Children’s rooms decorated according to the Montessori method can be bewildering. It does not have classic beds, but only an outdoor bed. It is done for the convenience and comfort of the child. Such furniture gives the baby maximum freedom and does not limit his desire to move.

A Montessori bed is fundamentally different from the usual furniture. Classical cribs are made on high legs. Yes, it is convenient for parents, but greatly limits the baby. According to Montessori, the first crib is the first prison. It does not make the child do what he wants; it defines his freedom and desires. The Montessori bed is unlimited and allows you to take any toy or book. Such furniture helps in both physical and mental development. When you create a space for a child to make their own decisions and move freely, you help them become independent and mature.

What Are The Features Of The Montessori Crib?

Features Of The Montessori Crib

The low-floor crib helps the baby explore the world independently. The child can easily slide off after sleeping. Even if your child cannot move independently, he can actively move his arms or legs. No walls or restrictions in the Montessori crib can prevent this. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of injury or shock.

The main advantage of a floor bed is that the whole room is evident from it. The walls of a classic crib can limit the view of space. Montessori’s furniture allows you to create an idea of ​​personal space without any interference.

This option allows the child to form their own life rhythm independently. After waking up, the kid can calmly reach for the toy and examine the room.

Separately, it is worth noting that with the help of a Montessori crib, a child will quickly learn to feel his body in space. The kid will intuitively learn to recognize the edge of the bed in advance and not roll down. Plus, the lack of restriction in the form of walls and partitions gives freedom of movement, which has a good effect on physical development.

The low bed allows the child to test his strength and believe in himself. The kid will not be afraid to fall from low furniture and will quickly learn to make decisions. It is a massive plus for building confidence and stable self-esteem.

How To Choose A Montessori Bed

A distinctive feature of the Montessori crib is that it is suitable for children of any age. It is an excellent option for infants and children aged 5–6 years. Usually, the furniture comes in a standard size, enough for a child to sleep comfortably. This way, you can design a nursery without needing a new bed when the child grows up.

When choosing a bed, you should pay attention to:

  • the material it’s made from;
  • design features;

Children’s furniture should be of high quality and safe. It is best to choose options from natural materials. Most Montessori beds are made of wood. They are environmentally friendly, look stylish, and do not harm the children’s health. If you pick painted options, pay attention to the quality and safety of the coating.

A floor crib can be in the form of a mattress and have small walls. There are also house options. The first option is the simplest, consisting of a base and a mattress. Such a bed does not limit the baby and takes up little space in the room. Furniture with a house is used to zone the space to separate the recreation area. The panels can be decorated with educational toys or characters from your favorite cartoons.

The appearance of the crib also plays a role. Decide the option that suits the style of the children’s room. Thus, a child from childhood will be surrounded by high-quality and stylish things that help him develop.

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