There are a lot of things that a pregnant mother tries or reads about during the term of pregnancy. This is one such thing. I am sure you have read a lot of books about the birthing procedure. Or you must be reading some books on how to induce labor. You must be thinking if Miles Circuit is something that can induce labor or change the position of your baby, which will help you in going into labor quickly.

This is when I looked up the internet and found that there are numerous pregnant women looking for “miles circuit labor,” That is what we are going to discuss in this article today. There are various women who look up to things that can keep the baby in such a position that would help them out during delivery. They want to induce labor naturally.

What Is Actually Miles Circuit?

The Miles Circuit comes in a three-step sequence. It is designed to get the baby in a position that is optimal for birth. The whole sequence takes about ninety minutes to complete the whole sequence properly.

It utilizes the relaxation position and the movements as well to motivate the body to get into the Left Occiput Anterior position. The Miles Circuit has various uses. People mostly use it to get themselves into labor spontaneously. So, if you are one of those people looking for “Miles Circuit labor” on the internet, read along, and you will get to know all about it.

How Does Miles Circuit Help During Pregnancy And Birth?

There are various ways in which Miles Circuit helps a pregnant woman. Those are:

  • If you start Miles Circuit from the 37th week of pregnancy, then you can bring your baby into a better position from a critical position before their birth.
  • You can keep using the circuit till your due date and even after that. Doing this will encourage the baby to engage, which might help in sending a signal to your body to start labor.
  • You can also use the circuit during the initial part of your labor to bring your baby into an optimal position. This does not take much effort. But it is also an effective way to pass the first phase of labor if you are unable to sleep.
  • If you are going through back labor, then this could be effective for you.
  • It can bring the stalled labor back on track naturally.

Can This Circuit Actually Induce Labor?

Well, people say that it induces labor, but there is no proper research on the fact the Miles Circuit actually induces labor. But, according to many moms, this circuit has helped them get their labor started. 

The sequence of the positions mainly aims to relax the birthing mother nd open their pelvis. This makes space for the baby to shift their position and rotate optimally for the birthing process to go smoothly. Many people believe that if the baby is in a preferable position for delivery, the body goes into labor spontaneously.  

When the pelvis gets more space, the baby moves and turns down to the cervix. This lets the body know that it is time to open the cervix and let the baby out.

What Are The First Two Steps Of Miles Circuit?

Many people believe that they will get into labor when they are calm and relaxed.IIt is important to leave the fear behind. Relax when you are past your due date so that your body can get on with its work unnatural course.

What Is The Third Step?

The third step in the Miles Circuit involves curb walking and stair lunges. This one shifts your body weight as you take the uneven steps. With your every move, your baby and your body weight move from one side to the other. This could create a little bit of space in the pelvis. This, in turn, creates room for the baby to turn a little and move down to the cervix.

When Can You Start Using The Miles Circuit?

According to the people who came up with the idea of Miles Circuit, it would give the best results if you start the series when you reach the 37th week of your pregnancy. It is recommended to practice each step for 5-10 minutes. Then, increase the time slowly and take 30 minutes for each step.

If you start with the Miles Circuit almost three weeks before your due date. With this, you will get enough time to practice and get the stamina for every step of the series. This will increase the effectiveness of the circuit when you are close to your due date. Use it to your benefit during labor as well.

What About The Position Of The Baby During Birth?

The position of the baby is important during labor. But it is difficult for first-time mothers to know what it is all about and why everyone is fussing about this matter. The position of the baby is important because if the baby is in the optimum position. There is a high chance that the woman will get into labor spontaneously.

To have a vaginal birth, the baby’s head needs to be in a downward position. And it is even better if their head is facing down and have their face towards your back. Your baby can be positioned in four ways when their head is downwards. Let’s have a look at what those are:

  • Left Occiput Anterior: They should have their face towards your back, head down, and tilted a little, so the back side of the head is close to the mother’s left thigh.
  • Right Occiput Anterior: Here also, the face should be towards the mother’s back, head down and slightly tilted so that the back side of the head is close to the right side of the mother’s thigh.
  • Left Occiput Posterior: Facing out, head down and slightly tilted, looking towards the mother’s right thigh.
  • Right Occiput Posterior: They should be facing towards the mother’s back, head down, and slightly tilted, looking towards the mother’s left thigh.

Wrapping Up!

One thing I would like to mention is that “Miles Circuit labor” can be actually helpful. However, it is not a foolproof plan for inducing labor. Your body and your baby are the ones who know best when it is time to get into labor. There is not much that you can do to influence it. This is a good stage where you can try your patience and prepare yourself for the toddler stage.


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