If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to connect with your kids, nothing beats a long tail bicycles for kids. Unlike traditional bicycles, longtail bikes offer maximum cargo capacity with a powerful motor that makes traveling long or short distances a breeze. Since 2022, longtail cargo bikes have grown in popularity, with a jaw-dropping 9% projected market growth over the next ten years. While adults can’t seem to get enough of these convenient bicycles, it’s kids who are benefiting most from the sustainable switch. 

Along with offering an eco-friendly alternative to high-emission vehicles, a long tail bicycle spurs the imagination and encourages bonding. There’s no better way to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for children than with their very own longtail cargo bike. Let’s discuss the many benefits and features these popular bikes offer, as well as safety considerations and tips on choosing the one that’s best for your family.

Benefits of Long Tail Bicycles for Kids

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, kids should have at least sixty minutes of age-appropriate physical activity daily, but with our busy lifestyles, finding the time to achieve this goal is challenging. When you invest in a long tail bicycle, you’re providing your children with the opportunity for improved physical fitness. 

Long tail bikes promote activity and exploration. They make running everyday errands fun and exciting, activating kids’ imaginations and making them want to play outside. Too often, children spend their time inside an electronic device instead of exploring the world around them. With a long tail bicycle, they can put down the electronics and reconnect with their community. 

Long tail bikes are thoughtfully crafted with kids in mind. They offer ample safety features for superior protection and peace of mind. Along with ultra-durable aluminum frame designs, additional safety features include:

  • Premium suspension fork.
  • Hydraulic brakes.
  • Solid guard rails.
  • Ultra-bright head and tail lights.
  • Premium child seats.

When it comes to transportation, nothing beats the portability and safety of a longtail cargo bike.

Features of Long Tail Bicycles

Long tail bicycles have countless features that make them the ideal form of transportation for urban, suburban, and rural living. Their family-friendly design makes it easy to haul your kids and their gear while you run errands or spend the weekend exploring. What makes long tail bikes a great choice for families?

Thoughtful design – Longtail cargo bikes are streamlined, making them perfect for city travel. They feature exceptional weight distribution without sacrificing storage space, making them ideal for families. 

Premium materials – long tail bikes are crafted from premium materials like aluminum to ensure they last the test of time. 

Lightweight – Despite their power, long tail bicycles are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to load in a vehicle or store at your home.

Superior adjustability – You can customize your long tail bicycle to fit your needs, ensuring it grows with your family. Add-ons like child seats make it easy to carry kids of all ages safely and with confidence. 

Long tail bikes also include cutting-edge technological features like integrated USB chargers, dual battery systems, and active throttles, taking the guesswork out of every trip. With a long tail bicycle, you can worry less and enjoy your family more! 

Choosing the Right Long Tail Bicycles for Kids

There are many different long tail bikes to choose from, so you want to select a model that aligns with your family and lifestyle. When selecting a longtail cargo bike, choose one with enough seating and a large payload to support all of your kids. You also want to consider durability, so stick to high-quality materials like aluminum. You also want a long tail bicycle that is easy to use without a complicated electronic system. Upkeep and maintenance is a concern, so research the bike’s dependability and cost to repair. You want your bike to have a powerful electric bike to transport your family with ease, so choosing a highly powerful motor is essential. A few tips to ensure you choose the best long tail bicycle for your family include:

  • Stick with a reliable brand.
  • Read customer reviews.
  • Talk to other longtail cargo bike owners.

Safety Considerations 

When riding your longtail cargo bike, always wear appropriate safety gear and ensure your children have proper supervision. Choose age-appropriate seating to keep your kids secure, and always use your head and tail lights during low-visibility times. Finally, ensuring your longtail bike has hydraulic brakes, a heavy-duty kickstand, and solid guard rails will help keep your family safe. 

Best Long Tail Bicycles For Your Family

With the basics out of the way, I guess you will want to learn more about some of the best long tail bicycles for kids. Well, this is where this section comes into play. I have painstakingly compiled a small list of some of the best Long Tail bicycles for your family. These bicycles are perfect for running errands or taking your kids for road trip. Without further ado, let us dive right in. 

Specialized Globe Haul ST

The first long-tail cargo bicycle on our list is the Specialized Globe Haul ST. This bicycle is a revolutionary bicycle that is easily one of the best things that you will buy for your family. This cargo bicycle can carry a total of 419 pounds of cargo. However, the bicycle comes with a surprisingly nimble and tucked-in format. While riding the bicycle, I never really felt that it functioned clunkily. In fact, the bicycle felt really agile. 

Apart from spacious cargo, this bicycle also boasts huge 3.5-inch clunky tires. This makes off-roading easy. However, the bicycle lacks any form of suspension. Hence, sustained off-roading can be quite challenging. But I personally feel that the cycle was good for light off-roading.

Aventon Abound

If budget is not your concern, then Abound’s Aventon is the perfect bike for you. Priced at $2,200, this is the priciest bike on the list. Even though you will be spending a fortune, the bike is definitely one of the best looking and is perfectly suited for the assignment it has been given. The modular nature of the cycle will allow you to switch between modes of carriage on the fly. Hence, the price tag feels justified. 

Abound is all about customer comfort. The dropper seat post and passenger footboards are two of the best features that the bike offers. Apart from this, the cycle also boasts an SR Suntour suspension fork. As a result, off-roading is a smooth deal. However, the stem is a little flexible and malleable. As a result, the bike might feel a little brittle on bad roads. Otherwise, the bike is a good option to cover short distances affordably. 

Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2

Co-op Cycles Generation e1.2 is the best the money can buy for $1,900. At such a price point, the cycle manages to offer features like hydraulic brakes, rear lights, front fenders, rear racks, and a slot to put your phones or other digital devices. 

The e1.2 is a great option for riders who do not have to commute daily. Do not take it in any other way. This set of bicycles is a great piece of machinery for light offroading and such. However, it lacks sturdiness and space. Your kids will love the cycle and its peppy interface. But he or she will not be able to take any passengers. Still, this is a great bicycle that they can use in order to explore their environment. 


Long tail bikes are the perfect option for families and help promote a healthy, active lifestyle for children. Choosing a powerful electric bike is sustainable and allows children to use their imaginations and explore the world around them.


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