The body type of a human being matters a lot when it comes to fashion. Now, it can go through dramatic changes in most women. Well, the main reason behind it is pregnancy.

When a woman goes through pregnancy, she primarily aims for comfort. In such a scenario, she gives up on tight-fitting outfits. Postpartum leggings can always provide the utmost comfort to pregnant ladies without hampering their outlook.

If you are currently pregnant and looking for some comfortable leggings, your search ends here. Go through this article and choose the best leggings you can afford from the list. You can always count on the quality and durability of each dress material that has backed a position here.

Top Ten Postpartum Leggings You Should Know About In 2022

As it is clear by the name, the best postpartum leggings are designed for new mothers. So, you can easily wear these in your later months of maternity and even after childbirth. For now, have a look at the list below:

1. Dear Sparkle High Waist Leggings

Dear Sparkle High Waist Leggings

The high waist leggings from Dear Sparkle are top-notch postpartum compression leggings that you can buy while on maternity. You can get this pair at an approximate price of $10. Look for the features below:


  • The Dear Sparkle leggings are very soft. 
  • You can count on its durability.
  • You can get 4-way stretchable fabric in each legging. 

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2. Seraphine Shaping Leggings For Post Maternity

Seraphine Shaping Leggings For Post Maternity

You can count on the Seraphina Shaping Leggings as yet another compression leggings postpartum. Well, you can buy these at an approximate price of $20 to $25 from the leading e-commerce stores. 


  • Medium compression from this legging makes it best for post-pregnancy.
  • Shaping leggings ensure ultimate smoothness and comfort. 
  • These leggings are quite thick and none can see through them. 

3. Belly Bandit Leggings

The Belly Bandit Leggings are high on compression. So, you can consider them to be the best for plus-size mothers. Additionally, they are high-priced and come with some enhancing features. You can buy these for $80-$90 per pair.


  • High waist leggings with ultimate compression help to shape fat thighs and hips.
  • Perfect shape of the leggings that do not deform your shape. 
  • The breathable fabric makes this dress material quite comfy.

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4. Syrinx High Waisted Leggings

Syrinx High Waisted Leggings

If you are looking for cheap postpartum support leggings, the best you can choose is one from Syrinx. These high-waist leggings are available for $10 to $15 in e-commerce stores. Consider the Syrinx leggings appropriate for leaner would-be mothers. 


  • The postpartum leggings are made up of a blend of polyester and spandex. 
  • The Syrinx leggings come with extra-thick fabrics. 
  • The large and double extra large sizes are also available. 

5. Dragon Fit High Waist Leggings With Pockets

on Fit High Waist Leggings With Pockets

The uniqueness of maternity-friendly leggings from Dragon Fit is the presence of Pockets. You can wear these leggings while going jogging or doing yoga. These are medium-priced leggings with high compression so, you can best wear them during pregnancy. 


  • The presence of pockets makes these leggings a leading dress material.
  • Strong elasticity in the leggings makes them ideal for new mothers. 
  • Quick-drying fabric in this legging makes them user-friendly. 

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6. Blanqi Highwaist Leggings

Blanqi Highwaist Legging

If you are looking for pregnancy shapewear such as a legging of moderate support, the Blanqi high waist leggings can be the best for you. These are made of nylon and spandex and quite affordable. 


  • The proper elastic band that can care c-section belly.
  • A wide range of sizes is available.
  • Quality fabric that detains all moisture.

7. Mothers Essential Capri Leggings

Mothers Essential Capri Leggings

The Capri Leggings from Mothers Essential can be the best for new mothers who have a lean body. With medium compression from these leggings, you can expect to get that style factor. As per the price, you can get these leggings at an approximate price of $20. 


  • Proper elasticity gives the back support. 
  • 92% Polyamide present in these leggings makes them nearly waterproof. 
  • Available in both formal and informal colors. 

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8. Kindred Bravely Postpartum Leggings

Kindred Bravely Postpartum Leggings

The postpartum leggings from Kindred Bravely can always be the best for new mothers due to medium compression and outstanding elasticity. However, you should remember that the material is a bit pricy. 


  • Some leggings come with pockets. 
  • You can get ankle-length and even shorter leggings. 
  • The softness of these leggings makes them ideal for everyday wear. 

9. Storq Signature Leggings

Storq Signature Leggings

The postpartum leggings from Storq Signature can be the ideal pick for plus-size mothers. These leggings are expensive but you can always count on the quality. You can expect to get a high compression from the dress material. 


  • The modal jersey fabric makes this legging quite comfy.
  • The two-fold system is present on the belly panel that makes the leggings unique. 
  • You can wear it outside easily as it consists of thick fabric. 

10. Homma Premium High Waist Leggings

Homma Premium High Waist Leggings

The last entry in the list of postpartum leggings is the variant from the house of Homma. These are cheap leggings which the new mothers can buy as everyday wear. This legging is yet again fit for leaner mothers. The best you can do is buy a Homma Premium legging for $20 and merge it with another outfit. You should always check if the legging you take ends at your ankle or well above that. You can even use this legging as an exercise dress. 


  • The seamless design of the leggings would not irritate your private parts.
  • Soft fabric to fit the best as everyday wear.
    The water resistance feature is present in these leggings too.

Similarity Among All Postpartum Leggings

Well, you might have already noticed it, the main similarity between all postpartum leggings is that they are high-waisted. So, you can expect these leggings to give you all-around support during your maternity period. 

Final Take Away

When it comes to postpartum leggings you should purchase them keeping in mind the quality and type of fabric. 

Afterward, you should also consider taking your body type into account. So, do not waste time and place an order for a postpartum legging.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Start Wearing Postpartum Leggings?

You can start wearing postpartum leggings during the later months of pregnancy. Well, you can keep wearing them after childbirth too.

Do Compression Leggings Help Postpartum?

Yes, compression leggings can help postpartum women providing them the right shape and support.

What Should I Wear First Day Postpartum?

On the first day postpartum, you can wear postpartum leggings and nursing bras.

Can I Wear Maternity Leggings After Birth?

Yes, you can wear maternity leggings after childbirth too.

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