the idiot box, then the multicolored cube that we all failed to solve is the intelligent box. All you need to do is jumble up the colors of the cube and get your child working on it. This is great if you wanted to know how to keep kids busy on a budget. 

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6. Pets Are Their Best Friend

Pets Are Their Best Friend

Having pets in your house has many relaxing properties. A study says that your stress level goes down by 28% if you pet a dog or a cat.

Therefore, playing with pets (preferably dogs because cats are lazy) can be a great idea. This will make them feel relaxed and comfortable at all times, just like how children should be.

7. Teach New Skills

 New Skills

Learning new skills can be interesting in the minds of children if their teacher is interesting. Therefore, be that interesting teacher to them and teach them new things. This can include teaching them how to cook, how to wash their own clothes, and even how to improve social skills

8. Let There Be Music

Let teach Music

Playing a musical instrument is one of the best things that a kid can learn how to play. Once they master playing the guitar or drums, you will know how to keep kids busy in the best way possible. 

After that, instead of them bickering with their demands, they will keep the whole house entertained with their music. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Do I Keep My Child Entertained For Hours?

To keep your child entertained for hours, let them solve the Rubik’s cube or let them learn and play a musical instrument.

2. How Do I Stop My Kids From Getting Bored?

Letting your child do some interesting activity like playing music and learning new things with toys will keep them from getting bored.

3. What Can An Only Child Do For Fun?

If you have an only child, do activities together for the maximum amount of fun.

4. Why Does My Four Year Old Need Constant Attention?

Children will always look for constant attention because they are tired, bored, or hungry.


How to keep kids busy – is a common question that gets asked by many parents. We as parents often struggle to keep their children away from television. This is why I have recommended some great ways to keep your children busy for hours. 

This can include teaching your kids how to play a musical instrument, how to do house chores, how to draw great artwork, and even solve the rubik’s cube. These are all great activities that, once taught in an interesting way, can be beneficial for them as they grow up. 

If you want to know more parenting tips, read our other articles to become a better parent!

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