Who knew that parenting comes in multiple choices? You will come across multiple brands, various options, and different styles of all the products that you require for your baby. And the thing is similar when choosing a bed for your baby. One of the most important decisions that you must take is mini crib vs crib. 

To make a sound decision you must know about all the differences and the positives and negatives of both the products. So, here is a detailed guide and the differences that you would need to know before buying the perfect bed for your little one. 

What is a mini crib? 

By appearance, the mini crib looks a lot like regular cribs, but it is just smaller in size. Even though there are legal implications on the standard of the cribs, those do not apply to mini cribs. These cribs are available in various measurements. 

However, mini cribs are mainly two-thirds of the standard size of a regular crib. They are mostly around 36 to 43 inches in length and 24 to 28 inches in width. If you have a small nursery, then this is the correct pick for you. These mini cribs are portable, and you can shift them around from one room to another. 

It is a good option if you want to keep your baby close to you in your room during the night. Because the bed is small and portable, it is easy to move into your room at nighttime.  

What is a crib? 

What is a crib

A classic baby bed is known as a crib. This is something you get to see in most nurseries and large enough to make comfortable space for your baby. And the size is perfect for most rooms, as they are not too large. 

According to the baby crib’s laws, cribs must be within 2 inches of the given dimensions, which are 52 3/8 inches long and 28 inches wide. Because of this standardization, buying a mattress becomes a lot simpler. The beds last for years, and that makes it a cost-effective investment. 

So, if you have the space in your nursery to accommodate a crib, then go for this one. And if you have plans already to have another kid, then this is a good investment, because cribs last for years. 

Mini crib vs crib: The difference 

By now, you have an idea about mini crib vs crib by their definition. A standard crib is a firm flat containing space for babies to sleep in. They are mostly made from metal, wood, and even acrylic. However, mini cribs are just smaller versions of the regular cribs. 

crib different from mini crib

The purpose of mini cribs is just the same as any regular cribs. They provide a cozy and safe space for the baby to sleep in but there are some significant differences between the two. 


The basic and most obvious difference between a mini crib and a crib is their size. The width of the mini crib ranges from 19 to 28 inches, whereas most of the full-sized cribs are around 30 inches wide.  

The height of a mini crib mostly ranges from 31 to 37 inches, and the height of a regular crib ranges from 33 to 40 inches. Mini cribs are mostly 31 to 40 inches long, whereas standard cribs are around 54 inches long. This gives them a little more space to grow.  


When we are comparing mini crib vs crib, there is an upper hand that mini cribs have over regular cribs. And that is mini cribs are portable. Because of their slim profile, they fit through the doorways. Many mini cribs come with wheels and can be moved around from one room to another without any difficulty. 

But if you want to shift a regular crib to another you, you probably have to take the whole thing down, and then reassemble it in the next room.  


There are a lot of full-sized cribs that are available in the market, that are now convertible. By that, I mean it can be swapped out of some pieces and can be converted into a day bed from a regular crib or to a toddler bed as well. This can be used for years. 

But there are not many mini cribs that have this feature or come in a convertible size. Most of them have a fixed size and cannot be converted. These cribs can only be used till the baby comes of 6-month age. 


However, there are various mini cribs available in different styles in the market, but if you want something you will be able to customize according to your nursery, you should choose a full-sized crib. This is going to provide you with all the customization that you want to do, as well as give a stylish look as well. But with mini cribs you will not be able to do much.  


If you are looking for a perfect mattress for your baby’s crib and other bedding essentials, you will find a lot more options available for a full-sized crib, because they are more popular. So, if you have plans to decorate the nursery in your own way, then you must go for a full-size crib. 


There are not many brands that make mini cribs. So, there are less model available. You may have to look a little longer for getting the perfect mini crib for your little one. You can have a model in mind for your baby, but it can take you a long time to get that one because these are not easily available everywhere. But standard-sized cribs are easily available, and you can have plenty of options to choose from.  


While comparing mini crib vs crib, price is an important factor that plays a big role in this. Standard-sized cribs have a higher price than a mini-crib. Full-sized cribs range somewhere between $100 to $1,000. Whereas mini cribs cost around $100 to $500. It can cost a maximum of $600 if it is from a high-quality and reputable brand. 

Mini crib vs crib: Benefits and drawbacks 

Benefits and drawbacks

Like every other product, mini crib and full-size cribs have some positives and negatives. Let’s start with the positives of standard cribs. 

Pros of full-sized cribs 

Style: Starting from traditional to mid-century and from modern to minimalist, and from luxury cribs to a lot more, with so many different styles that are available on the market, it is easy to find a crib that would suit your nursery and your style. 

Availability: Standard cribs are a lot more available in both baby stores and in the traditional department as well. You will also find a lot of prominent brands online as well. You will have a lot of options to choose from. They are always in stock at any point in time. 

Bedding: Regular-sized cribs are quite common everywhere. Crib accessories are also easily available like mattresses, crib skirts and crib sheets, in different colors and different patterns. 

Cons of full-sized cribs 

  • Size – Families that have a confined living space, for them it might be a little difficult to accommodate a full-sized crib.  
  • Portability – There is another thing about standard cribs, and that is they cannot be moved from one room to another. And when moved, it takes a lot of effort. Most of the cribs are too wide to get through the doors and they do not have wheels. So, you must break the whole thing up and reassemble it.  
  • Storage – There are numbered full-sized cribs that can be easily folded down. But when you want to store a standard crib, you must break it down. Not only does this require a lot of time but also needs some organization skills. You must make sure that you are keeping all the pieces together.   
  • Higher price – The price of a standard crib varies wildly, but while comparing a mini crib vs crib, from one similar brand, the regular-sized crib’s cost will be more. 

Pros and Cons of Mini Cribs 

Pros and Cons of Mini Cribs

Now, let’s look at the drawbacks and benefits of a mini crip, so you have a clear idea whether it will work for you or not. 

Pros of Mini Cribs 

  • Smaller – Well, this is the most obvious difference when comparing a mini crib vs crib, and that is the size. It is a miniature form of a standard-sized crib. This piece of furniture is best for those families who have a small living space, or those who want to fit two cribs in the nursery for their twins. 
  • Portable – Another practical feature that mini cribs offer is that they are portable and can be moved to another bedroom with ease. Because of the smaller size, these are easy to fit through the doors, and come with wheels almost always.  
  • Easier to store – There are various mini cribs that are available with folding hinges. This is what makes these fold away and store quickly. The design is made in a way that it remains assembled, with all the small parts staying together, and does not need to completely break it down. 
  • Lower price – People with a tight budget and want to get a good crib at a lower price should go for mini cribs. That way you get to buy it within your budget, and you do not compromise with the quality. 

Cons of Mini Cribs 

  • Outgrown sooner – Apart from their general small size, they are shorter in size. They are, of course, shorter than any standard-sized crib. This means the baby outgrows the crib soon. 
  • Less widely available – As they are not so common, they are less widely available. So, shopping for a mini crib might take a little longer than any standard-sized crib. To have to look for it in various stores and you might not get enough choice to pick from. 
  • Fewer styles available – You will get a lot of choice when you are settling for a regular crib, but with mini cribs that is not the case. Styles and colors are numbered, and you must pick one from them only. So, if you have a particular style in mind, then it might be a little difficult to bring that out. 
  • Harder to find bedding – However, if you choose to go with a mini crib, you will not have as many options to choose from when it comes to a crib mattress and bedding. At times, the mini crib making brands come with a mattress as well as options for fitted sheet go with the dimensions of the crib. But you will not get a lot of options to choose from. 

Why Choose a Mini Crib? 

Why Choose a Mini Crib

So, how do you know if a mini crib is the correct choice for you? Here are some practical reasons behind why you should choose a mini crib over a standard-sized crib. 

  • Smaller living space – Well, I have mentioned this before in the article, that because of their small size, they are easy to move around, and set up the nursery within a small space. With a small nursery, your best option is a mini crib. 
  • Same floor living space – It is very useful to get a mini crib if your family has the entire living space or most of it on the same level as an apartment or a bungalow. Most of the mini cribs have wheels and fit through the doorway. So, if you want to keep your little one close to you for the night, then this is a good choice. 
  • Bassinet alternative – You can use a mini crib in place of a newborn bassinet, and that is how you can minimize the baby items to purchase. You get to keep it by your bed like you keep a bassinet, and the small size helps. Moreover, they will outlast the bassinets because the mattress can lower them to two or three levels which cannot be done with bassinets. 
  • Twins or multiples – If you have twins, you must get separate cribs for your babies. That is why getting a mini crib is useful, because they will save some space and will also be cost effective. 

Mini crib vs crib: In short 

Overall, it is tough choice between mii crib vs crib. If you want flexibility in terms of accessories and style and want to use it for a long period of time, then a standard-sized crib is the correct choice for you. But you will not be able to move it around. 

On the other hand, a mini crib can be moved around from one room to another, but there is a fixed timeline for using it. It can be used till the time your baby is around 6 months of age. If you wish, you can contact other parents and have some suggestions from them as well. 


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