Not all the words of wisdom old grannies with gray hair passed down really work. But, surprisingly, some of them have some level of truth to them. Most interestingly, many old tricks to getting pregnant are just bubbles that need bursting.

We find it difficult to shun away some of the old wives’ tales (because we mean no disrespect) our mothers and grannies passed down. But, It is difficult to tell which tale tale is a tale (pun intended) and which ones really work.

So, I scratched both the surface and the bottom of the internet and asked a few people around about some popular old wives’ tales about getting pregnant. Conception processes can be stressful – but these old tricks to getting pregnant should make the process fun and a little less stressful.

Old Wives Tales And Old Tricks To Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant

Even though some old wives tales have no scientific data to back them up, believing in them does not hurt. That leaves us to the question – what to believe? And what not to believe? Eating the core of the pineapple does not hurt. So, there is no harm in believing in it.

But, if the old wives tales tell you to do something harmful, then you should refrain from them at all costs. Consulting with a doctor is always the safest way to proceed further for conception. But, if you want to make it a fun and happy experience, there is no harm in believing in a few of these tales. I have seven such old wives’ tales you can take a look into.

1. Enhance Your Fertility, Mix Honey & Cinnamons

Coming straight from ancient Egyptian folklore, honey was thought to be a food of love. They have long been offering honey to the god so fertility – and if we take a scientific look at it, they are not totally wrong.

The amino acids present in raw honey can help ovarian function properly. Your reproductive system can get tremendous help from raw honey. But, when you bring cinnamon to the mix, it helps jumpstart irregular menstrual cycles. According to different studies, Cinnamon, when mixed with honey, can help improve blood flow in the reproductive organs. Women with common infertility disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome often find this mixture helpful.

Surprisingly, not all the old tricks to getting pregnant are old wives’ tales that don’t work.

2. Try When The Mood Is High

Some old wives’ tales suggest trying conception when you are in the mood for intercourse. Women are most fertile when ovulating; this is also when the level of their libido is off the charts. The estrogen level also remains high, setting the mood for them to want to have intercourse.

An increased sense of smell and vaginal lubrication suggests that you are in the mood. Just as some old tricks to getting pregnant suggest, you should be trying to get pregnant when you are in the mood. Also, it feels right.

3. Orgasm Means Higher Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Orgasm Means Higher Chances Of Getting Pregnant

The old wives are not completely wrong to associate female orgasm with conception. In fact, studies have shown that female orgasms might work like an internal vacuum.

When uterine contractions occur before or 45 minutes after male ejaculation, they can pull the sperm inside the vaginal canal. Also, when oxytocin releases during orgasm, it helps women relax.

4. Elevate Your Legs After Trying Conception

Elevate Your Legs After Trying Conception

The oldest of the old wives’ tales is to elevate your legs after you have put all your love and sweat in the bed. Thankfully, there is some truth to this. Elevating legs after intercourse increases the chances of conception. Semen remaining inside the vagina for more than 15 minutes can increase the chances of conception.

Many women try retaining semen by lifting up their legs after an ejaculation. This is one of the old tricks to getting pregnant. Women lie on their backs and lift their legs to put every ounce of semen to good use.

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5. It Happened On A Stressless Weekend

You were tired of trying it out again and again. But, it did not happen, not until the stressless weekend trip. One of the old tricks to getting pregnant is to let go of all of your stress (easier said than done.) Studies suggest that women are more capable of conception when they have diminished levels of stress.

6. Lesser Stress Means Higher Chances Of Pregnancy

Many physicians are of the opinion that – when women are stressed, they have elevated levels of cortisol, which hinders the ovulation process and decreases blood flow in the uterus. Doctors also believe this can affect both the chances of conception and negatively impact IVF success rates.

If you want to believe in old wives’ tales to get pregnant, try things that reduce your stress levels. You can try yoga, go on trips, build up healthy habits, and get good sleep to reduce stress.

7. Cough Syrup Is The Key

Trying out old tricks to getting pregnant? Have you tried Cough syrups? Well, this sounds crazy, but cough syrups can actually help you faster. How? The guaifenesin in the cough syrup thins out the mucus both in the chest and the cervix. When the cervical mucus is lost, it makes a better environment for the sperms.

But, if you are using cough syrups, choose the ones that don’t contain antihistamines. Antihistamines dry out the mucus and make it difficult for the sperm to move inside. Also, try this medication during the week when you are ovulating and use only a necessary amount of medicine.

8. Acupuncture Helps With Pregnancy!

Acupuncture Helps With Pregnancy!

Acupuncture has many benefits for the human body. The benefits also include boosting fertility. It has been said to be associated with the regulation of essential hormones, cytokines, immune modulators, and the nervous system. It is also possible to increase blood flow in the pelvic organs through acupuncture.

Now that we have learnt about a few old wives take about getting pregnant, there are some misconceptions as well that has been going around for a long time. let’s have a look into that.

Myth Bursting

I am not saying that you should not believe them, when they give you some age-old advice, to conceive quickly, but there are certain tales which have been believed over the years, but have no scientific proof of it.  Some might help you and some might not. And there are certain things which can no way help you with getting pregnant. Here are a few of those.

Wear Rose Quartz To Increase Fertility 

There are some celebrities who believe that collecting and wearing crystals helps them in their life. It helps improve the quality of life they live, improve their relationships as well and help them be better parents. But there have been instances where self-proclaimed healers give stones like rose quartz to many people with the assurance that it will increase fertility and boost their rate of conception.

It is not wrong to collect crystals and wear them if you believe in it, but there is no specific evidence that supports this claim that wearing rose quartz will help you conceive in anyway.

Positions Impact Conception 

There is this notion going on for a long time that sex positions impact your chance of getting pregnant but can also determine the sex of the baby. but this is a complete myth. There is no evidence to support this claim. It is absolutely wrong to say that a sex position can determine the sex of the child. There is no perfect golden positive than can guarantee you getting pregnant.

 IVF Treatments Can Lead To Early Menopause

There are various IVF myths that are all over the internet, ready to scare people.  One such tale is that fertilization takes too many of the eggs and triggers menopause. According to Dr. Shahin Ghadir, the founding member of SCRC or The Southern California Reproductive Centre, “One of the major comments that I hear is that people think that freezing their eggs or doing IVF takes all the eggs out of their bodies, which is completely wrong.”

He also added, “Every month, you will lose one egg, and about 1,000 other eggs die in the process. What IVF and egg-freezing does is allow us to capture some of those eggs that are going to die off anyway… Taking out between 10 and 25 eggs doesn’t affect your menopause at all.”

Believe? Or Bounce!

No scientific evidence supports the efficacy of “old wives’ tales” for increasing the likelihood of pregnancy. Such methods are considered to be folklore and superstition and should not be relied upon as a means of achieving pregnancy. If you are having difficulty conceiving, it is best to consult a doctor or fertility specialist who can provide you with evidence-based advice and treatment options.

But, some (only a few) of the folklore and old wives’ tales have some level of truth to them. This article consists of some of these facts. I hope you find them helpful. However, if there are any further queries, contact us through the comment section.

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