Megan Fox recently talked about a scary ectopic pregnancy she underwent when she was young.

While talking about Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, her new poetry book, to WWD, the 37-year-old author and actress shared about the miscarriage that she experienced with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly.

Speaking about the miscarriage, Fox mentioned she had gone through “other things” that she publicly hadn’t spoken about.

She said, “That experience was so much harder than I would’ve anticipated it to be, and I’ve really analyzed, ‘Why was that? What was that so difficult for me?’ Because when I was younger, I had an ectopic pregnancy, I’ve had other things that I’m not going to say because God forbid the world will be in an uproar. But I’ve been through other similar issues, but not with someone who I was so in love with.

Megan Fox And Motherhood:  

Megan Fox has three children with Brian Austin Green, her ex-husband: 11-year-old Noah, 9-year-old Bodhi, and 7-year-old Journey.

Early in November, she talked about her recent miscarriage, which she has also written about in her book. While sitting down on Good Morning America, she said, “I’ve never been through anything like that in my life. I have three kids, so it was very difficult for both of us, and it sent us on a very wild journey together and separately…trying to navigate, ‘What does this mean?’ and ‘Why did this happen?’

In her poetry book, Fox has written about an ultrasound involving a baby girl at ten weeks and a day, “maybe if you hadn’t… maybe if I had…

She has also written, “I want to hold your hand / hear your laugh. But now / I have to say / goodbye…as they rip you from my insides. I will pay any price. Tell me please / what is the ransom / for her soul?
In the month of May 2022, Kelly was able to dedicate his performance at the Billboard Music Awards performance to Fox. He dedicated his song, ‘Twin Flame’ to his fiancé, saying, “And this is for our unborn child.

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