Kim Kardashian has again landed at the center of controversy. This time, it’s about her love for being a ‘boy mom.’

The 42-year-old Skims founder, as well as mother of two daughters and two sons, talked about being a ‘boy mom’ recently in an episode of The Kardashians, which aired on 19th October on Hulu. 

In the episode, Kim says, “My son Saint has a newfound obsession, love for soccer, so I decided I want to plan this legendary trip of a lifetime. I love my girls, but a girl, like, steals your clothes and has an attitude, you know? There’s nothing like being a boy mom. Like, seriously, it’s the best.”

Um, we don’t know! As women, we don’t think we stole our mom’s clothes and participated in multiple sports growing up. Kim, you gotta ask your daughters about that attitude – we have very different childhood memories, you know!

Let’s unpack!

So, Who Is A Boy Mom?

Who Is A Boy Mom

If you have not been surfing the internet recently, a ‘boy mom’ is a term that is supposed to be all funny and cute, but it actually isn’t! The whole ‘boymom’ tag is polarizing enough. While the term is typically used in a positive way to determine an identity within the concept of parenthood, it almost always leans into cringy, toxic gendered norms. 

At the very vest, it includes reels, memes, and photos of little boys coming onto things, getting dirty, as well as roughhousing – almost as if little girls never do any of these things. 

At worst, it’s also about being absolutely disrespectful and even smacking their mother’s backside with the lame, old excuse that ‘boys shall always be boys,’ which doesn’t have any place in society at the moment. Don’t forget that the whole dad culture is equally cringy. 

The entire thing turns even worse when you think about the simple fact that the reality TV star is also a mother to two daughters. Naturally, this clip will get the subsequent press converge to live on the internet forever for those kids to see.

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