Be it a blister on your skin or the bubble raps; children love to pop things (you can take my word for it). Whenever you get a new product parceled to your address you will see your kids playing around with the bubble wraps that came with it. But the wrappers also finish. 

But, if you want to give your kids the joy of popping things without feeling spent up, then you can buy them pop it fidget toys. Although the Baby Yoda and Baby Groot toys are trendy now, the pop it fidgets toys are most popular currently. If you are wondering what they are, then this article can help you. 

You will learn everything you need to learn about these poppable silicon blisters in this article. 

What Are Pop It Fidget Toys? 

What Are Pop It Fidget Toys

These are fidget toys that have poppable blisters that you can reuse. These poppable blisters are also bright-colored blisters. The pokable bubbles here come in a bright colored silicon tray. 

The pop it fidgets can be reused by flipping them. They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. You can also use these toys as a stress buster. You need to pop these colored silicon blisters. 

Is Pop It A Stress Reliever?

The small and flexible colored bubbles are complete stress busters. Both kids and adults will love to play with them. Kids with restless habits, anxiousness, and nervousness can use these to help them calm down. It is good for the relaxation of both their mind-body. 

Where Did The Pop It Fidget Toys Come From? 

Where Did The Pop It Fidget Toys Come From

A married couple named Theo and Ora Coster from Israel invented a number of games for kids. Did they invent around 190 games including a game named Guess Who? According to BBC, the couple also started a company named TheoraDesign. 

When Ora lost her sister to breast cancer, she imagined having a field of breasts. She wanted to press the breasts from one side and then press them from the other side. Her son, Boaz Coster, expressed her vision about it. Theo had the prototype of the game created, which was sitting around for years. 

But, Boaz Coster, the son of the couple, finally sold the prototype to the FoxMind, a Montreal-based games company. It did not take FoxMind long to create a silicon-based game out of these poppable bubbles. They named it Last One Lost, where two players can play by pressing the bubbles in the tray. The last player pressing the bubble loses the game.

The game came out in 2013 but it was not a success back then. However, when the game came out under the name pop it fidget toy in 2019, it was a hit. 

Why Should You Give Your Child A Jumbo Pop It Fidget Toy?

Child play with Pop It Fidget Toy

The pop it fidget toys are the best thing you can give to your kids. Kids love to play with these things. Especially if your child has any conditions like ADHD, autism, or anxiety, here are some good reasons why your kid needs to play with a giant pop it fidget toy. 

  • The first main reason for getting your kid a large pop it fidget toy is that it helps them focus. Fidgeting is good for kids with ADHD to allow them to focus and calm down their minds. 
  • Playing with fidget-popping toys allows kids to filter out extra sensory information. 
  • Children struggling with anxiety can find it helpful to listen while playing games like pop it fidgets. 
  • Although this does not work for all children with similar conditions, most of the children find it relaxing to play with pop it fidget toys. 

Do Pop It Fidget Toys Make Noise?

These fidget toys don’t make a lot of noise, but they do create a minimum amount of noise. Kids playing with these toys will not make enough noise to attract someone else’s attraction. But they are good for killing stress. 

Different Types Of Pop It Fidget Toys Amazon

Different Types Of Pop It Fidget Toys Amazon

Are you planning to buy a huge pop it fidget toy or a mini pop it fidget toy, maybe? No matter what your taste is, there are multiple options available on Amazon. 

These bright-colored popping fidget toys come in different shapes and sizes. You can get them in these different shapes. 

Circle Shaped Pop It Fidget Toy

This toy is shaped like a circle with different colored pop it fidgets toys. 

Square Shaped Pop It Fidget Toy

It is the same as the circle-shaped ones; only there is a difference in the shape.


If you want more fun pop-it toys, then the unicorn-shaped ones can be a good pick.

Ball Shaped 3d Pop It Fidget Toys 

If you want a 3d Pop it fidget game then you have this option available. 

Butterfly Pop It Fidget Toys 

Similar to the unicorn the butterfly option is also a fun choice if you are looking for a pop it fidget toy. 

Can Adults Use Pop Its?

Fidget Toys for adults

Yes, no one is holding you back from popping those bubbles. If you want to pop those bubbles, you can play with the fidget toys even when you are an adult. Women, men, and children of any age can play with these toys. 

Are Pop It Fidget Toys Good For Kids?

Yes, kids with ADHD, anxiety and autism find these toys helpful as it helps them relieve stress, calm them down and help them focus. The silicon-made colored popping toys are also eye-catchy. These are good sensory toys you can give to children for harmless and relaxing playing activities. 

Pop It!

If you love to endlessly pop bubble wrappers, then you can get yourself these handy toys. These are just as relaxing for adults and young adults as they are for kids. These handy stress-busting toys are also available at low prices on Amazon. If you are interested, IU will surely indulge you in getting one of these. 

Did you find this article helpful? You can let me know what you think of these pop it fidget toys in the comment.

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