Mothers Day 2024 is indeed a day worth celebrating. The day is dedicated to motherhood. People from all over the globe celebrate it with their mothers. From appreciative posts to gifts to hugs and kisses – the 12th of May 2024, will experience it all. 

For them, mothers are their best friends. They can run to them whenever they want, hug them, and cry in their arms. I mean, that is how a healthy relationship with your mother should not. But not all of us can say this out loud.

Some of us sit in the corner wondering where it all went wrong. We keep thinking, why is it that we can never hug our mothers, tell them how we feel, or share with them what hurts us the most?  

Growing up, my mother was never there for me – or as I would explain it. Apparently, every child with a working mother felt the same. The fact that she did all of it for me was beyond my understanding.

Twenty-two years later, maybe I will finally get it. Maybe I finally understood what she was going through. Maybe now I get why she was so stern in the very first place. So, maybe this time, I will not sit in the dark and shed tears about how tainted my relationship is with my mum. Because, it is not. 

For me, Mothers Day 2024 shall be about forgiveness and acceptance. Mothers struggle more than we can ever imagine. So, this year, a little forgiveness, a bit more acceptance, and a big hug can be the best gift you give to your mother, too.  

Before Forgiving, Ask For Forgiveness 

“Before I even begin with how hurt I was at the times you were not there, or how you never loved me – I owe you a sorry. Even before I start to explain how you’ve hurt me, I want you to forgive me for not becoming the daughter you’ve always wanted. 

I remember all those times when I shut you out; you just wanted to spend a little time with me. I am sorry for going so far, holding so much anger, that years later, I still burn in the fire of my own wrath.” 

Before Forgiving, Ask For Forgiveness

Our mums may not be the best mothers in the world. But are we the best children out there? Have we ever been easy on them? Did we ever try to understand the pain and the struggle that they have gone through to raise us to this day? We don’t.  

Children can be selfish – we are. A little hit on our expectations takes a toll on how we act. We don’t think twice before shutting people away or being our meanest selves. We complained that they were not understanding enough, but did we ever try to understand them? Being a mother is not the easiest job. They, too, have ghosts of their past that haunt them. They shout, but they cry, too.

On all those nights I slept without eating, my mother slept in an empty stomach, too. She had traumas and had nowhere to go. She suffered inside, but kept quiet.  

Yes, she may not have been the best mother, nor am I the best daughter either. But I am a part of her – a part of a perfect woman who can turn the world upside down just to see me smile for once.  

Want To Gift Your Mother On Mothers Day 2024? Gift Her Your Forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts in the universe. This Mothers Day 2024, embrace her with the gift of forgiveness. You may not know it, but she knows you’re hurt. She can see it in your eyes. Every time you take yourself away from her, she cries.  

She is a mother; she knows it all. Trust me, she loves you. She wants to come to you and comfort you, but she can’t.  

Want To Gift Your Mother On Mothers Day 2024

We’ve shut ourselves so hard, distanced ourselves so much – there is no way out for her. She might get angry and be mad at you, but her love for you is beyond everything that we can comprehend.   

So, start with forgiveness. Yes, there were things that she did that were wrong. They hurt you, possibly scarred you for life. But she was helpless, too. You need to understand it.

People put mothers on a pedestal and forget that they are humans. They have feelings, traumas, and sufferings. So, just as it is normal for us to express all our emotions, it is normal for them to express that way too.  

And, it is not fair for us to hold them accountable just because they expressed their feelings, is it? Just as they have forgiven us for every mistake we’ve made, it’s time that we forgive them, too.  

Accept Her Love For This Mothers Day 2024

Accept Her Love For This Mothers Day 2024

Who says you can only give gifts by being a giver? Sometimes, becoming a receiver can be the greatest gift to someone. Love can surprise you in many different forms and shapes.  

Most of us do not even believe that our mothers can love us. Her tough love and strict parenting have somehow forced us to believe that she doesn’t love us anymore. But is it really the fact? I mean, why would she be so protective, so possessive about us if it was not for love?

Why would she care what we do, what we eat, or where we go if she did not love us?  

I know we are all hurt, and anger blinds us most of the time. But there is nothing more precious than a mother’s love. Yes, it is different. Some mums are incapable of showing it in the way we expect them to. But her love is always there. It is beyond anything materialistic. This is the kind of love that lives in our skin and breathes in our blood – just as Professor Dumbledore once said…  

“Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign… to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very own skin. Quirrel, full of hatred, greed, and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this reason. It was agony to touch a person marked by something so good.”  

Break The Wall 

This is where things can get a bit complicated. Taking is the first step is like hitting the wall for the first time that you have built over the years. Yes, it is a very intricate, intimate step. Things might get awkward, too, but then again, she is your mother. She has bathed you, fed you, and seen you in the most horrific times. Things can never be too awkward for her.  

In most cases, this becomes a question of ego. We often ask, “Why should I?”, “Why won’t she?” or “I am not wrong, she is. She should take the first step!”

Break The Wall

To begin with, our mom tried several times. We may not understand it, but she did. From putting the blankets on our shivering bodies to trying to feed us whenever we were busy – she did. We are just too caught up to understand.  

We built a wall between us over the years that is now impossible for her to break. It hurts her, too. Seeing her baby slowly going away from her kills her from the inside. But she has nothing to do. It’s a wall that you have built, and only you can break it.

So, for this Mothers Day 2024, break the wall. See it shatter down to nothing as you embrace the warmth of your mother’s love and care.  

Communication Is The Key  

Have you ever talked to your mum? I mean, really talked to your mother? Have you ever told her how you feel? Discuss the things that have been going on in your mind? I am pretty sure you have not. None of us have.  

Communication Is The Key

We are all so blinded by our anger toward our mothers that we fail to tell them how we feel. We all have gone numb. Our relationship with them is all about assumptions and predictions. We never care to take out some time and open up to them. Maybe if we had done it before, our relationship with our mother wouldn’t have been so complicated. Communication brings light to many things that we are unaware of. From incidents in our mother’s lives to things that we have gone through; everything comes to a clear understanding.  

On This Mothers Day 2024, Accept And Embrace Her 

Our mothers may not be the best. She might not even be the most perfect mother in the world, either. But she is our mother. We came from her. We are a part of her. She may have done a lot of things to hurt us and let us down. But, she is our mother. And as her little baby, it is always our responsibility to accept her the way she is. Just how she did with us. 

On This Mothers Day 2024, Accept And Embrace Her

We have every right to correct her when needed, but to change her is not on us. Acceptance is something that a lot of people fail to do. Accepting people the way they are is one of the biggest challenges we face. We tend to change things if they don’t fit right with our expectations. But that is not going to work here. She is the lady who brought us into the world and took every responsibility for our well-being.  

She fed us, cared for us, cried for us ; and she need not change.

Our mothers may not be perfect, but she belongs to us.  

Letter To A Mother.. 

Letter To A Mother

Happy Mother’s Day, Mumma.. 

This is probably the very first time we are writing a small piece for you. You might not read it, but it will bring us peace that a part of our hearts will forever remain on the internet. We know we have not been the best children, maybe not even the one you have asked for. And yes, we never did what you said; and were a challenge to you.  

We have been mean, tough to deal with, and maybe straight out of a nightmare, but you never gave up.  

You never gave up on your efforts. You never let go of us, something that we would have done long back if we were in your place.  

For years, we have been troubling you. We have given you a tough time, which we sadly can never take back. Certainly we failed to understand the things you were going through, which made you react in ways you did. We are sorry, but we were hurt. We were so hurt, and had no one to go to. Every night, we cried ourselves to sleep; all we wanted was for you to hold us. Yes, we got jealous of people who were so close to their mothers while we were all alone.  

We shut you out. And built a wall and made sure you could never break it. We are sorry.  

We are so, so sorry for being so angry over the years. But now, we understand you. Now we understand you, and we forgive you just as you have forgiven us for all these years. We accept you the way you are. We know the things you have gone through, and ours come nowhere near your struggles.  

This Mothers Day 2024, we shall finally forgive ourselves for being so mad at you, and unknowingly hurting you to a point where you felt maybe giving up on us would be the best thing to do, but you didn’t.  

Thank you.  

We are sorry.  

We love you.  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day 2024 is near the corner. While people around the world adorn their relationship with their mothers through gifts and charms, you can do so with just a small step.  

Take a small step to hug her, and tell her how much you love her. Thank her for all that she has done for you. This may be awkward and, for some, very little to do. But to your mother, this will be beyond the sun, the moon, and the stars above.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. When Is Mothers Day In 2024 In India? 

Mothers Day 2024 in India is on 12 May. It is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of every May, which is dated 12th of May this year.

2. Who Created Mother’s Day? 

Anna Jarvis was the founder of Mother’s Day back in 1908. Jarvis had no children of her own. So, she decided to celebrate this day to acknowledge the contributions her mother made in her life.

3. How Is Mothers Day Decided? 

Mother’s Day has a very simple calculation. It is held on the second Sunday of May, every year.


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