She said, “I need to get pregnant this month.” 

I came back from work, tired, sitting by her as she gazed at me with a question that dimmed into the silent air of the room. It was coming down to a serious discussion. Both of us felt it was the right time to have a toddler running around the house. 

So, we thought we can leave the contraception out of the dirty picture – that way we can multiply into three from two. But, No. It seems like we were mistaken. Just trying without protection was not enough. 

But we worked it out. How? To answer that, I had to look back and analyze how we (me and my wife) helped each other get pregnant. 

Understand And Help To Understand 

Does having sex without protection gets you pregnant? Technically, Yes. But, making a baby is not just sex without protection or the heavens aligning the stars. It starts with a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

The room is all decked up with warm colors, candles, and sweet aromas in the air; you even set sexy saxophone music on the loop. But prep all you want; sometimes, a negative result comes splashing a bucket-load of water on your face.

So, where’s the answer? In a woman’s menstrual cycle (Menstrual cycle says hello). The best chances of getting pregnant are during the ovulation period. When does that happen? Usually, 12 to 14 days before your next period starts. 

But sometimes, you may get pregnant after the ovulation finishes. How? Because the sperm can survive for up to seven days inside your body. See? It’s not only about losing contraception. But without contraception, the chances of getting pregnant increase. 

Timing Is Everything

Just having unprotected sex is not going to get you that baby, you have to time it properly. That is the best possible way of making sure of the pregnancy. Having sex during your ovulation is the best time for you to make a baby. During ovulation a matured egg is released from the ovary, and moves down the fallopian tube and waits for it to get fertilized, then create an embryo for growing a baby.

Now let’s get to the technical part. Pregnancy is possible during the fertility window, that is before five days of ovulation and the day you ovulate. The most fertile days are when you ovulate and the three days before that. That is the best time for you to try and get pregnant.

After twelve to twenty-four hours of ovulation, because of the menstrual cycle, a woman can no longer get pregnant, as the egg is no longer in the fallopian tube. There is almost zero chance of getting pregnant if you miss the fertility window. There are a few other things that you can try as well. Let’s get to that.

1. No Pills, No Rubbers, Only U & I

No Pills

So, she said, “I need to get pregnant this month.” 

But it does not happen that easily. She had been on birth control for a long time, and we were using different types of protection. This made our goal a little harder. When a woman is on birth control (whether hormonal or non-hormonal), her body adjusts to that cycle. 

So, the best decision would be to stop using contraceptives and birth control for the time being. Your body will need one or two cycles for regular ovulation capable of conceiving a baby. 

To both of us, it was a good opportunity. We could explore all the unchartered areas and lose CONTROL without losing control. You know what I mean. 

2. Mark Your Calendar 

Mark Your Calendar

By now, you should know that having sex during the ovulation period increases the chances of getting pregnant. So, stop OVERTHINKING. 

The best thing now would be finding out your most fertile day of the month, marking it with a heart on the calendar, and calling it a DATE. 

You can use the ovulation detector tools that trace the surge of LH (luteinizing hormone) in your urine. The LH occurs in your urine 36 to 48 hours before ovulation. Yes, you can use these at home easily. This will help mark the baby-making date on the calendar. 

3. Sex Before Ovulation

Sex Before Ovulation

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant? You have to have sex before ovulation. You have marked the date. Women remain most fertile during the ovulation period. But the eggs only last for 12 hours to 48 hours after a release. 

If you have been using OPKs, then try having them as soon as you get a positive result. But, it is hard to find that urge to check your fertility from time to time. So, the best course of action would be to have sex frequently every week after the period has ended. 

But for some women, the cycle length may vary from time to time. So, you have to calculate, find out the window and be active in bed.

4. The Different ‘Positions’

The Different 'Positions’

Missionary, girl on top, cowgirl; try whatever position you desire. But the best position would be the one where you lie on your back after the bedtime war is over. You have been trying every month and saying to your self “I need to get pregnant this month.” But each trial comes to you sitting in the restroom with a negative result. 

When trying to get pregnant again and again, try different positions so that trying does not feel like a drag. So, try different positions and try the ones that allow the deepest penetration. 

According to doctors, lying on your back after sex helps the sperm move faster toward the eggs. You can also try elevating your legs, but it does not give any advantage over lying on your back. 

5. Sex Before Bed!

Sex Before Bed!

Having sex just before hitting the bed for the day gives you plenty of time to recline on your back. Although many sources say that sperm count is higher in the morning than at night, the truth is – there is no optimal time for that. 

6. Bye Bye Lubes 

Bye Bye Lubes

Lubes help the sperms move faster. Well, that is not necessarily true all the time. It can also cut down on Sperm’s mobility. So, it would be best to say no to lubes. If you cannot help, try using some water-friendly lubes (they tend to be more sperm friendly).

7. Connection Matters 

Connection Matters

Multiple trail and errors might make both you and your partner tired. It also makes you more eager and anxious. You feel like, “I need to get pregnant this month,’ but we are not on good terms. Why? Because the trial and error process has made it an obligatory process, like something you ought to do, but it comes to no good. 

So, try having fun with it. Talk to your partner, try out your different kinks and fantasies, and connect physically and emotionally with each other. You never know when the good news comes as a surprise. 

8. Missed A Period? Test It

test pregnancy

If you have missed a period, you should try testing your pregnancy. However, testing too early can yield a false negative result. To get a more accurate result, try testing it out a few days after you have missed a period. If it is a positive result, you should talk to your healthcare provider for early parental care.

9. Life Is Not Bollywood: So Try Again 

Try Again

Just spending a night with your partner does not get you pregnant. That only happens in Bollywood. Some studies reveal that couples trying to conceive take at least more than six months to get pregnant. So, yes, you might need to try again and again. But, if you are under 35 and trying for more than 12 months, then experts recommend taking a fertility test. 

Let’s Get Technical

Well, if you don’t want to gamble and what a sure shot about it then it is best that you get an ovulation kit, without assuming your ovulation date. They are available in any supermarket or pharmaceutical store.

You can also get a urine test done, a few days before you think you you are ovulating. If the test is positive then you know that you are going to ovulate within the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours, which means it is that time of the month.

And if you think this is getting too much, then it is best if you have sex every two to three days to get it covered and increase your chance to conceive a baby. This is also the way to make sure for women who do not get their cycles regularly.

There are various methods of checking fertility tracking the changes in your basal body temperature and look for the change in your cervical mucus. Don’t get too worked up on it and do not complicate it unnecessarily.

The End Story

It took us months as well. You cannot just say, ‘ I need to get pregnant this month’ and make it happen. It is not a magic lantern; you cannot wish a baby out of it. There is no definitive answer to the question – how to get pregnant fast? All you can do is try, learn, avoid the mistakes, and try again. 

I hope you find what you seek (both the answer and pregnancy). However, if you want us to answer any similar questions, please let us know in the comments.

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