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We Tried The Popular Nugget Couch – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

The Nuggets couch is so popular these days. Children love them, and parents are swarming to online and offline stores to buy these for them. But what exactly are they? How do they work? Are they really worth your money? 

I know you have all of these questions. That is why we reviewed Nugget couches and explained if all this hype is worth it. Honestly, these are part furniture and partly-toy that. But should you buy these for your little sweetlings? I know they are nagging for it, but reading this review should help you decide. 

About Nuget Couches

About Nuget Couches

These super hyped Nugget couches are a set of cushions that can be made into forts, movie theatres, pillow forts, ships, slides, mountains, and whatever a little child can imagine. These couches are comfortable and easy to move around. 

Kids can easily turn these into playthings and reconfigure them as per their imagination. They don’t have to rely on their parents to play with (or carry) these couches. They are also not so big to take up a lot of space in the room. You can check out the dimensions here –

Depth  Length Seat Height Total Height
33” 66” 8.75” 22.25”

The Nuggets were intended to be couches. But, you know, kids, they can make playthings out of things that aren’t playthings; and now it is a plaything, and it is trending. The Nuggets couch is made of four pieces of foam cushions. The base of the cushion is firm, with one soft cushion and two triangle-shaped cushions. Your kid can stack these pieces up to create a cushion. 

The Nuggets couches are great for making your kids use their creativity and imagination to make something. They serve as the building block for creating something they want to create. They are also great materials for kids to learn while playing. Kids can have plenty of fun indoors using the Nuggets. They are also machine washable, and the materials are made of high-quality, durable foams. 

How Much Does Nuggets Couch Cost?

Nuggets Couch Cost

The Nuggets will cost your wallet $229. You can pay it at once and buy it for an interest-free payment that charges you $21/ month. They will ship your Nuggets couch within 1 to 3 business days. 

Your kids can make their own ideas, or you can help them create things using references from the Nuggets website. For example, they have listed different building ideas using a Nugget couch. To be honest, the Nuggets are great toys for your kids. 

The foams used in the cushions are low-VOC certiPUR certified foam. There are also no sharp corners that can hurt the kids. But, you may have to compromise on customer service a little. However, we can expect customer service to be better sooner. 

Before you buy these, you should consider both the pluses and minuses of buying these toys. After testing the Nuggets, I have listed things that we liked and did not like. You can read them to have a better understanding. 

Things We Like About Nuggets Couches

Things We Like About Nuggets Couches

Alright, my first and clear thought about the Nuggets is that I love them. I feel no shame in admitting so. My son loves it, and I also play with him sometimes. There are several things that I love about the Nuggets couch. Here are some of them–

  • I love them because my kids are happily playing with the Nuggets couch. They spend their time creating something out of their weird imagination. 
  • A good reason why l love them is that the Nugget couch is for children of all age groups. Both my 3 years old daughter and 8-year-old son enjoy playing on these creative couches. 
  • Most importantly, they are easy to carry around the house. So, when I am out or at work, they can play around with these Nugget couch without my help. They can drag the couches around the house without asking me every ten minutes. 
  • They are super easy to clean. I don’t have to spend a whole day cleaning the cushions. You can easily clean small marks without a lot of effort. 
  • My kids are naughty, just like yours. They unleash hell upon the Nuggets couch, but it still remains to be durable like the day one. The Nuggets couch is durable enough. 

Things We Dislike About Nuggets Couches 

Things We Dislike About Nuggets Couches 

When I said I liked the Nuggets couch, I meant every word of it. However, there are some things that I have never been ok with. For starters, it is hard to get a hold of anyone at the Nuggets stores. Here are some things about the Nuggets couches that disappointed me –

  • Their customer service does not feel upto the mark. You can send email after email and get no replies from them. If you face any issue with their product, you might regret not having support at the proper time. 
  • Although they are super fun to play with, sometimes, the Nuggets feel overhyped. There are other toys kids can play with. It does not necessarily have to be Nuggets couch. 

Is Nuggets Couch Worth It?

I did not have any issue whatsoever with the Nuggets except for their lazy customer service. Having kids is a blessing and all. But, you know, we really want so much me-time away from work, responsibilities, and kids. Spending my money has bought me that time. My kids can mind their own business with the couches, and I get to spend my time playing with the Nuggets couch as well (yeah, that’s what I meant by me-time). 

But, seriously, the Nuggets are not bad. Toddlers, kids, and parents, everyone can have their fair share of fun with these couches. My elder son loves to watch TV while hiding under his Nugget’s cave. My daughter, on the other hand, loves seeing her picture book while playing with the couches. 

Even I enjoy spending engaging with them every once in a while; they play with the Nugget floor sofa. If you don’t have a problem spending $229 for your kids’ happiness, then I would say that you are putting your money in the right place.

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