Who said raising children was any easier? In fact, you need more than just effective parenting skills to raise your child right. It’s a combination of many different factors, and the faster you manage to grasp that, the better for you and your family. Unfortunately, there are so many kids out there who face the results of bad parenting every day and well into their adult life. 

Thus, as a parent, if you are more conscious about your relationship with your children, it only promotes the mental wellness of not just you but your entire family. There are several ways to act more aware of the same – the best set of parents are always looking for new ways to improve their parenting…Keep reading to find out more on the same! 

Effects Of Negative Parenting On Children: 

Did you know that neuroscience says if children are exposed to any kind of traumatic or negative experiences while growing up, it can affect their brain negatively? In fact, good parenting skills are not as common as you thought it was. Thus, scroll down to find out the harmful impacts of negative parenting on children. 

1. Higher Risk Of Psychological Disorders 

Higher Risk Of Psychological Disorders 

Childhood trauma is a real thing, and so are anxiety, stress, and depression. So if you have no idea of what is going on in your child’s life, it is not a good sign. When you think about effective parenting skills, you must also consider communication. 

Without communicating with your child, there is no way you can remove all the mental obstacles and the unnecessary distance between you and your child. 

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2. Low Self Esteem And Depression

Low Self Esteem And Depression

Experts say bad parenting can lower your child’s self-esteem, and you might already be living with a depressed child at home. In fact, the Journal of Adolescent Research published a study that found that children with controlling, aggressive parents fail to view them in a positive light. These kids were also found to be at a relatively greater risk of falling prey to depression. 

It was also found that kids who have faced abuse and trauma at home are at a relatively greater risk of low self-esteem as compared to peers. 

3. Poor Social Skills

Low Social Skills

The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry published a study that found, 

➼ Children with controlling and hostile parents are disliked by peers and are often socially distressed.
➼ Children with violent and aggressive parents faced difficulties in adjusting in School and in general  socially. 
➼ Children with aggressive parents were exhibiting signs of poor social skills, very similar to kids who have been abused. Please note that these kids have not directly faced abuse but exhibited the signs, nonetheless. 

Now that you have a fair idea about the negative impacts of bad parenting on your children, you can work towards opening the gates of communication and being more empathic to their problems. Thus, keep reading to find out how you can improve your parenting skills. 

How To Improve Parenting Skills?

Improve Parenting Skills

If you are wondering what parenting skills, you have come to the right place! We are here to tell you how you can become a better parent, transforming your child’s mental health for the better in the process. 

Scroll down to find out how you can be a good parent in 2022, or rather how to improve your parenting skills for the betterment of your child’s future in 2022!

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1. Communicate


Communication is key to good parenting. So if you want to sharpen your parenting skills, the best way to go about this is by opening the gates of communication. If you have no clue about what is going on in your child’s life, chances are you have not been communicating right.

For instance, if you are hanging out with your child, try to avoid any unnecessary distractions. Let your dreary thoughts about laundry and cleaning stay where they belong – the back of your head. It is your time with your child – the only focus should be on finding out how your child is doing.

One of the signs of good parenting skills is how well you listen to your child – find out about your day, friends, social circles, and everything that your child wants to tell you. Moreover, if you don’t listen to your child, there is no way you can understand about the needs of your children. 

2. Control Those Emotions From Running Wild

Control Those Emotions From Running Wild

 Yes, you might get angry with your children, but that doesn’t mean you will react so much that your child will be scared of you. Remember, a scared child might be obedient, but at the same time, there is every possibility that your obedient child is facing low self-esteem issues

In fact, you need not be directly mean to your child. For example, you could be on the phone screaming at the top of your lungs at some customer support guy. Your child will pick that up, and soon, you might just spot your child being rude to people over the phone. 

The whole point here is that every time you react in front of your child, your child will think that is exactly how an adult reacts whenever things get hard. Thus, you need to work towards controlling your emotions in front of your child and be a good role model – this is a more positive approach to figuring out how to improve your parenting skills. 

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3. Love, And Lots Of It 

Lots Love Of It 

Of course, you love your child. But that does not mean you need to show it all the time. We get that whole boomer logic. But let us tell you something. When you express your emotions in a healthy way to your children, your children will grow up into emotionally secure people. 

When your child does something wrong, there is no point in scolding impulsively. Instead, create a safe space where your child can express emotions. Then, hear your child out – find out what went wrong and how it went wrong.

Instead of reacting instinctively, work towards creating a safe space for your child, spend more time together, and lastly, don’t forget to express how much you love your child every day. Why don’t you convert this routine into parenting skills worksheets for a better future? 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Can I Improve My Parenting Skills?

You can improve your parenting skills by following the methods mentioned below, 
➼ Boost your children’s self-esteem.
➼ Set limits with your children and be consistent in implementing discipline. 
➼ Give time to your kids. 
➼ Become a positive role model to your children. 
➼ Show love to your children.

2. What Are The Five Positive Parenting Skills?

The five positive parenting skills are as follows, 
➼ Create a space that’s safe and friendly for your children.
➼ Keep a light but positive environment for learning and growth. 
➼ Incorporate discipline that’s assertive. 
➼ Have expectations that are logical and realistic. 
➼ Don’t forget to look after yourself.

3. What Is The First Step For A Parent Who Is Trying To Improve Their Parenting Skills?

The first step for a parent who is trying to improve their parenting skills comprises, 
➼ Communicate with your children daily
➼ Express love and care every day. 
➼ Avoid labeling, shaming, and yelling. 
➼ Assign chores that are age-appropriate. 
➼ Give your child the right amount of time.

Wrapping Up

Are you already googling ‘parenting skills training’? Because there is no way parenting can be taught to anyone. Every kid is different, and so is every parent. And no one knows your kid any better than you do. Thus, becoming a good parent is not an overnight process – it’s more like a journey that gets better with time. 

Let us know in the comments below about your child and how you implement good parenting skills for your child’s betterment.

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