Nanny Vs Babysitter: who should you choose?

Nanny vs Babysitter: who should you choose to take care of your baby while you are away? All the working parents find one job difficult– that is– taking care of their baby in their absence. 

Most working parents choose child daycare or leave any other family member with the baby. Some consider taking the help of a babysitter or a nanny. They can consider part-time or full-time in-house childcare based on what they need. But, awkwardly, many parents find it difficult to choose between a nanny and a babysitter. This article is meant to help them. 

After reading this article, you will understand if you should choose a nanny for your baby or appoint a babysitter for in-house care of your baby. 

Nanny Vs Babysitter: How Are They Different? 

Before appointing either a Nanny or a babysitter, you must know the difference between the two of these working professionals. The Nanny vs Babysitter difference mainly lies in their professional expertise and the type of work that they do. 

Both of them take care of your baby. A babysitter is more of an ad-hoc or short-term job many people pick up to make money. But nannies are more experienced professionals, and they do more long-term jobs attending to babies and supporting them. 

Babysitters only attend to the baby. But a nanny is also supposed to do the other housework, prepare food, and manage their employer’s home. Nannies are more involved, while the babysitters are hired on an ad-hoc basis.

What Is A Nanny? 

What Is A Nanny?

The duties and professional experiences of the nannies are far greater than the babysitters. They are qualified and experienced at taking care of babies and providing specialty services like sleep management and newborn care. While the Babysitter’s service is only limited to the baby, the support the nanny provides involves the whole family. 

The term of a nanny’s service usually spans years. They have long-term arrangements with their employers. Nannies also spend quality time with the children they care for; they also involve themselves in the child’s education and overall development.

They are always ready to prepare the children for school or any other schedule. Nannies always support the family they are involved in. as a result, the families consider them as members of the family and not just some service provider.


Here are some examples of their works –

  • They care for the children.
  • Planning meals and cooking food also come under their responsibilities.
  • They play with the children while trying to focus on their development. 
  • Helping children with homework.
  • Potty training and nappy changing are also some of their work. 
  • Sometimes, the nannies arrange for games both indoors and outdoors. 
  • They encourage and assist in educational and creative works. 
  • Nannies ensure the overall well-being of the children and the family.  
Why Should You Consider Nannies?Why Should You Not?
Nannies offer consistent child care while keeping their work and personal life connected. They are more expensive than daycare and babysitters. 
They are more protective and careful about your child.Children getting in-house care with the nannies get fewer opportunities to socialize compared to children in the daycare. 
Parents can have peace of mind leaving their children to the nanny and engaging in their work. Some parents think that having nannies disrupt their privacy.
They are comparatively more flexible than a daycare center. Nannies do not offer many backup options. If they are sick or touring, the baby remains unattended. 
Nannies keep your children safe from germs. 

What Is A Babysitter?

What Is A Babysitter

We need to understand who a babysitter is to define nanny vs babysitter. Usually, you don’t need lots of experience, skills, and skills like nannies to become a babysitter. Babysitters can be your relatives, close family friends, neighbors, or young adults who the parents are acquainted with. Some of them are often students or professionals in childcare. 

Their work does not have a long-term plan like the nannies. Babysitters also don’t have to pay attention to the child’s development. Babysitters are basic caregivers who take care of the baby in the absence of the parents. 

Some of their works include –

  • Keeping an eye on the children and their activities. 
  • Feeding the children.
  • They also have to change napkins. 
  • Putting children to bed. 
  • Playing with the children is also part of their jobs. 

Here’s An Overview:

Why Should You Consider Babysitters?Why Should You Not?
Sitters can be at your doorsteps at short notice. You can call and appoint them the night before you need them. Parents looking for a long-term caregiver should rather opt for a nanny. Because babysitters will only help parents for a limited period. 
They cost less money than a nanny. Babysitters are often teenagers looking for ways to make extra money. Some of them may take the caregiving part lightly.
Parents can employ babysitters for short periods. They are best for parents who need short-term baby care. Some sitters do not respect their employers’ boundaries, rules, and privacy. ( but this is exceptional)

Nanny Vs Babysitter: What Is The Difference Between Nanny And Babysitter?

Difference Between Nanny And Babysitter

Although these servicegivers are associated with similar jobs, they differ in many ways. Here is a simple description of the differences –

Nanny vs Babysitter:

Caregiver Nanny Babysitter
Schedule Nannies are full-time professional caregivers to babies. They are employed for a long time, and they work with only one family. Their working hour is around 40 to 50 hours a week.  They often live with their family and work closely with their parents. Babysitters provide their services when they are called or needed. They work on a part-time basis. That is why it is a good earning opportunity for adult students. They usually come to the baby’s house and stay for a few hours with the baby. They have to work a couple of times within a month or week. Babysitters can work with multiple families and provide childcare when needed.
DutiesNannies have more responsibilities and duties far greater than babysitters. Apart from the caregiving, feeding, and playing part, nanny duties also include focusing on the baby’s development in the long term.Babysitters are short-term caregivers. Their duties include caregiving, putting babies to sleep, feeding them, and playing with them. They need not take part in any development of the baby’s personality. 
Education Nannies usually have years of experience taking care of children. Some may also have specialized certificates in childhood education or teaching certificates. Some also have specialized training in working with parents of different age groups. In terms of skills and experience, babysitters are more entry-level professionals. They only have basic knowledge of childcare. 
Role In Baby’s Life A nanny plays a huge part in the baby’s life. They help develop the child as a person, and feeling concerned about the child’s well-being is also part of their responsibility. They attach more emotionally to the children and become an important part of the baby’s life. The babysitters are not as connected to the babies as the nannies. If you know the babysitting definition, you know the extent of your involvement with the baby. It is simple and basic caregiving. Babysitters can sit a baby for a few months and be done with it. Unlike nannies, they don’t have to engage in the overall development of the children. 
PaymentNannies take payment on hourly rates. But the rate of their services varies according to the places they work and their expertise. In the metropolitan areas, the highest-paid nannies charge $25 to $40. Babysitters are also charged according to the hour of their services. Parents can pay according to the rates in their locality. Although babysitters are limited to minimum services, they can also offer extra services for extra charges.

Babysitter Vs Nanny: Verdict 

The choice depends upon the parents and the type of caregiving they need for their children. Some parents need caregivers who would stay with the baby long-term. Some need help with a short time or a limited period of babysitting. Parents with hectic and busy work schedules can opt for a nanny. Parents who need limited time for caregiving for their baby (either regular or on short notice) should go for a babysitter. 

I think your confusion about Nanny vs Babysitter is clear now. However, if you have any further queries, please reach out to us through the comment. We will answer as soon as possible.

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